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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Isn't this a fun Ikat fabric!

Stephanie and I have been searching for an upholstery fabric for her dining room chairs.  She wanted a fabric that was somewhat formal with a pop of color so when we found this fun Ikat fabric with the colors pink, orange, and gray...she knew this was the one!

Remember our family cherry dining room table that was passed on to Stephanie?  The one that I was hoping to restore but it wasn't turning out too good?  You can see it here...Cherry Dining Room Table & the Stripper!

Well, the trick was to do the Restore A Finish process 5 more times.  Yes, SIX times in all!
I thought my arms were going to fall off!  But it was worth it because the table looks great now...

These are the dining room chairs that go with the table.  The finish on the chairs was fine, they were just a bit dirty.  However, the Moire fabric wasn't doing much for Stephanie...

Stephanie's pup Daisy was very interested in the chairs... 

So, we got busy reupholstering them with our fun Ikat fabric...

We laid the fabric out, made sure of the fabric repeat fitting correctly on the chair cusion and began cutting...

Once the fabric was cut we pinned the fabric to the cushion making sure the pattern was centered, then we turned the cushion over and used a pneumatic staple gun to staple the fabric to the seat backer board .  They turned out great!

Here are the other three completed chairs.
There are two side chairs and two arm chairs that go with the cherry dining table but she needed more seating.  We hunted, and hunted, and finally found four Parson's chairs at a consignment shop.  She has ordered slip covers for them that are really cute and once she moves into her new home the plan is to use two Parson's chairs on each side of the table and the arm chairs on each end.  The extra two cherry chairs will sit on either side of her buffet. 

Did you notice that stack of Parson's chairs in the picture?  Yes, in addition to a storage unit, for four months now our home has been a storage center for all their stuff.  It's been full of crazy here with them, their stuff and two pups but I have really enjoyed having them with us!

Guess what!!!
Today is move in day and we are so excited to be helping them move and get settled in their new home and I can't wait to share how everything looks in their dining room!


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  1. Move in day! How exciting! I pray they create many, many happy memories in their new home!
    I love the fabric on those chairs! It changes the look but retains the style, if you know what I mean?
    Happy chairs.



  2. Cindy! Thank you for your sweet comment! I love the Iklat! what a wonderful way to refresh your set! Thank you too for hosting such a wonderful party each week! Have a wonderful week! - aimee

  3. What fun fabric and even more fun to be working together with your daughter on her new home! My parents just bought a place near us (after 15 years of not living close to them!) and I'm so excited to do the same thing with my mom! :-)

  4. Cindy, the chairs look beautiful and I'm sure that they will be enjoyed very much in their gorgeous new home. A first home is a special joy to be remembered. Best wishes to them!

  5. What a fun fabric. It is such a contrast to the formality of the chairs. Happy Move In Day! Can't wait to see the inside! xo Diana

  6. What an exciting day for all of you!
    Cindy her chairs look fabulous in that fabric...can't wait to see the whole room!

  7. Cindy, thank you so much for stopping by and the sweet comments. I Love the fabric you've chosen for the chairs. Happy Nesting to your daughter and I can't wait to see more of her beautiful home. Blessings Lisa

  8. Hi Cindy,
    How exciting, we always enjoyed helping our daughter move too. It is such fun to be able to be a part of that. So happy for you.
    The chairs look gorgeous, that is such pretty fabric, just love the colors, can't wait to see it in her new home.
    Have fun.............but don't hurt

    blessings, Nellie

  9. Perfect fabric Cindy!!! I'm planning a re-upholstering job myself! Love how the chairs turned out and I bet you are all pretty happy too!

  10. the fabric and chairs look stunning-love dee x

  11. It's been so long since we moved in to a new home, I've forgotten how exciting it must have been. Happy Move In Day.. Week... or however long it takes!

  12. Wow! Cindy they look great and will look wonderful in their new home!
    It must have been so fun having your house full!
    Blessings on your day and week!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xo

  13. Love the chairs!

    I don't envy anyone moving (HA!), but it is certainly a time of excitement. As was said before, don't hurt yourself!

  14. I love the new fabric and I so need to do that to my dining room chairs! I can't wait to see the new house!

  15. Beautiful job Cindy! The fabric is so pretty and I'm sure they will look perfect in their new home:)

  16. I love the fabric! The chairs look amazing! xo Jen

  17. I love a brave soul that will go for the bright fabric and then just do it! I have been called crazy when I get something like this in my head to do, so thank you for this great post. LOVE the fabric!

  18. Great fabric choice and great job. I love the colors, and I am anxious to see their new dining room.

  19. Love the way they turned out, and such a precious couple! All the best to them in their new home.



  20. Great fabric! I so need to redo my dining room chairs!


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