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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Over the years I have collected so many kitchen inspiration pictures.

Some are still in magazines with the ears turned down,

many torn out and kept in folders,

others are stored as pictures on my computer,

and of course there are tons categorized on Pinterest...

This one was chosen because the doors are open wide, to welcome YOU to come along on our kitchen remodel journey...


Our kitchen remodel has been in the planning stages for a good while now.
One of the biggest dilemmas has been where the new kitchen should be located.

We have three options:
1)  incorporate our current kitchen with the den right beside it for a kitchen/keeping room.
2) relocate the new kitchen down in the great room
3) tear out the downstairs bath, guest room and hallway to incorporate these spaces with our current kitchen area.  This option would mean turning our current living room into the new guest room and bath and I'm not sure that seeing a bedroom at the entry of our home is the look I'm going for.

There has been much agonizing about which option to choose,
and now that we have decided where the new kitchen will be located,
we are ready to get things rolling...yippee!

These views are from the great room…

kitchen - Dwellings-theheartofyourhome.com


This view is from the dining room…

kitchen dwellings-theheartofyourhome.com

This view is from the guest bedroom hallway.
If you look past the refrigerator
you will see the den
and the doorway leading to the laundry room…

ktichen dwellings-theheartofyourhome@gmail.com

As you can see our kitchen is small.
You may have noticed that there are doorways on all 4 walls,
so there is very little counter space and not enough storage.

The appliances are old!
Our stove is always 15-20 degrees off,
we have a two drawer dishwasher and one of the drawers doesn't work,
and our 1990 fridge is rusting.

So which of the three options did we choose?  Option #1.
We will totally gut the kitchen and the den for a large kitchen/keeping room.

The den has a large front window,
doorway to the laundry and exercise room,
and a fireplace flanked between an entry door and window,
so this space should make for a great new kitchen!

Here is the den...

DEN dwellings-theheartofyourhome.com

den  dwellings-theheartofyourhome.com

den dwellings-theheartofyourhome.com

  den dwellings-theheartofyourhome.com 

These drawings are done in a table on my computer, so it's not the best
but gives an idea of the dimensions and layout for this project.

This is our current kitchen and den...

Current Kitchen & Den dwellings-theheartofyourhome.com

The wall between the kitchen and den, marked with a red "X", will be removed…
kitchen floor plan  dwellings-theheartofyourhome.com
In the old kitchen area our plan is to gut the room.
We will have a large kitchen table and chairs for an eating area
and will add a hutch or two where the sink and oven are currently located.

In the old den area we plan on cabinetry lining the parameter walls,
a farm style apron sink will be located at the front window,
an island in the middle with a prep sink and seating for four,
and hopefully just in front of the fireplace there will be room for
two comfy chairs swivel rockers and a small table!

There is so much to consider...
Which appliances?
White or Cherry cabinets?
Which sinks, faucets, lighting, counter top material, and it goes on and on...
One thing we know for sure,
we have loved having Brazilian cherry wood floors in the kitchen,
so we will incorporate these in the new kitchen too!

If you have remodeled a kitchen
haven't remodeled but know the changes you would like to make in your current kitchen, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Hope you’ll follow along on our kitchen remodel journey!

Join us each week for AMAZE ME MONDAY...


  1. How exciting Cindy!
    So thrilled for you and I cant wait to see this journey!
    One thing on my dream list is an apron sink!
    Have fun with all the choosing...I know it will all be gorgeous!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xo

  2. Oh boy girl friend! Your kitchen plan is going to be fabulous...how totally exciting! We did this three years ago with our kitchen and it was so much fun to buy the new 'matching' appliances and all we needed for it! I can't wait to see the progress and later the finished product! Big hugs and good luck sweetie!

  3. Oh my goodness, that will be so beautiful!

    The floor that is in there now is wood. Are you taking it all out? I guess you have to since you are enlarging the whole area. If I were working on a wish list I would include a pot filler at the stove top, definitely a gas stove by the way, and two ovens. I have two ovens now and love it! An apron sink would be on the list too but I sure did love my granite sink at the last house...it was easy peasy to care for. As for the cabinets, that's so hard to decide. I'd say go with what you love and be careful not to be influence by trends because you live with them so long.

    You're whole house is so pretty I have no doubt the kitchen will be too.

  4. I LOVE your shiny hardwood floors! If I was going to remodel a kitchen (which I had done just before I got divorced) I would do it completely different than I did then. I already had the white cabinets. I still like those. But I wouldn't do granite because it chipped pretty quick. Granite is not as hard as you think. I would love wood counter tops, or butcher block. And I wouldn't have tile. The grout gets dirty fast. I have moved from WP back to Blogger, and Google lost my domain in transition. So I'm starting over at http://acozylittlehouse.blogspot.com. Glad to be back, even though I've lost four and a half years of posts.

  5. Cindy,

    I was going to say the same thing a Deborah...I want a farm sink like that before I die! (never heard it called apron before). I think your home is so beautiful...especially the den and that lovely guest room you finished a while back. I know your kitchen will be fabulous whatever you choose. Looking forward to keeping up with the progress :)


  6. How exciting!! I bet it'll be FAB! I love wood floors. I love my Bosch dishwasher. I would love a gas stove and double oven.

  7. Oh first off a woman after my own heart- drawing your plans out on graph paper. Gets my heart all a flutter as they say. :) We did a major kitchen reno- basically I bought a fridge that was too big to fit and it snowballed into a total gut job and redo. We are thinking along the same lines as you- our kitchen is too small for it being the room everyone is always in. So, while we are in Texas on our last military move with the Air Force we are mulling over in our minds about moving the kitchen to the formal dining room area which is the largest room in the house and underused. We shall see what happens. Here is a link to our kitchen reveal if you'd like to see it. Please forgive the not so great photos as it was pre- good camera. But better pics can be seen on my - our home - tab.
    Can't wait to see you take us on your reno journey.

    1. Thanks. Our stove is a 36 inch dual fuel Kenmore pro from Sears. LOVE it.
      Yes we are in NC...well our house is. We are in Texas for 3 years with military but we will be back to Sanford. Not far from you at all.

  8. You know I'm in the same boat with you Cindy! I love your floor plan! But I must admit, your renovation would be more challenging since your actually changing floor plans unlike mine, I'm just basically upgrading things and moving the island. As for appliances, I have different brands in mine, but CONSUMER REPORTS helped us a lot in deciding the appliances we chose. For cabinets, any finish would be great as long as you tie it up with your den finishes. For flooring, I went with laminate (which I'll show soon), more for aesthetics than practicality really. I just avoided tile all together because of how cold it can get and because it breaks. Anyway, we'll both 'comfort' each other thru this process dear! So excited for you and for sure I will be following along. Tomorrow, I'll be posting what my kitchen renovation is looking so far, and let me tell you, don't be dismayed, because it's not looking pretty yet. :-)

  9. Wow Cindy! This is so exciting! That first image is gorgeous. I think white is timeless.. I've got the all white look too with a touch of black for contrast. Your floor plan looks perfect and I'm sure it will be a wonderful change! I can't wait to watch the transformation! xxleslie

  10. I'd just be thrilled to death to have the kitchen you've got right now. The only thing that has changed in my kitchen, since 1977, is the refrigerator. Oh, yeah... I'd like to have the gold mine that you've got to pay for it all, too! That many dollars signs might make me faint, especially after that fancy bathroom remodel you completed recently. Sure is going to be nice!

  11. Very exciting! Isn't that transom above the window in your inspiration photo pretty?

  12. Love your inspiration picture! I am excited for you and look forward to hearing all about your remodeling journey.

    Our Cape Cod's original kitchen was tiny, tiny. Several years ago we put an addition on the back of our home to enlarge the kitchen and to add a eating area and den. I love white cabinets but knew that I'd drive myself crazy trying to keep them clean, so I went with cherry and love what I selected. We turned our old breakfast nook into a walk-in pantry, and that's one of my favorite kitchen features. I love drawers for pots, my gas stove, my pot filler, and cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling.

    Good luck with your project!

  13. I'm beyond thrilled to follow your kitchen remodel. Mine should happen in 2014, fingers crossed. Of course it'll be very different from yours as mine is a tiny cottage kitchen. But I think I ask myself as many questions as you do. For now what I know for sure is: the cabinet must be timeless and neutral so I can change the decor around them as often as I want. Also the countertop must be easy to clean.

  14. What an exciting project! I am looking forward to seeing all your choices. Thank you for sharing!

  15. White cabinets for sure. I feel they are timeless. (sorta like white trim. ;) We used black granite and I definitely would do that differently. They can't be cleaned without being shined. Wiping just makes streaks. We used tile on the floor but if I had that to do over, it would be wood. Can't wait to see what you decide on.

  16. Hi Cindy! Oh, I love the kitchen that has inspired you. Now you're asking the wrong person here. I'm afraid I'd be tensing out! I do wish you luck deciding and I'm sure your kitchen will be gorgeous just like the rest of your home. Thanks for popping in to see our new Bathroom Diva - I'm waiting on you, Dear One!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Good luck with everything, it'll be a mess but worth it in the end. Take care - Dawn

  18. Glad to hear you are keeping the flooring....it is gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see the progress and finished result! Are you doing it yourselves our hiring out?

  19. Cindy , your stuff is so beautiful! Is there any way you could add a pin? I'm not good with computers and can't seem to get my own pin! Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring pictures!

  20. Cindy- That makes a lot of sense to access the den and incorporate it into a kitchen/family room area. You will love it. I bet you are anxious to get started now that you have made the biggest decision on "what to do". xo Diana

  21. Your plans look fantastic. I am a cherry cabinet kinda girl. I love the white, but I was afraid I would tire of them. I am looking forward to following your redo. Good luck tomorrow with the appliance vendor. One recommendation would be to make sure your have warmer drawers located just below your counter top for easy access. Also, an ice draw is nice so that you do not have to get ice from the fridge and is great during large parties. If you are not getting a commercial stove, double ovens are terrific. Also, if you are not getting a commercial stove, make sure that the cook top or stove top has additional eyes and eyes that can supply more than one shape of heat. For example, on mine, a turn of the knob and two eyes can become a large oval eye for large stock pots. Just a few ideas.
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

  22. Sounds like you have it all under control. Best to you. I will look forward to seeing your finished remodeled kitchen.

  23. Oh Cindy your kitchen will be beautiful! I can not wait to see it when it is completed!

  24. Thank you for leaving a sweet note for me on Note Songs. A new remodeling project is always so exciting!

  25. I know that will be a huge undertaking to renovate your kitchen and family room area but it will be nice after you're done! I think your kitchen is charming now, but I can see the problem with the unmatching appliances and sparse counter space. Function is key in a kitchen! Good luck on your renovation.

  26. Your inspiration picture is a dream, so I would definitel follow that. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Hugs, Marty

  27. Cindy - How exciting! Your plans look great. It will be interesting to follow your progress.


  28. That sounds really exciting, Cindy! The only thing I would say is that white cabinets don't date a kitchen and any wood cabinet you may choose, will. So I've been told over and over, anyway. Follow your heart, but I did notice that the cabinets in your inspiration picture are white. :) It will be huge and so dreamy!!!

  29. Hi Cindy, So exciting and your design plans look fantastic! That first photo is stunning. I do hope you share your progress. Slow and steady.. lots of patience!!


  30. That is so exciting, Cindy! The only thing I would have done differently when we moved into this house and replaced appliances, would have been to get the French Door style fridge. I will be so excited to see your remodel.

  31. lost my comment? start over!
    Your inspiration photo is just gorgeous - can't wait to see your new kitchen
    Lucky you!!!

  32. Hi Cindy, you're so lucky to have so much space to work with.I think you have a wonderful plan. I do know that Bosch are the best dishwashers you can find, we just upgraded last year and all the contractors agree it's above the rest. I'm excited to see your plans get underway!

  33. Hi Cindy, What a wonderful opportunity you have to create the kitchen of your dreams ... you certainly don't lack for sq footage in the new kitchen and I can't even image what it would be to work in such a spacious kitchen. I've been through several kitchen remodels and here's a few thoughts from my experience ... (1) I assume with the oven separate from the cooktop that the oven will be a wall oven (I love my wall oven, btw) So if it is a wall oven situated right on the corner it will block the sight line around the corner (which might be your intention) but it looks like you have plenty of space to move it to the right 24" inches to keep an open feeling and ensure you have "landing space" for hot dishes to the left, right, and behind on the island. (2) similar thought about the fridge being at the very end of that line of cabinets ... might make that walkway feel very boxed in between the full height fridge on one side and the pantry on the other ... and having "landing space" of both sides of a fridge would increase convenience ... looks like the cooktop / fridge could both slide to the left by about 24" and that would open the space (3) am I reading the plan correctly that the island is approx. 5 x 11 feet? So envious of all that space but might you wear yourself out walking around it all the time cause it does fully occupy the center of your work triangle. On appliances, sort of a tough topic for me; we had a house fire started by our dishwasher ... please check the recall history of ** any ** brand you consider ... it is not my intent to publicly bash that brand but it is shocking how many fire problems there have been within several popular brands. I'm very happy with and love my current Miele dishwasher. Also, "cabinet depth" fridges are one of the best ideas ever, no need to stick out deeper than the cabinets ... my built-in 48" wide KitchenAid fridge is wonderful and looks like cabinetry. Have fun with the remodel! Robin

  34. Wow, I even loved your "before" kitchen! So impressive. I am in awe of the new white one though and your floor is just spectacular with it. I found your blog via Coastal Charm. Hope you'll stop by, visit and comment on my blog sometime too :-)

    Michelle / newengland-style.com

  35. p.s. I'm a new follower ;-)
    Michelle / newengland-style.com

  36. So many decisions for you to make! I think the plans look amazing- how roomy your kitchen will be now! Can't wait to see it done- please post photos:)

  37. Very exciting! I'm excited to follow along on your progress. Love your inspiration photo. Best of luck! We just finished renovating our cottage home. We opted for an open layout & design in our kitchen too & I love it!

  38. Wow, how exciting! The inspiration photo is beautiful. Hope all goes accordng to plan.

  39. Oh, Cindy! I am SOOO excited for you - this is going to be the center, family gathering of the home - it sounds like a wonderful project and I LOVE your flooring! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  40. Hello Cindy - I am excited for you - I know this is going to be a marvelous project - I hope all goes well and smoothly for you - hoping all your kitchen dreams come true! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  41. You have such a inspiration theme. I really liked it, Very impressive site, Keep up the good work..

  42. You did such a great job with the old kitchen already. I'm so excited to see the new one soon. I'm sure that it will be such a wonderful kitchen. :)
    - PalmettoKitchenBath.com

  43. You have done a great job!!!! I really liked it, Thanks for share with us...

  44. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. And I love the Winston Churchill quote at the top of your page!

    Thanks for linking up at Throwback Thursday!

  45. Oh!! How exciting! I love doing home transformations and yours is going to be grand. I can't wait for you to share your progress.

    Thanks for linking up to Throwback Thursday!


  46. This kitchen will be absolutely amazing! Can't wait to see it. Thanks for linking up on Throwback Thursday!

  47. I can't wait for the updates on this project!!


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