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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Surely you already know this about me,

but just in case I'll fill you in...

I do love the outdoors.

There are so many amazing things to see and right in my very own backyard!



You just never know what you'll see while strolling through the garden.

Some sights are beautiful,

some catch you by surprise,

others a little creepy,

but they are all amazing!

Come on a little stroll with me so I can show you what I've seen lately...

Admiring the hosta I was taking a picture...

and just as the camera reached my eye,
up flies a visitor...

He quickly landed,

and then disappeared!

Can you see him gathering nectar, all neatly tucked inside...

One of the seasons most beautiful flowers,

the hydrangea are blooming...

This is one of  my favorites...

The Oakleaf Hydrangea with it's huge leaves and flowers...

Our little pond sits in the back corner of the courtyard.

It's so peaceful watching the goldfish swim around,

and listening to the soothing sound of running water from the fountain...

Notice the mossy hole just behind the fountain...

The pond frog lives there.

Meet Mr. Green Frog...

In the middle of the courtyard is a large maple tree,

and several bird feeders hang from it's branches.

The Chickadees swoop in to feed,

and sometimes they pause to take a seat...

There are Cardinals too,

lots of them...

Cardinal in flight...

This House Wren has a nest in one of the bird houses,

and she has caught some supper for her babies...

Notice that dark spot on the brick,
just beneath the screened porch door...

This little mass is called Stemonitis splendens,

otherwise known as chocolate tube slime.

It usually grows on decaying trees.  

Notice the tiny hairs, they release spores into the air when touched...

You can read more about it here.

So true isn't it?

You just never know what you may see in your very own back yard!

Just after a midday shower

the Lantana are covered in raindrops...

Some things catch you by surprise (like bees),

others are a little creepy (like frogs and spiders for supper),

but they are all amazing!

Seen anything interesting in your back yard lately?

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  1. Yes! I love the surprises, but not the creepy - like that chocolate tube slime- haven't seen that one before. Love the photo of the cardinal in flight, but they're all very nice, Cindy. Beautiful.

  2. I can't pick a favorite Cindy - your pictures are all amazing! you have a great eye for capturing beauty and seeing it in the simplest things! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  3. I enjoyed this trip around your back yard with you! Great photographs!

  4. Wonderful pictures and your flowers and pond are amazing!

  5. You have quality subjects, take phenomenal pictures and know how to tell us about them! I am so glad to have discovered you.

  6. Your garden is so pretty, Cindy! It is amazing what you can see when you really look. I'm glad you explained what that dark spot was; I thought it was a spider! : ) Love your hydrangeas and your pond. It looks like a great place to sit and just enjoy life.

  7. Oh, Cindy...surely by now, you must know that you are a woman after my own heart :) Awesome captures!

  8. Hi Cindy,

    Your photos are amazing!! I love the Lantana and Hydrangea images! Wow, I've never heard of chocolate tube slime -- ugh. :) You captured terrific shots of the bee and the birds. Yes, I've seen a lot in our yard lately. We have a robin nesting on our front porch right now -- the second batch this season. (I'm not sure if it's the same female robin or not) I have one, lone, perfect pink rose blooming at the top of my rose vine; it looks so pretty. I've seen way too many black birds lately; they're extremely greedy and they're cleaning out our bird feeders in a day's time. Sigh. I guess we'll have to take the feeders down until fall. We're also seeing big, black Wooly Worms in our driveway, which we never see this early in the summer -- kind of strange.

    Thanks for sharing your pics with us and have a wonderful week!



  9. What beautiful photos of your garden!! I'm amazed at how you capture such detail. Thanks for inspiring your readers.

  10. Beautiful pictures, Cindy! I like to walk around each morning to see if anything new is happening in the gardens. I don't like the creepy things, though. Fortunately, that doesn't happen too often. Your hydrangeas are beautiful!

  11. Hi Cindy, Your photographs are always so pretty! ..and YES;) I know you love the outdoors I do! My husband has researched food that is specific to some of the birds that appear to be dwindling in the area (yellow finch for example). This morning I saw one on the bird feeder! It was so exciting and I hope to see more. Enjoy your day:) xxleslie

  12. The cardinal in flight is so pretty and not your typical bird photo! Love the moss too.

  13. Cindy...these are amazing pictures!! The bee up in the flower is fascinating! And the that a bug? I guess I should read the link! lol! If I saw one of those here I would scream! I love your climate, everything you have blooming will do the same here in late July. The frog is cute although I'm used to toads at the lake. Frogs are a little too "reptilish" for me!!

    Thanks for stopping by. I found the GROW planter at Homegoods. They have the most unique things, I may be off again tomorrow!! :)


  14. This was a great post Cindy. I love your frog. That black stuff is growing on the same area at my Mother's house and I was wondering what it was. Have a great week!

  15. Lovely post ! Beautiful pics - I love the birds, but the frogs are adorable too ! Nature is beautiful in every way....

  16. I share your love of the outdoors. That male cardinal in flight is one gorgeous photo!

  17. Man, Cindy! Those are some of the best yard pictures of just everyday things I have seen. Your take on what is around you is amazing. Loved them all...Is that just moss that is growing around the edge of your pond? I love the color and texture of it. You filled my senses here if we only had audio to go along with it.......xo Diana

  18. So beautiful! You are showing my favorite places too and some of my favorite plants and birds. We had lots of chickadees in Oklahoma. I miss them here.

  19. We love lantana, and I wanted to plant some earlier but our nursery had run out of it. It does so well in our long hot summers, but we've had rain everyday for 8 days.
    Your oak leaf hydrangea is pretty, too. I love them!

  20. Your pictures are truly amazing. I have a nice camera, I hope one day I'll be able to take such beautiful pictures.
    Faye @

  21. Cindy these photos are breathtaking...the flowers...the pond...the them all!!

  22. What a cool and very interesting post! What a delight to see such beauty and wonder right in your own backyard.
    Love it!

  23. Cindy - thank you for following me - i followed you back. I probably won't write for awhile i just had surgery, but I will!

  24. Absolutely beautiful, Cindy -awesome pictures - I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,


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