Easy-Peasy No Cost Centerpiece

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I've been trying to keep my spring decorating simple,


with little to no cost.

So I wanted to share another quick centerpiece I came up with for the keeping room table.

It's so easy to create a no cost centerpiece this time of year,
just head out to the garden to see what's green and blooming.

For this centerpiece I am using white clematis and hosta leaves.

First I cut a few hosta leaves.

Just as I was taking a picture of the hosta a hummingbird flew up for a little sweet to eat.
We were both startled, and he took off fast!

Next, I cut a few white clematis,
wrapping the stems with a little floral tape.

I'm using a white ceramic pitcher and two Ball jars to go inside.

I recently used this pitcher and white clematis for another arrangement,
but for this one I am reusing some things while changing up other things.

The jars will add a little height and hold water for the flowers.

The small Ball jar goes in first,
bottom side up.

Once the wide mouth jar is placed on top of the other one, I filled it with water.

As you can see, it almost comes to the top of the pitcher.

I rinsed the clematis and hosta with water to make sure any dirt or "creepy" things were gone.

After cutting the stems to the desired length, I added the hosta leaves.

Then the clematis.

I used five each of the hosta leaves and clematis.
When making arrangements, odd numbers look best.

Clematis are so dainty.
Aren't they gorgeous?

All done!


Here are some other ways I've decorated for spring with little to no cost:

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  1. what a lovely little piece of sunshine in your home. Loving it and of course will have to copy, but with faux flowers because my brown thumb requires it.

  2. My clematis bloomed this year and looks just like that. Love what you did! You take great photos!

  3. Ah. Perfect! Why I’d never think of this before? ^^ Such an amazing idea Cindy! I will surely try this at home, and definitely mom loves the easy –peasy no cost centerpiece!

    Nancy Ballard

  4. Thanks for those tips on displaying things from our yard inside the house. Sometimes the stems are so short that it is hard to use them effectively but you have solved that problem for us! Gonna go cut some clematis right now and copy your idea.

  5. This is charming Cindy. Love the idea of adding the little jars to the pitcher.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  6. pretty and very simple to create, indeed. those flowers are very beautiful and, to be honest, I've never heard of them before. I will definitely pay more attention to them in the future, if it happens to see them around.

  7. How pretty! I need to do the same thing with my roses. They are blooming profusely right now. Thanks for mentioning the hummingbirds. You reminded me to put out my feeders.

  8. A wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing your ball jar technique. I'm going to use is with my roses for a centerpiece. So pretty.....Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  9. Oh- so pretty and easy. I love and use the prop it up method, too! Now, if we could only see something growing here so I would have something to work with!!! xoDiana

  10. So pretty...love using the hosta leaves ...great idea!!..I'll be doing that for sure...once ours come up...come on over and visit...waiting for nice weather and getting our porch ready!!..have a great day and thx for the great ideas with the flowers..

  11. Things from the yard are always my favorites!

  12. Just beautiful Cindy and never thought to use another jar for a lift!...

  13. Cindy very pretty. We're just starting to buy bushes and things to plant at the new house. So much fun. Flowers planted Mother's day in our area


  14. I want a clematis now. Your centerpiece is gorgeous.


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