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Fall Touches in the Keeping Room

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Spring and fall are my two favorite seasons. So why do they pass so quickly?
This fall has been an amazing show of color up in the mountains and I find myself longing for it to last...but the leaves are falling.  The wind and rain come, and more leaves fall.  I realize the show will soon be over leaving a beautiful memory and a longing for next year.

Bringing a bit off fall into the keeping room has been fun.  Simple touches are added here and there by using things on hand and snippets from the garden.

The Cabin Queen

Monday, October 14, 2019

Names.  Names are good.  We would live in chaos if we didn't have names for things.  When I reference my friends and family, I call them by name.  When we go on trips, we name the places we are going.  Before going to the grocery store, I write the names of each item on a list.  When folks are coming to the cabin to stay with us...I find myself searching...searching for a name.  You see, there are three bedrooms in all (I’ll be sharing the others soon), each one has a view of the creek and since this bedroom has a queen bed, I’ve been calling it the “Cabin Queen”.  Besides not really liking the name "Cabin Queen" and that it would be fun hearing what you come up with ... what guy wants to sleep in the “Queen” room?!

I've shared bits and pieces of this queen bedroom with you and today I wanted to share the whole room; before and after.  Well, things are always changing, so for now this is the Cabin Queen.  (Help me name her please!)

My Tiny Gourd Harvest

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Last October while in the mountains we visited Barber Orchard for some apples and while there I noticed a huge bin full long neck and squat gourds.  Some were smooth and shiny, while others had warts all over them!  It was such fun going through the bin and choosing from all the uniquely beautiful gourds.

I kept the gourds for a long time, thinking I would let them dry out and continue using them for fall decor in the future.  But the colors weren't too pretty and honestly...I just didn't have the space for them, so I pitched them out in a flower bed in the very back of my yard.

This summer I began seeing a trail of green leaves with yellow flowers on long reaching branches growing across that flower bed and guess what ... I'm a by-mistake farmer and growing gourds!

Fall in the Guest Room & Remembering

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

One of my favorite rooms in our colonial farmhouse style home is the downstairs guest bedroom.
I call it "Aunt Janie's" room because this is the room she always stayed in when she would come to visit.  Funny, her daughter is how the decor choices for this room came together.  Many years ago, my cousin gave me two pictures she no longer wanted, so I brought them home and everything from the paint colors to the drapes all came together from the colors and patterns in those two pictures.

Creekside Dwellings ~ The Cabin Exterior Updates

Friday, September 27, 2019

Since I've been sharing more of the cabin with you, I thought I should move to the exterior and then back indoors.  If you've been following along, you know our mountain cabin is a fixer-upper, with everything needing to be redone from plumbing to electrical, top to bottom, ceiling to floor...a total renovation.  We haven't focused too much on the exterior because we've wanted to get the inside finished.  I must admit, I'm a bit reluctant, because the exterior isn't too pretty...but it is what it is.  This December will be three years since we began and it's still in the works!

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