Charming Historic Homes

Friday, May 1, 2015

Remember me recently sharing scenes of old barns,
and gorgeous gardens
while on our trip Down South?

Well, I finally made it through more of the pictures taken while strolling down streets lined with live oaks in the heart of Georgetown, South Carolina, and wanted to share them with you.

Don't you love the color of the front door?  Robin's Egg Blue.

Historic Homes of Georgetown, SC

The streets are narrow and the azaleas and dogwoods were just beginning to bloom.
There is just something special about this town and these old homes.

charming historic homes

Love the stone wall.

Historic Homes of Georgetown, SC

Most of the porches are wrap around and all have ornate detailing.

Charming Historic Homes

Many of the porches are two story; what a dream!
Love the fence.

Charming southern Home

I'm not sure if this is a historic home, but it is charming just the same.

Historic Homes of Georgetown, SC

This home is one room wide on a deep lot, the way they did it back in the day.

The original cooking kitchen is in the back and the original fireplace is still working.
This detached space has been turned into a den of sorts where the "mister" spends a good bit of time.

The live oaks covered in ferns are gorgeous!

Charming Southern Home

The landscape is full of azaleas, boxwoods, holly, and dogwood trees.

Most of the homes proudly fly the American flag.
This one is on the right side and must have gotten wrapped around itself in the breeze.

Historic Homes of Georgetown, SC

This beauty has water views.

Historic Homes of Georgetown, SC

I love white homes with black shutters and I liked the widow's walk too.

Historic Homes of Georgetown, SC

How grand is this and look at all those porch lights!

On the upper two levels alone I counted twelve;
four mounted by the entry doors and eight hanging!
Historic Homes of Georgetown, SC

How about a little pink?
Historic Homes of Georgetown, SC

This is a newer home built with touches of the past.
I really like the lower level brickwork and the double entry stairway.

Historic Homes of Georgetown, SC

We were able to tour the inside of this next home and I so wish I could show you pictures,
it was THE most amazing home I have ever toured.
It was stunning!

A total renovation was just completed and they kept true to the original history of the home.

The home is being sold totally furnished with some of the most beautiful antique pieces I've ever seen, right down to the rugs.  Gorgeous draperies, bed linens, tables, chairs, dishes, dish towels, books, move-in ready with not one detail missed!

The turf and most of the landscaping had just been installed the day before we toured.

This is the front of the house.

Charming Southern Home

For a historic home in the heart of town it is rare to have three lots with just one house on it.

There were draining issues and two very old, run down, homes were purchased with this house.  The other two were torn down, the drainage issues addressed and then the main house was renovated.
The two side lots cannot have homes built on them so this home will always have a huge yard
remember all the turf and shrubbery was just installed the day before we toured!

Here is the side view, isn't it beautiful!

Charming Southern Homes

The house, totally furnished with all those gorgeous antiques, fine rugs and linens

Hope you enjoyed the stroll, which home was your favorite?

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  1. Gorgeous homes! Thanks for the tour!

  2. Woo-hoo! This is a treat for my eyes! I'll be pinning these to my "Southern Homes" Pinterest board. You know, it's a happy day when I find good pins!

    Thanks for the tour!

  3. Wow- gorgeous, and I LOVE the color of the front door of the first one- awesome!

  4. Beautiful homes!!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!

  5. I just LOVE a nice porch, especially a wrap-around! These are all way out of my league, but I can still dream.

  6. Gorgeous homes, Cindy. I wonder if there's a link to the last home for sale so that we can see the interior? I am so partial to the beauty of brick, I think I love the house with the outside brick wall and the wraparound porch. That house with the water views is also very tempting too, though.But I can't help but see all the maintenance on these fabulous details! I'm beginning to think cottage-style, more and more, as the maintenance of a bigger home just seems to overwhelm as the years go on.....

    1. I wish there was a link! The owner completed the renovation in time for a home tour in town and is selling by owner so there isn't one. It was so pretty! I agree, they are gorgeous homes but with that comes lots of maintenance and upkeep.

  7. Absolutely love it when you share these kinds of trips with us! So hard to pick a fave though among these gorgeous houses!


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