While Down South...

Friday, April 24, 2015

We love touring historic homes and gardens

so we were in heaven

while in Georgetown, SC a few weeks ago for a plantation home tour.

I'm just sorting through some of the pictures, so here are some southern scenes for you.

On the way down, I always try to get a picture of the old Sinclair gas station.

sinclair gas station

I'm not sure who owns this place, but they are doing a great job of preserving it!

historic sinclair

old sinclair gas station

It was a rainy day to be visiting the plantations
and the azaleas and dogwoods were just beginning to bloom.

The live oaks are breathtaking; gigantic in height and grandeur of form.

south carolina live oaks

Magnificent moss-draped oaks with ferns covering the tops of the branches.

plantation gardens

live oaks

Views from the house gardens overlooking the Pee Dee River and inlets.

pee dee river views

southern gardens

Southern plantation gardens

southern gardens

live oaks

Old barns could be seen here and there.

Old barn and live oaks

This old house was back off the road as we headed to Hobcaw Barony Friendfield Village.

Historic Home Hobcaw

Historic Home at Hobcaw Barony

Hobcaw Barony

The historic Friendfield Village Church in Hobcaw Barony.

historic hobcaw church

Hobcaw Barony

The garden spot.

garden spot in Hobcaw Barony

At the Hampton Plantation grounds,
all that is left of the Alston tenant house is the chimney.

Alston Tenant House

The display reads:
"The chimney in front of you is all that remains of the Alston tenant house.  It is one of the last standing structural reminders of African-Americans at Hampton Plantation and a testament to the resourcefulness of Prince and Sue Alston.  The Alstons and other slave descendants stayed on at Hampton Plantation long after rice - the once valuable "Carolina Gold" - was no longer a profitable crop in the South Carolina Lowcountry.  Prince, a son of former Hampton Plantation slaves, and his wife Sue, a daughter of former slaves from a nearby plantation, salvaged materials from other structures to build their home.

hampton plantation

Hampton Plantation

The Oaks Plantation resident bald eagle.
I was SO far away, zooming in as best I could.  

The Oaks Plantation Bald Eagle

As we drove closer the eagle quickly flew away.
The owners say there are two babies in the nest this year.

bald eagle nest

We try to get a picture of us from time to time, if we can find someone to take one.
We had such a great time!

Hope you enjoyed the scenes!

You can tour the inside of a gorgeous southern plantation home here ~  Historic Chicora Wood Plantation.

Join us each week at 5:00pm Sunday for AMAZE ME MONDAY!


  1. Love, love, LOVE the photos!!! Oh, the history!

  2. What a fine looking couple you are! The scenery is beautiful. The pine trees reminded me of my old home in Tyler, TX.

  3. What a great trip and that is a GREAT picture of you both at the end. Those trees are FANTASTIC shots! That is so interesting the history spiel by that old chimney left standing. What a lot of wonderful history. Thanks for the tour - you got some really great shots! xo Diana

  4. Cindy, We JUST returned from Charleston ;) I so enjoyed your photos this morning! It is a beautiful spot indeed. We were fortunate to have the "inside tour" as we have family that live there. There is nothing like Southern hospitality, food, and of course the homes and gardens. Enjoy your day. xxleslie

  5. Lovely place to visit. Love the gas station and the little church.


  6. Cindy these are great images. Love the barn, garden and the church. Thanks for sharing


  7. Cindy, your photographs are truly wonderful! That church stole my heart, oh and those trees! What a great looking couple too!


  8. That little white cottage and rusted tin roof I am in love with.
    Loved your historic share right down to the moss In The trees.
    You and your hubby standing in front of that majestic sized tree are such a beautiful couple.

    Beautiful days ahead of you, all things that inspire.


  9. Love the pics ! The old gas station and church are a treasure!

  10. Great pics Cindy! Love the South! Thanks for joining HSH!

  11. Thanks for sharing my family's history, I am the great grandaughter of Prince and Sue Alston.

  12. All I can say is wow! I never been to South Carolina to visit my roots. I am VERY interested in knowing more about my family history and to know more about my great great grandparents Sue And Prince Alston.


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