Orchids ~ Hope After All!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I wouldn't say I have a green thumb,
but I do pretty well with most house plants and my garden, except for tomatoes.  Mine always seem to get blossom-end rot and I've never had luck with orchids, either.  But when I saw this white miniature Phalaenopsis with its shades of pink and green, I decided to give orchids another try.

It was back in January, adding farmhouse touches in the great room, when I placed this dainty orchid in a small ironstone pitcher.

moth orchid

Moth Orchid

The common name for the Phalaenopsis is Moth Orchid and it sure looked pretty on the primitive cupboard, but the blooms began to fade.

Moth Orchid

dropping one by one,
within a month or so,
all were gone.

moth orchid

I wasn't sure of a good place for it,
so I took the potted orchid out of the pitcher,
placed the pot in a blue and white coffee cup,
covered the edges with moss,
and put it in the kitchen window until I could come up with a better place for it.

Well, it stayed there.
Each week I've been placing a cube of ice at the base to water it and so far so good, at least it's still green!

moth orchid

One morning while making our coffee,
I noticed something!

Do you see it?

Ok, maybe that was too far away...

moth orchid

There's new growth!

new growth on moth orchid

It would thrill me to pieces to see some of these beautiful blooms again.

I am so excited!
Maybe there's hope for me and orchids after all?

How about you, any luck with orchids?

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  1. Well, yay! You may have more of a green thumb than you think you do! I love it when that happens. Sometimes all it takes is just the right light...and a little bit of ignoring!

  2. Hooray!!!! I too am not great with plants, but the orchid and my fiddle leaf fig changed all that! Love the pictures and the containers of your pretty orchids too!

  3. That is a thrill...........to see new growth on plants, love to see that myself. That was a great idea about the ice cube...
    I would have thought it might be too cold and damage the plant, but evidently NOT.......
    That is a beautiful orchid so hope it continues to do well. Look lovely in both containers too.
    I am hoping for some nice hydrangeas on one of my plants this year, I had some last year
    but they were pretty small, so hoping for some bigger ones this year.
    Blessings, Nellie

  4. Congratulations, Orchid Momma!

  5. I've had a few, but mine bit the dust too. Do you have a hole in that for drainage?

  6. I've had them Cindy but once they lost there flower I got rid of them...I really should have found a spot for them because they will rebloom.

  7. I did a blog post (March 2013) on phalaenopsis orchid care. Patience is needed more than anything with getting them to bloom again. After bloom care is really not that complicated:)

  8. I hope you have great luck with it, Cindy, and can get it to bloom again. I have never grown orchids. My daughter (who has killed every living thing in her house except her children and husband) can grow orchids. If SHE can do it- YOU can! lol xo Diana

  9. I have tried orchids with no success. My son often gives them to me for Mothers Day. If he does so again, I'll give it another try ;) I hope yours will bloom again for you!


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