Ironstone - Get It While You Can

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Have you ever found yourself in this situation?

Your strolling through a shop,
the type that has those one of a kind treasures that are so fun to find.

You stumble upon an amazing piece,
just what you've been searching for,
and it's calling YOUR name.

So you move in a little closer,
remembering other pieces you've found that were similar
but too damaged
the price too high
but this one is looking good so far.
As you peer in even closer your heart begins to race a little
you begin thinking that this one may be the perfect piece.

You reach out,
touch it,
picking it up to look it over real good.
I mean real, real good; the top, sides, bottom, every which way you can!
You are so excited,
it's practically perfect,
the price is amazing!
that old saying begins going round and round in your head,
"You better get it while you can, better get it while you can!"

You know right then with the condition so good and the amazing price,
that you should grab it up,
head straight way to the register,
and take that treasure home with you!

you start to doubt,
begin to hem and haw,
ask yourself over and over, "should I, or shouldn't I?"

you put it down,
walk away,
you look back,
several times you look back,
but keep walking away,

you can't shake the decision as you drive home,
once home you can't get it out of your head,
you've been looking for pieces like this for your collection,
and this piece isn't damaged like the others,
and the price is right!

you head back to the shop,
rush up to the front door like your pants are on fire,
locate the isle,
find the booth,
look on the shelf

Have you ever been there?

Me too!

And I vowed that from that point on I would trust my gut
and never let that happen again!


found this ironstone beauty,
no chips or cracks,
perfect condition,
the price was AMAZING,
and I walked away.

For the next several weeks before Christmas

and several weeks after

 I thought about this piece.

I thought about how I've come across many ironstone covered dishes before
that were chipped,
cost way more than I would consider spending.

And this one had such pretty detail,
in such condition,
at such a good price.
I should have gotten it,
why, oh why, did I walk away?

A few weeks after Christmas,
doubting this piece would still be there this many weeks later,
I hopped in my car,
headed back to the shop,
rushed up to the front door like my pants were on fire,
locate the isle,
found the booth,
looked on the shelf

There she was, I couldn't believe it!

So I brought her home with me and here she is now,
on the cupboard in my farmhouse style kitchen.

Moral of the story...
find a great piece, in great condition, at a great price...
get it while you can!

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  1. Cindy, oh BOY do I ever know that feeling - I think we all do, to one extent or another. And the only way I can NOT be tempted is to stay out of the shops - GASP, I know, right? - I don't step into them all of December knowing it will be there, and that isn't the time to be there for ME, haha. I shopped in my fav second hand stores yesterday and whew did it feel good, haha. I found several little treasures I am most pleased in owning. : - )

    My favorite was the time I was in a huge GW and found someone I had no brains to ever put it down. But yes I did, and just walked down the aisle and turned around to go get it and it was in someone else's cart. Seriously. I swear she had to have been watching my hemming and hawing over whether or not to purchase.

    I ask her if she were to change her mind let me know and she laughed at me. Ouch. So I always put it IN the cart, walk around with things for a while and then decide. I can always put it back - because, frankly, one never knows what crazed shoppers are watching such indecision.

  2. Nan, Odessa, DE
    Where is your store? Will they ship? I see something there I need for a collection I have going.
    Thanks for the advice!

  3. She looks so lovely in her new home, Cindy :)

  4. OH YES I HAVE and can't tell you how sick and heartbroken I was when I went back and the three items I hemmed and hawed over were gone! Now I sort of try to at least do as Michele @ the Nest at Finch Rest just said - put it in the cart / pile and decide right before paying! And I have done this all my life and have had so many disappointments with second guessing on items. NO MORE! IF the price is perfect, etc etc AND I have the funds available, then I am getting it. I have always loved ironstone but only this past few years have gotten some pieces (tureens, platters, butter pats) and I am still on the hunt for a second covered dish like you just found and for a few more small 'jugs' to hang on peg hook and a platter to hang above.

  5. He who hesitates is lost is what u had. Yes get it while u can and that goes for anything! If it then someone else does too!

  6. Cindy,
    It was meant to be. . .

  7. Hi Cindy! Yes, ma'am, I've been right there too. I do believe you were meant to have this piece and I'm so glad it's yours. It's gorgeous and looks so pretty in your cabinet.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Oh, what a lovely, lovely piece and I'm so glad you got to bring it home with you!

  9. This is too funny....been there, done that! It's gorgeous, I'm glad it was still there for you. I have the exact same piece, just sans lid. I remember being so happy when I found it (can't remember where now) and added it to my collection. But I never knew it had a lid:( Oh well, I still love it, I keep it filled with moss balls and natural elements on my sideboard. Keep following your gut!

  10. Oh, Cindy...the suspense!! I'm so glad it was still there for is gorgeous! I would have snapped it up even with a chip or two. Character, lol! I simply love it!

    Jane x

  11. I have done that many times and haven't been as lucky as you. That beauty definitely had your name written on it!

  12. I don't have room for anything else, so shopping is just a form of torture. On the rare occasions I do get out, I always hope I DON'T see something I want.

  13. Morning Cindy,
    Wow she is indeed a beautiful glad she was there when you went back.She looks beautiful sitting
    on your kitchen shelf there..........

    Oh, I have done the same thing,and have learned if I see something I really love, and is a great price, I will get it and decide later if I want to keep it or not.............cause so many times I have thought well, I don't really need it or shouldn't spend the money right now, to only later wish I had gotten it, to go back like you said and it is long figure if I take it home, and change my mind I can always take it back, but if I leave it, it more than likely will be gone when I go back. Guess we have to live and learn............

    Hope your New Year is going well,
    Blessings Hon,

  14. Cindy, Do know the color of your hutch? I have such problems with color in my decorating. I've learned to ask when I love a color, that's how I paint anything. I have a piece I think needs that color. Great post by the way, cheered me to start my day!

  15. So happy it was there when you went is such a beautiful pieces along with all your other pieces.

  16. I have been there and done I have learned that I should go with my gut and get it while I can....I love that tureen and have the same one!!....

  17. Oh, it happened to me just a couple of weeks ago! I was crushed. I'm so glad you were able to get such an amazing piece! It is the jewel of an awesome collection!

  18. Oh Cindy, that is so me!! So glad the covered dish was still there for you! It is a very pretty piece, I like all the elegant looking detail on it and it looks great in its place!
    Have a great weekend,

  19. Oh, I have definitely been there so many times. I love, love, love white ironstone and lucky for me it hasn't caught on where I live. So I can still get it for some amazing prices. Love your new piece. xo Laura

  20. I am happy you decided to back to check on that beautiful covered dish. It looks like it belongs on your hutch. I can't telly you how many times I have done that in the more, if it speaks to me in any way I buy it right then and there...most of the time I haven't regretted making snap decisions, either.
    Have a wonderful week, Cindy.


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