You'll Find Us on the Screened Porch

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The sun is rising and the weather is mild.

The birds are feeding, singing, and the squirrels are chattering.

So should you decide to stop by our house,

come on around back,

you'll find us on the screened porch.

Starting our day with early morning breakfast

and a cup of coffee or two...

We will be in the rocking chairs,

our eyes on the courtyard,

watching birds sipping and splashing in the birdbath,

while others are feeding their babies at the feeders hanging from the old maple tree...

Thankfully the porch stays shaded all day long.

Sometimes there will be mid-morning coffee and muffins with a girlfriend,

sitting here at the table time just flies by as we

sip our drink, eat sweet things, and share what we've been up to...

Sometimes at noontime,

if Mr. Heart's schedule allows,

we'll have lunch out here...

Ellie-Mae, Coco, and Bella enjoy it too... 

Notice anything in the bottom shelf...

This is Bella's favorite spot...

Later in the day we will head out again,

maybe there will be an evening shower and rolling thunder too?

The birds are still singing,

the squirrels still chattering,

and we enjoy our supper out on the porch.

As the sun is setting,

we nestle in our rocking chairs,

the candles are lit,

the sounds are still soothing,

sharing about our day.

We have tossed around the idea of converting this area into a four seasons sun room, hmm....
maybe we'll add a fireplace instead.

What's your favorite outdoor spot?

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  1. Heaven! What a lovely escape you have crafted right at home...LOVE the tables!! Happy week=end, V

  2. Oh, how I love a sun porch, whether screened or all seasons. Yours is gorgeous, and your vantage point for bird watching none better. I'm not gonna lie, though, winter is also awesome in the sunroom, with a throw, some heat, and books or magazines.....those days seem to be a different kind of relaxed, as the garden is sleeping and you can dream of what's to come without the urge to tend to it. My vote is cast - yes!

  3. Cindy- What a perfect-perfect summer porch...and spring and fall, too! I love it. You have done a great job making that space a beautiful addition to your home. I love a screened in area--except they don't do well in our winters here. The snow and wind rip the screens right out-so I will enjoy YOURS! Love the kittie's spot and am so glad that you saved that spot for Bella! xo Diana

  4. Love EVERYTHING! Especially your kitty... I need to show you my kittens... they are too sweet. Okay, love that you still, like me, love wicker... and birds... and homey areas. So inviting... <3

  5. Your porch is so beautiful and comforting. I can just imagine eating muffins, drinking coffee and chatting the day away, beautiful!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  6. How pretty. Luv the wicker chair.. all white and crisp. We have a sun room. :) St of the year that is where I can be found on my down times. All the windows ... makes me feel like I am in the garden.
    Happy weekend.
    Hugs, Gee

  7. Cindy, your screened porch is lovely! I love the white wicker; and everything is so inviting and cozy. What a wonderful spot for enjoying nature and a little treat!

  8. Beautiful spot Cindy! Your porch looks like the perfect spot to relax with a cool summer drink and a good book or visit with a friend: )

  9. Your screened porch is beautiful and the word picture you paint of your restful times on that porch are wonderful. I say, add a fireplace! Dreaming of a screened room of my own . . . Patti

  10. What a lovely place to begin and end the day. If I were you I'd build that fireplace and keep the room as it is, otherwise. We have a veranda that I love, on the front and two sides of the house. I'd like to have one side enclosed with screen, and perhaps add a fireplace too - then it would be perfect.

  11. Cindy,
    You have such a beautiful porch. You have made this room so charming and very kind of place for sure. I sure hope that you will share at my party on Monday. My screen porch is my favorite room:)


  12. Your screened porch looks like the perfect place any time of day. It's so pretty with lots of vignettes to make you smile. Love the branches of cotton bolls. Have a great weekend on your screened porch. I'm jealous. :)

  13. Your porch looks so inviting and comfortable - perfect for summer living. Thanks for inviting us in.

  14. Lovely porch, beautifully decorated - I can see why you like to spend time there! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  15. Oh, your porch is a beautiful spot! I would love to sit out there after dark! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  16. Oh Cindy what a gorgeous spot to have breakfast !!! ( or lunch or dinner )
    I'd give anything to have a screened in porch - the mosquito's love me a little too much so I have to slather myself in everything on the market to enjoy eating dinner outside!
    Just beautiful!


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