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Fall in the Cabin and My New Find

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

It's been fun sharing more of the cabin with you.  There has been a lot of life rearranging to make it possible for me to stay up here in the mountains while the renovations are going on.  Being here has given me the chance to snap some pics and share them.  Today I wanted to show you my new find and some fall touches I've added here in the cabin.

Soft Touches in a Rustic Cabin

Friday, September 13, 2019

There are so many memories, stories and special people that come to mind as I look around the cabin.  For me, that's what makes a collected home so special.  Over these past few years while renovating the cabin, our friends, family and so many others have shared items and deals with us that have made this place extra special.  Here in the queen bedroom (I need to come up with a better name) I often think of my friend Judy as I cover the bed with Martha Washington bedding or a quilted comforter with floral stitching.  I think of Carolyn, antique shop owner turned friend, who just happened to be having hugely discounted sales during my cabin gathering days.  There are others, but mostly, I think of my mother.

Antique Oil Lamp for the Cabin Guest Room

Saturday, September 7, 2019

I've been in the mountains during this latest phase of the cabin renovation and since there is so much of the cabin I haven't shared with you, I wanted to start with this antique lamp.  In the cabin there are two bedrooms; one with three twin beds and one with a queen bed.  When this phase of the renovation is complete there will also be a master bedroom.

While searching for cabin furnishings I wanted to find things that were rustic and with character, so I was happy to find this antique kerosene oil tank turned into a lamp.

Wall Cupboard, Ironstone and Nature

Thursday, September 5, 2019

There is a lot of wood here in the mountain cabin.  The walls are original heart pine, old worn wood floors, there are wood beams on the living area ceilings and many of the bedrooms and hallways have wood ceilings.  Someone once asked if I was going to paint the wood . . . umm No!  I love it and it's actually one of the things that drew me to this cabin more than any other.  I didn't want our place in the mountains to look like it could belong in the city or at the beach or in France...but to look and feel like a mountain cabin.

When planning the kitchen, knotty river birch was chosen for the cabinetry and purchased at a local saw mill.  The goal was texture and character, but I wanted to break things up a bit since there is already so much wood in the cabin.  How to do this?  I wasn't quite sure, but one day while antiquing with a friend I saw this wall cupboard and thought it would add just the right touch.   

The Collected Cabin

Sunday, September 1, 2019

The current remodel work here at the mountain cabin is taking a l-o-n-g time.  This phase is the last of the interior spaces to be done and once finished we will have a master bedroom, master bathroom and laundry area. The end of June our contractor committed to having this complete within four weeks, so I committed to being here full-time ... but they didn't get it finished.  Never ending!

Even though the dining room and most every corner of the cabin has been filled with beds, end tables, dressers, and other things for the new areas, I've been adding touches of fall.  I was enjoying the soft glow of the morning sun streaming in through the window, so I snapped these pictures.  

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