Thursday, March 31, 2011

 We have remodeled our screen porch...the tile that is.
Isn't this porch floor lovely!

I is not only ugly, it is awful!

When we purchased our home the screen porch had a fresh coat of gray paint and it was pretty. Within six months the paint began to peel and over the next 8 years the paint continued to peel, in bigger and bigger chunks.  Evidently the porch floor had been painted at least 5 times;  A dark hunter green, several shades of gray, white and a pinky-coral color...YUCK!

 For me, not only was the peeling paint unsightly, but it was very hard to keep the porch clean.  Peeling paint makes for a constant mess!  This re-do, as they all are it seems, was difficult.  Largely due to the concrete being uneven and also because there was no good way to remove all the paint that was choosing to "stay stuck."  We had several tile guys and handy men come give us their "suggestions" for what to do and most walked away scratching their heads.

So, we got busy searching for ways to remove the paint and what to do to re-surface the area.  The porch is about 325 square feet.

To remove the paint, Mr. Heart spent several weekends with the power washer spraying every square inch with much force and determination to remove the old paint.  His poor back and neck!

And finally, last fall we found a solution and had it installed.  Slate...much better don't ya think?!

Well, now it is Spring and time to clean off the porch to get it ready for the season.
For this I pull out the big guns, not just a broom but the WATER HOSE! 

All the decorations and plants are removed and from the ceiling down, everything gets a scrubbing...
The ceiling, screens, woodwork, furniture, shelving, everything!

I love this flooring but after washing and the water dries, often the water droplets leave water spots...
So after washing the porch I sweep out the extra water with a broom.
Below you can see the center is swept out and the far right are the droplets that are there if you don't sweep...
So, I'm not finished...

This is the water left after sweeping and if left to dry water spots will appear, so...

I get my handy-dandy thing-a-majiggy and it sucks up every drop of water lickity split!
One stroke and no more water...I love it!

This cellulose mop is wonderful!
Ok, I know what you are thinking...that's alot of work!
It kind of is and has to be done several times a year, but considering how pretty the floors look when finished and how often we use the screened's worth it!

Now, on to getting the porch all pretty...
Ellie Mae and I have something to share with you.  See the table below...

We'll share something with you soon.
Love your comments, please let me know you visited!

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  1. Hi Cindy...I have a little screened-in porch where I hang out on nice days. I go through the same process as you every spring getting it cleaned up. I'm jealous that you are ready to use yours. We actually had snow again yesterday! Love the slate floor. Great choice! ~Ann

  2. It's so awesome to see that your outside dwellings are just as lovely as your inside dwellings:) We had a screened in porch in our last house, but none here:( OH well....I keep remembering those simple words and try desperately to cling to them...."Be content with such things as your have...for He has said...I will never leave you nor forsake you". Many blessings sweet friend~~~Shine

  3. That's a beautiful porch..... Bet you spend lots of time out there. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the new floor. And you have the same exact furniture that I do! Small world. Love little Ellie Mae, too.

  5. Cindy, we had a concrete floor form many years, then installed tile. It is so much better and offers a real finished look to our sun porch. The slate is a great choice. Don't you love this space? ~ Sarah

  6. Love your porch Cindy! Looks so inviting and a great way to stay bug free!

  7. Looks gorgeous! I can't wait to Spring clean our outside deck, very soon!

  8. Looks nice. I have this same furniture on our patio!

  9. I love your screened in porch! That is the only thing I miss about our old house!

  10. I see you're porch cleaning as well. It's a right of spring I truly enjoy.

  11. Cindy, I love the new slate. It's perfect, and your porch looks like a wonderful place to sit and relax. I see one cute little darling enjoying it already!


    Sheila :-)

  12. Cindy, your porch looks great; I would eat off of your floors!

  13. Cindy,

    You are so fortunate to have a screened porch.I would love to have one at Brambly-the mosquitoes are terrible by the creek.Your little dog is adorable! Take care.


  14. We had our large back porch repoured last fall. This will be our first Spring and Summer to enjoy it. It is a never ending project to keep things in order, but it's wonderful to have it to enjoy with friends and family. I look forward to seeing the finished project! Thank you for dropping by my post. Cherry Kay Clifford

  15. You have a lovely porch and I can imagine that you spend many wonderful evenings on it relaxing. A slate floor is such a classy touch. I love that you can hose off everything to clean it. Our porch has carpet on it and it is tough to clean. Your hose solution is much better!

  16. Hello Cindy,
    The porch looks wonderful! The extra effort definitely pays off! Hope you have a marvelous weekend,

  17. Such a wonderful area! I bet you all practically live out there when the weather is nice. Thank you for your visit, I'm glad to have found your lovely blog.
    Cheers, Andrea

  18. Your porch is beautiful......but what really caught my eye is the table with the precious lambs! Do you mind sharing where you got them? I just love em!!!

  19. Cindy it is gorgeous! You will enjoy it so much.

    Warmly, ~Melissa

  20. Beautiful flooring. This is a great idea! And I love screened in porches, less bug bites.

  21. Oh my word! Your beautiful screened in porch is as big as our whole backyard!!! It's gorgeous! I love the slate.

  22. Love your slate, makes a beautiful floor on your porch. I think we'll be doing the same clean up out back this weekend.

    The French Hutch

  23. Beautiful!!!!! I have wanted to do that for years but for now we can only cover or patio with a rug..Ha! I will be showing yours off to my husband and maybe he will just see the beauty of it. Thanks for the sweet comment too ;)

  24. Cindy,
    Yes...I do love your new looks outstanding!!! I do the same cleaning in my screen porch too...waiting now for the pollen to stop and then it will be clean up time and fluffing.


  25. Love your sun porch! What I would love even more is some sun! We've had a very rainy Oregon spring this year!
    Thanks for your kind comment today.

  26. I love black slate and you picked the right thing. Your porch is gorgeous now. We have black slate on our foyer floor....Christine

  27. Beautiful! You are going to love that beautiful space. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  28. Oh my goodness! What an amazingly beautiful transformation!

  29. It really is beautiful! The floor is gorgeous! I would love to do something like that in our lanai! ♥

  30. Beautiful terrarium. I too miss the old Bombay company. All the good home decor stores near me have gone out of business, so thank goodness for HomeGoods. If they leave us too, I am doomed!

    All that work for the tile floor does seem like a lot of trouble, but it is a very pretty floor. After the chipped paint, I'd be willing to put up with a few extra steps to have a much nicer floor too!

  31. Oh Cindy, I love screened porches and you transformed yours into such a lovely space! The floor is perfect and your hard work definitely paid off. Thank you so much for sharing it with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  32. Cindy,
    This is a wonderful space you have remodeled. I love your new floor. It is just stunning on this porch. I would spend lots of time out there. What a beautiful backyard. Thanks for sharing on HSH!

  33. Hi Cindy!
    I popped over here from Donnas (Funky Junk) blog and Im your newest follower (purehunnybee) and I have alot in common.
    So glad I found you!
    Come on over for a visit..I'll put the coffee on :)

    Deborah xo


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