The Truth is Ugly!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Who doesn't like their home to be pretty,

and clean,

and dust free,

and decorated for the season,

and smelling good?

Truth is...remodeling is just plain u g l y !

Here's the truth about this gut job and it's not pretty...

Truth is, 

when gutting your old kitchen and den for a new kitchen

it's thrilling to have a strange man on your roof peeking down at you through a hole...

It's even more thrilling

when the hole is filled with the proper material

and it passes inspection!

Truth is...

Everything is bare to the bone
and the old pantry doors have been removed for the new ones that are being built...

I can't wait to show them to you!

Truth is...

it's drives me crazy every time I walk past my disheveled and dusty pantry
knowing there is little I can do about it right now...

and notice all the insulation dangling from the ceiling, often ends up on the floor...

Truth is...

Some workers don't show up to do the scheduled work,

some do a bad job that has to be redone,

but then there are some that are always on time,

and always do a great job

which give us hope after a hectic day!

The hardwood flooring has been here for months

and the installer is ready to do the work

but we are waiting on others to finish their jobs so it can be done...

Truth is...

the living room is one of the dump and storage areas.

My computer is in here...

All of the research,
things on order,
things to order,
and everything else that has to do with this project is right here...

Truth is...

I am ready for these cupboards to be in their places in the new kitchen,

for the sinks and fixtures to be installed,

and for the paint to be used and off of the floor!




The ceiling pot lights have been purchased

and this is my testing station to make sure they all work.

The bag in the back has been checked and I have two more bags to do...

Truth is...

I am thankful for the laundry sink

but it is deep and my back is tired of leaning over to wash the dishes.

This drying station is just a little inconvenient

especially when there are mounds of laundry needing to be done...

Truth is...
Mr Heart's exercise room is our make-shift kitchen and he misses his space!

The plastic Christmas table cloth is keeping the dust off of the pots, pans, utensils. etc. that weren't packed away so we could have something to cook and eat with.

Spices are in the plastic bins,

cleaning supplies are in the file box,

this area is inconvenient and too far away from the pantry,

there is no ice maker but thankfully we still have the fridge...

Truth is...

I have packed

and packed

and this is just a little of what's being stored until things are finished...

Truth is...

I love it when we are camping and Mr. Heart cooks on the gas cook top

but I am really tired of cooking outside on the porch and now it's getting a little chilly out there!

Even though it's a mess

I am thankful we aren't hungry...

The mid-September completion date has come and gone,

no new completion date has been given,

there is still much to be done,

and it's u g l y

and d us t y

and d i s h e v e l e d

and I want to decorate for F A L L but can't which makes me sad.

Truth is...
this remodel has been long and drawn out,
it's tiring,
disappointing and rewarding,
and tests our patience...

But there is a window

and even though it is also not finished

today I figured out how to attach the hardware

and cranked the windows open for the very first time...

A crisp fall day,

it was raining,


the breeze was blowing,


it was lovely!

So I stood there for a minute dreaming about the day...

when the cabinets will be there,

the counter tops, sinks and fixtures will be in,

the lighting and floors will be finished


this very window will be all trimmed out and painted

and I couldn't help but S m i l e...

Thanks so much for coming by

I hope you are enjoying following our Kitchen Remodel Diary...

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  1. Oh when this project is done you will be so completely happy. We're all waiting holding our breaths with you. Hang in there, it's gonna be GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great post, Cindy, of your very own 'reality show' remodel! Although we didn't remodel, we built, from scratch, on a vineyard, and it took about 8 years, (did I mention that my husband is, ahem, a contractor, who of course, had to make money building other people's houses in order to finish his own?!!), so hold on to your hat, look out that wonderful window, and enjoy the autumn air. Soon enough, your dream kitchen will be a reality you will cherish!


  3. Yes, but look what you will have when it's finished... and I won't.


  4. I've had such projects done in homes I was living in and wondered if I'd make it thru the process.. YOU WILL~!
    One day you'll walk into your dream space and your Soul will Sing. Like childbirth, the labor memory will pass and the end result will be more than worth the pain it caused. Keep taking deep breaths and pushing.

  5. Oh Cindy, I remember those days well! We ate off paper plates for months, had the fridge and microwave tucked into a corner in the hallway and washed baby sippy cups out in the bathroom sink! It was over a decade ago and I still shudder at the thought, but my kitchen is gorgeous and I know yours will be too!

  6. Been there, done that (no kitchen for 6 months). YOU'LL MAKE IT! Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  7. I remember going through this with our home re-model. I had to use my utility room to cook in too- I had an electric burner and an electric skillet I used a lot. My refrigerator was in the living room at one point! I hope you can see the end nearing soon. We lucked out and everything went like clock work. I have little tolerance for contractors that don't show up or worse do bad work. Hang in there!

  8. I know your kitchen will be gorgeous...when all the messy parts and inconvenience are over .Looking forward to more updates. Hugs and hang in there.

  9. I know it will all be worth it in the end. It is going to be gorgeous!

  10. It's kind of a microcosm for life, isn't it? Things don't always go as planned. There's good and bad....but we know the end result :) and your kitchen will be fabulous as well.
    Now go sniff in some of that beautiful fall air. Breathe deep and relax. Beauty is on her way....outside and in!!


  11. I remember our home of chaos during our reno, but in the end Cindy, all this inconvenience and sacrifice will be so worth it! Hang in there!

  12. Oh- I know exactly what you are going through. You begin to think it will NEVER end -that there will always be ONE MORE thing that needs to be done (or worse- redone). You keep adding $$$$ and time...but the worst of it to me was always living with the mess! Just think- by Christmas you will be happily settled (there- I am giving you a finish date) xo Diana

  13. I'm feeling just a teensy weensy of your pain and chaos. Each time something is completed, something new to take care of pops up. I'm really missing decorating for Fall!

  14. Yes, Cindy, we went through 6 months to remodel an old how to work in kitchen to my dream kitchen of all time, Totally worth it! Hang in there! I wanted to cry when I saw the wood flooring stacked in your living room!

  15. Oh I remember those days of remolding and i didn't think it would ever end!
    I have learned when a contractor says he will finish in 2 months expect 4-5 months
    Oh and it always cost MORE than your estimate, however we are all soooo happy for it to be over we accept anaything

  16. Remodeling is like living in a flea market but it will be so worth it when you can enjoy your beautiful new space. Look to the future!

  17. Oops...looks like we've all been through it! Shhhhh...I hate to even have people in the house to repair things! And I've put off having blinds installed for EVER!!

    Hang in there!!

    Jane xx

  18. OMG this is exactly what we are going through except it is our upstairs we are doing over. We have 3 bedrooms and a full bath on our second floor and they are all down to the studs. There is a path to my windows in the dining room so I can water my plants but the rest is filled with "crap". There is furniture in our canvas store room outside that usually holds our summer furniture but now holds furniture from upstairs. It is a MESS. I really can't decorate for fall and I can't put the summer things away. We thought we do the kitchen when we are through upstairs but now I'm not sure if I could live through it again. We are hoping to sell after it is finished but I may go crazy before that happens. I do have to say - I LOVE our contractor and the men he has working for him but I am going crazy.

  19. I've been in your shoes since late this last spring...friends told me to expect delays and my awesome contractor even said 6 months plus(storm repair and adding some sq. footage). I am really patient about it all, though before I worked disaster relief in 2013(the Moore, Ok tornado), I would have been living in a state of I want and I wish. Now, I realize the mess I'm enduring is my choice and I'm not sorting through wet piles of lumber and brick hoping to find family pictures. I've met some really interesting craftsmen and watching the roofers put on the roof was big a swarm of energy landed..20 men ripping off the old wood shake, then cleaning up my yard and drive, while the roofing crew began. We chose a composite shingle that had to laid just so to achieve the repeat of color & pattern and I have to say, it is one of my fave things completed. As I type this, the cords connecting our computer and tv are coming through a temporary opening in the dining room ceiling, falling across painter's canvas covering the buffet, surrounded by closet contents, rolled up rugs, etc,'s all good! And I just recently learned the difference between quartersawn and flatsawn oak flooring, who knew? Born in 1950, i remember all the moms being excited about wall to wall carpeting and going to a neighbor's house when they (covered up oak floors)carpeted the entire upstairs, big doings! We all took off our sandals and walked barefoot on that new blue carpet, so soft! :) So much easier to vac than to get the dust mop to get the dust, shake it out, get a bucket, water, cleaner, mop, put your hands in the mop water to wring out the mop, change the water, mop again to remove any cleaner product, dump the water, rinse the bucket, rinse the mop, take all to back porch/garage/ storage, place mop so that mophead can air dry OR plug in a machine, run it around the room over the carpet. No wonder so many wood floors were covered up :) I love mine now.

  20. Bless your heart! What's the timeline for finishing? When you know there's an end in sight it helps.

    1. Waiting for fabricators to complete counter tops. Who knew that there are so.many.people. doing home improvement and building. It's a blessing to know that $$$ is flowing between folks, yet, wanting to get this done...after counter tops are in, then tile, paint, etc, workers put us on their calendar... so we are hoping for mid-November :) I have an excellent contractor, so possibly sooner :) Hoping your project continues without problems and delays :)

  21. Oh, Cindy, I feel your frustration. We did a gut-job on the kitchen in our last house. The project was started in early September, but got delayed because of a death in the family. When it was restarted, I knew there would be no Christmas decorating going on that year, and it made me so sad. It was the first time ever, that my Christmas decorations remained in storage. I just kept reminding myself of how wonderful every special occasion, holiday, and the every day would be in our new kitchen & dining room. I know you are suppose to live in the present, but looking forward to the future was what kept me going. I think you will just have to look out that lovely window more often, Cindy.

  22. I feel your pain...we are in the middle of remodeling too. It is UGLY!!!! I feel it is useless to dust and clean the rest of the house... I am amazed at where the dust can settle when you are tearing out and building back up... truth and my hubby are doing it all on our own... and we are just wore out!!!! We do not have to wait for workers or worry they do it correctly but we have to wait until my hubby is off work and then we spend his two days off overworking...blah! Yes, truth is remodeling can stink! I just hold out to the fact that it will be beautiful and I know yours will too. Have a great remodel week.. Blessings!

  23. Oh dear, THIS is what threw my sister, with an already weakened immune system, into cardiomyopathy - virus of the heart muscle - at age 48. I knew your situation must be bad since it was taking so long, and I soooo feel for you, Cindy. I know it's going to be amazing in the end, but I do hope for your sake it will be soon. Amen to all the things you list as truths. I can't even bear the thought of having workers inside my home; outside is bad enough. Best wishes. ~R

  24. My oh my, you are a saint for not going crazy yet! Was that one of those solar lights that was put in? I want one. Also, I saw in one of the pictures a gorgeous green rooster lamp. Beautiful. I want one of those also! :D
    Hang in there. I know it's going to be just beautiful when it's all said and done. Can't wait to see it!


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