Wednesday, October 30, 2013

With all the changes and moves,

helping our girl and her hubby settle into their new home,

I find myself thinking of this past September, remembering her special day. 

The day our little girl, now all grown up, was getting ready to marry her prince charming.


after months, and months of searching for the perfect dress,



for the perfect bridesmaid dresses,



and everything else that goes into planning the wedding of your dreams,

it was time...

She wore Grannies pearl necklace,

I had just closed the necklace clasp and giving a hug when this photo was taken.  

Something borrowed,

Something blue.

My mothers childhood handkerchief, Stephanie will keep it close with her.

Grannies pearl necklace and moms handkerchief

treasured family pieces adding a special touch on her extra special day...

Three of us helping with her dress, sash, and shoes.
So much happiness, so many smiles...

We giggled and laughed...

Tulle and crinoline and a little help with her shoes...

Lots and lots of tulle to fluff...

It was soon time for the girls, with bouquets in hand, to make their way down for photographs...

Me and my girl, 

there are no words to express my heart for her...

Such joy,

sharing in her excitement for what was to come.

Her long awaited walk down the isle, to marry the man of her dreams.

 Memories to cherish all of my days.


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  1. Cindy...these pictures almost made me cry! The bond between mothers and daughters is incredible and it's never so obvious as when that wedding day arrives. The look in both of your eyes, the smiles; just precious to see. Of course I love the wedding gown and the bridesmaid's dresses were very pretty, too. You look stunning! What a special day! Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pictures.


  2. I'm sure the memories are just as beautiful as the photos.

  3. Cindy...what lovely, lovely memories and photos of that special day! Both of you were just radiant! Thanks for sharing your special day!

    Blessings to you,

  4. The most gorgeous bride, ever! The happiness and joy just flows from the pictures.
    Blessings and best wishes,

  5. My goodness.... Just Beautiful!! What a lovely bride..
    I am guessing that it was fun planning all of that beauty.
    Thanks for sharing, I so enjoyed this, this morning.

  6. How beautiful! Such a special time with treasured moments that neither of you will forget. Thanks for sharing it with us :-)

  7. You all looked so beautiful Cindy!! I know many special memories were made that day!

  8. Thank you for sharing these beautiful and treasured memories.

  9. Oh Cindy, what a precious day, you all are so lovely! the photography is amazing!!

  10. What a wonderful post Cindy! So glad you shared it with us dear! Your daughter was simply radiant and you, beaming with pride! Everything looked perfect and beautiful!!!!

  11. Aren't daughters a special blessing? I know mine is and my mom thought I was to her. I can always count on my beautiful Lisa to get me laughing in about 2 seconds! Love, love love my son by that girlie girl is truly my best friend! Have a great day and thanks for the pretty pictures!

  12. Cindy, I just loved these gorgeous pictures. The bond between you two beautiful girls just shines through each shot. Lovely just doesn't even touch it... just perfect!


  13. Ummmm...SOMEONE was supposed to tell you that the MOM is NOT supposed to be as pretty as the BRIDE! lol
    SHE is beautiful! YOU are beautiful and the whole wedding looks like it was amazing. I love the dresses and the flowers and I hope she is that happy her whole life! xo Diana

  14. Oh Cindy, that's such a beautiful post! Not to mention how beautiful the bride and mother are! Those photos should be in a magazine! Love the one of the two of you together (you behind her). So sweet!
    Thanks for sharing her day with us.

  15. Oh Cindy-these pictures are breathtaking! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. This is so wonderful thank you for sharing. You have warmed my heart this morning.

  16. What gorgeous photos of the beautiful day! You had an excellent photographer. The photos look like they are straight out of a wedding magazine! Congrats to them on their 1st year!

  17. May your daughter enjoy decades of happiness with her beloved.

  18. Beautiful post and daughter...just like her mom!!! ~Christy

  19. Love this post! The two of you are so pretty. I know this was the most gorgeous wedding ever.

  20. Beautiful memories to cherish, lovely bride and such a pretty mom!

  21. Such an amazingly beautiful bride and mom! Wow! xo Jen

  22. Cindy,
    This post was so lovely, and hit home for me, as Nel got married last September.d I loved browsing through all the photos on her wedding day. You know, the one picture that I admired so much in Nel's wedding was the one on the stairs, and that is the picture that caught my eye in your daughter's wedding too. I enjoyed hearing about the something old, something new. You look so pretty and stylish in your dress. And now, your daughter will be settling into a new home. Nel will be cooking the Thanksgiving dinner this year as a married woman. You and Me.....our lives our revolving around the same events it seems. Thank you for sharing some of your daughter's memories. It was such a treat and honor to view them. The bride looks just beautiful.


  23. Oh such beautiful pictures. You look just beautiful and your daughter is truly stunning. Congratulations to everyone. Hugs, marty

  24. You are all so lovely and you will always cherish this time and these beautiful photos. Blessings to you all!

  25. Oh Cindy, I almost missed this gorgeous post you shared of your beautiful daughter, who I can see where she got her beauty from! You are both beautiful and look so elegant for the memorable wedding, wow, just stunning! Wishing the newly wed couple many blessings and a long life of happiness. Congrats.

  26. Cindy, this is one of the most touching posts. Both bride and mother of the bride are beyond gorgeous. Love the photos, especially the one of you giving your daughter a hug. Treasured memories! Congratulations to the newlyweds.

  27. I had to click on over from SSS when I saw your subject as my daughter is getting married in June. I have to say you are both drop dead gorgeous, and the photographer is a true artist. Every shot tells a story...a story of love, friendship and joy. What a blessing to have that special day Cindy!

  28. What gorgeous photos! I have to say: you look like the brides sister and not her Mother!!! Our daughters wedding day (3 years ago) was one of the HAPPIEST days of my life. My daughter was 39 when she got married and I was so blessed, excited and happy that she wanted me to help her with almost every decision! It was a fabulous year of planning that I will never forget. This post made me cry, remebering all the joy of that day. And now, 3 years later they are adopting a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart overflows with joy. Your daughter was a GORGEOUS bride.

  29. This was such a treat!! Everything was absolutely gorgeous! What wonderful memories! Congratulations!!!

  30. Oh, Cindy....y'all are a strikingly gorgeous family! You and your daughter are stunning. LOVELY wedding photos!!! I love these posts! How blessed y'all are. Congratulations to the groom and best wishes to the beautiful bride!


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