Tuesday, June 4, 2013

YIKES!  Do you have monkey grass in your yard?  Here’s a story for you…

A couple of years ago we replaced the outside lighting on the house.
We looked and looked and looked and
when we found these light fixtures I knew they were perfect for the front porch.


They are so pretty at night as the light shines up against the house and porch through the textured glass.  Such a beautiful pattern of light on the porch.


Our yard is FULL of monkey grass.  It is used as a border for all of our beds.

Porch view of yard

It lines both sides of the beds and begins at the front left side of our house…

monkey grass

across the front of our property and all the way back up to the right side of our house…

monkey grass 

It also lines our front walkway.  From the driveway, up past the front porch and continues around to the back of the house.

monkey grass along the walkway

I told you we had lots of monkey grass!!! :)

Each Spring our yard guy uses his big ole’ commercial mower and mows all the monkey grass down to the ground.  This year, when he mowed the monkey grass along the house, instead of the mower’s grass shoot facing out in the yard it was facing the house…know where I’m going with this?!
as he was mowing the monkey grass along the front walkway there was all kind of debris flying up and it was hitting the house, windows, porch, and…
one of the light fixtures!


You can't tell by the picture but the glass is cracked all around the top.  I usually clean the glass each time I replace bulbs that have burnt out but next time the glass will surely fall to pieces!

We haven’t had these fixtures long so I searched for them every place I can think of...
the store we purchased them from,
the manufacturer,
and have also searched the internet
but as I've inquired about either purchasing replacement glass or even a new fixture I've been told they have been discontinued and are no longer available.  


I am so sad, I really liked them!
Oh well, I’m off to look for another option…
Hope you are having a GREAT week!


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  1. Cindy,
    So sorry about your broken light fixture! Was it broken in more places other than what the pic showed? I was thinking what I might do in that situation. Can you turn the globe around to where the broken part of the glass is up next to the house? Would you still be able to see the broken area? Just a thought...

  2. How I wish we could but the glass is cracked all across the top. Thanks so much for mentioning, I'll include this in my post! :)

  3. Cindy, those fixtures are so pretty. Can you turn the broken part around where it isn't visible? I'd try that first.

  4. OH.NO! That's a crying shame, Cindy.

  5. Cindy, first of all that monkey grass is GORGEOUS as is your home. I love how lush and green it is, and that's interesting about mowing it back. Maybe that's what is wrong with ours.

    On the flip side, I'm so sorry about your glass globe. I hate that for you. Hope you can find a good solution.



  6. Oh Cindy! First of all your house is so gorgeous, and yes you do have lots of monkey grass (I never knew that's what you called that stuff!). And oh my gosh, I cannot believe your light got broken! The little girls pouty face was perfect for this post, even though it is not funny that the glass is broken, the face did make me laugh! I think you are handling this way better then I would have! I hope you find the perfect solution and I want to see it when you do. Have a great day! Gina

  7. Hi Cindy! I'm so sorry about your pretty light fixtures and what a shame they broke like that. They are pretty though. Your monkey grass is lovely and so is your entire yard.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Cindy - How very, very disappointing to have that glass broken. It's too bad you can't find a replacement through some source. I love the looks of your monkey grass. I don't think that grows around here...I will have to check because I love the looks of it- xo Diana

  9. Hi Cindy,
    what a bummer.......cause they are really beautiful, maybe you can find a nice place to put the other one, since you will have to get 2 new ones. Maybe there is a way to repurpose it for something else........we'll
    have to put on our thinking caps. Why is it that it is always the things we like the most that happens to....
    when I lose an earring or something like that, it is always my favorites. Bummer dude!!
    Maybe it is the Lord teaching us to hold things losely..........I could see that! You have a good attitude
    about it, so that is a good thing, we can be sad and still have a good attitude.

    By the way your yard with all that monkey grass looks amazing.......I would have never thought of mowing that,
    awesome, as long as they turn the mower the right direction. Bet you or hubby will be supervising them a bit next year, at least I probably would be! lol
    You have such a beautiful home and gardens. Lovely lovely.

    Have a good rest of the week, and thanks for dropping by today hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  10. Oh no! That's such a sad story. I hope someone has those and you can find replacement glass or something. I hope you find a happily ever after to go with your storybook home and yard. They are stunning!

  11. Oh Yikes, I am so sorry....I wonder if you can make lemonade out of them tho...maybe lanterns when you take them down? You are nicer then me, I'd probably be chasing that yard guy with clippers..LOL

  12. That's a bummer Cindy on the light. Oh my you sure do have some monkey grass. We had it when we first moved in but it made no sense where the builder put it, so we removed it. Yours sure looks gorgeous.

  13. I can't believe the yard guy was going in the direction that the stuff was hitting your house. I would get me a new guy. Hope you find some more lights you love.

  14. Where did you bury the guy that broke the glass? I'm sure you have the area outlined in monkey grass! lol

  15. I know your yard man was just sick when he realized that he had broken your beautiful light fixture. I hope that you can find an equally pretty replacement.

    I like your monkey grass and think that it looks really pretty defining your beds. I have some but unfortunately the deer like it and eat it unless I keep it sprayed with Liquid Fence.

  16. Oh Cindy!! So sorry to hear about your gorgeous light.

    Your monkey grass borders are incredible. Beautiful!

  17. Oh Cindy!!! I'm so bummed for you. They are gorgeous and truly unique. It sounds like you are handling it very well. With your amazing taste I'm sure you will find something just as fabulous!

  18. I think I would contact my lighting store and see if they can find someone that maybe has one in back inventory, there has got to be on setting somewhere. Did you contact the manufacturer? Also put it out on your blog, I would be happy t call all of my local lighting stores to see if they have any.

  19. Hi Cindy, So sad.. these things happen unfortunately. I agree that simply rotating the glass might be an option until you decide on a replacement. Your home/yard is looking all ready for summer! xxleslie

  20. Those lights sure are pretty! It's a shame your yard guy did that. My mom's yard guy did the same thing and a rock shot up and put a nice dent in her brand new double pane windows. It was pretty expensive to fix too. I love monkey grass! It's so soft and pretty when it blows in the wind. Good luck with your light. Maybe you can turn it so the broken part doesn't show. :)

  21. If you can do a "Part 2" to the porch lights, please give us the manufacturer and model number and many of us, in different states and areas, will be happy to check our local sources to see if any are sitting on shelves! This may not do any good, but it would certainly make me feel better. Just a suggestion. Vicki in KY.

  22. Major bummer about your fixture. I would be heartbroken, too. They are gorgeous.

    Your lawn is gorgeous. My yard guy mows ours back, too, but he is my husband. ♥

  23. Cindy, those lights are gorgeous and I'm hoping you can find an artisan, who can make new ones. Your yard is outstanding! Love it!


  24. You might want to try contacting the manufacturer directly, instead of the store where you purchased the light. I have had luck doing that before.


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