Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It was a warm and sunny day,
perfect for adding Christmas touches to the porch.

Our kitchen remodel has our home a bit topsy-turvy,
so our Christmas decorations will be simple this year.

Through the entry doors,
a glimpse of the Christmas flag.

Adorned with a wreath of berries and pine cones,
topped with a red bow,
it dances on the wind.


The doors are decorated with swags of greenery,
full of pine cones,
and topped with red and white gingham check bows.

This year our porch will be simple.
No lit trees with red bows,
no garland or wreaths draped in lights,
no windows with candles or tinsel lights.

 These next two pictures were taken before our entry remodel.

Our neighbors and folks that travel our road
comment about our home at Christmas time.
Often when we meet new folks and they ask where we live,
their comment is, "We know your house, it's the one all lit up for Christmas!"
We love hearing them,
it's such a treat knowing that others enjoy our efforts.

They may miss the lights this Christmas, I know we will...

Christmas greetings from under the Southern Magnolia.


Do you like before and afters...
take a peek at our 
and the

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  1. Maybe not all the glittering lights but still there's a lot to be said about elegant simplicitity. My house is barely visable from the culdesac because of the woods so I rarely do any outside decorating anymore...candles in the windows and a lighted wreath hanging outside on the high part of the garage. When my kiddos were younger I did but it is A LOT of work!

  2. I think you porch looks lovely. I know myself some years I decorate a lot and others not so much. I do prefer more simple decorations, but that is just me. Happy Holidays!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  3. With or without the lights and trees, your porch, and home, are still simply stunning! I would love to have such a grand porch to decorate ~ they are just not common in our tiny beach community!

  4. Your home is so beautiful! With or without all of the decos it is still great! Last year we didn't put up lights or decorate outside. This year we did, and now it's done, and the inside isn't. It's just difficult to do both some years.

  5. The outside of your home looks stunning decorated for Christmas. I can't get enough of pretty lights this time of year.

  6. I'd know this porch anywhere Cindy, it is super gorgeous!!!!!!! in love with the door sprays and those lovely trees! Perfect!

  7. Your porch is just beautiful! You remind me that I want to get a Christmas flag. Lately there's been a Texas A&M flag flying out there. :)

  8. Both are beautiful!

    By the way, I notice you have previous comments, starting at 4:08pm. It's a little after 10pm here and you just showed up on my dashboard. Yeah, it's fixed. NOT!

  9. Well, you know there may not be the lights but it is still welcoming and beautiful. I love it and sometimes simple is just perfect! xo Diana

  10. SIMPLE AND GORGEOUS!!…as usual, you don't disappoint…I love the classic holiday look you went with…your home is lovely!
    xo, Mariaelena

  11. Even if it's simpler than previous years, I love the elegance of your porch for Christmas.

  12. Cindy, I love simplicity, and your porch looks just as lovely with what you've done - I really like the welcome flag. I jumped over to the porch & doors redo - looks like your home's layout in the main section is very similar to ours. :) You guys have had some major work done this year! Love your doors. Can't wait to see your kitchen redo.

  13. Your porch look what you did!

  14. Beautifully decorated. The Christams spirit is definatley up. Thank you for sharing.

  15. GORGEOUS shots Cindy!! Love the swags hanging on your doors!

  16. I really love the swags hanging on the doors. Your previous pictures are beautiful too, but having a huge renovation I can totally understand.


  17. Your home is still beautiful. It's so hard when your remodeling. Pictures are great of your swags on the doors. Your new porch is stunning - love the rocking chairs.

  18. Simple is beautiful, too! Good luck on the remodel!

  19. Ahhh I love your front porch. I am the BIGGEST sucker for beautiful porches. My husband even tells me, "One day, we'll get you a house with a nice big porch." I love that magnolia tree too!

  20. Gorgeous front porch!!! I love the double doors....and it's especially beautiful at night!


  21. What a lovely entry you have to your home. Love that huge porch. The door wreaths look wonderful. The before pictures are fabulous- love that you can put a lit tree out there!!

  22. Simple elegance is always in style! It's just beautiful and so is your home. :)

  23. Your porch is so beautiful. I love your wreaths. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  24. Cindy, it all looks so pretty--simple and elegant and very, very welcoming. Makes me want to come to your house!

    Thanks so much for linking to Grace at Home--I'm featuring you this week! :)


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