Thursday, January 24, 2013

I don’t toss them anymore, do you?


I love candles and on most days you’ll find one lit up in my kitchen.  My favorite scents are those that smell like Granny could be in the kitchen cooking something sweet.
Pumpkin Pie ~ Banana Nut Bread ~ Warm Sugar Cookie ~ Apple Pie.


Candles have come a long way, they burn longer and cleaner.
The containers have come a long way too, some are really nice.  I used to toss the container once the wax burned down, but these days most are pretty enough to use for other purposes, so I keep them.

jar candle

I place the used candle container in my sink, fill it with warm sudsy water, and let it sit a spell.  After soaking a while the wax and wicks usually rise to the top of the water. Then I remove the label and give the container a good washing.  Here’s a small sampling of the containers that I have saved…

glass vase 

Often these containers are used as flower vases or tea light holders.


 Tall ones are used for holding silverware at our large family dinners.


Of all the containers I have saved, this experience was a first…


This Dilly-Dally candle was purchased from Cracker Barrel and was burned throughout the Christmas holidays.  This container has already been washed in sudsy water, the wax and wicks removed, and the only thing left to do is to remove the why is there still red inside the jar?


The red coloring from the candle actually became etched into the glass, it is there for good.


This will be a nice Valentine's Day vase...


spring flowers

So, are you a keeper?
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    PS: Guess you could call that "stained glass".

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Oh my yes, I am a keeper, but sometimes I have to make myself throw some away, and I just hate that, but I just don't have room for it
    That red candle jar is so neat, and would be perfect for Valentines day for sure. Have you ever used the candle jar lids?? I use them as candle holders, they look really pretty for christmas and Winter if you put some epsom salt in them and then add a candle, and they will also hold round decorative balls or Christmas balls.
    So don't throw all your lids out, they come in handy. Just take some needle nose pliers and pull that plastic off,and that is all there is to it.

    Hope this finds you doing well hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  3. Great uses! I love the same scents and save the jars too.

    Take Care,

  4. I do keep lots of jars, especially our Bon Maman jelly jars. I also like the tiny little sampler jelly jars from hotel and restaurants. I use them in my studio for solvents and mediums. :D

  5. Cindy-I love candles,too, and love pretty much the same scents you do. I keep the jars now too and repurpose them. Yours are great and I LOVE the red one-xo Diana

  6. Hey, that is a great idea! I usually toss mine, but you have convinced me to hold onto them! ...and I am so loving your pansies! :)

  7. I love saving candle glassware too, sometimes I get some that are mercury glass, now THAT is fab! :)


  8. I keep mine too!!! Actually, I have a "thing" for glass anyway! And I love candles too :)

  9. Hi Cindy!
    I too love candles and their many different scents, especially the ones that smell of desserts cooking in the oven ;)
    I love that the red candles looks the way it does, and yes, it would be perfect for a Valentine day bloom!
    Thanks for the great idea!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoox

  10. Cindy, I haven't been keeping the jars but now I will! My favorites also are the smells of Granny cooking. Thanks for joining the Open House party. xx, Sherry

  11. Unfortunately I am a "keeper" candles especially in the winter months!

  12. HI Cindy! OH, this is a great idea. I have thought of this but never followed through and kept the containers. You've shown me the error of my ways! :) Pretty snaps too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  13. New follower via the Open House Party. I just love the red candle from Cracker Barrel! Great idea, as I am one that discards my candles once they are ready to get rid of, but not anymore :) Thanks for the wonderful idea.

  14. You are very resourceful Cindy. I know I am a wee bit weird but I rarely burn candles. It probably is due to owning our other tumble down house which is 150 plus years old and made of fat lighter and would burn up in about two seconds.

  15. Cindy,

    What a great idea .. another way to recycle:) I usually put my used candles in linen closets or drawers. Next time, I'll soak them and add it to my vase collection. Thanks for sharing the tip!


  16. Oh yes, I'm a keeper, there must be a support group for us!!! I'm saving all the empty glass for when I make my own candles from all the leftover wax from the large candles that never seem to burn all the way down. And some of them the wicks broke so can't light them any more, am also saving all of those.....

  17. This Christmas was the first time I'd ever bought a scented candle, and I now realise what I'd been missing. I bought a Sugar Cookie scent and enjoyed it every morning, all through the season. It became a lovely little ritual - light the candle, start the coffee, walk to the end of our drive for the paper and then come home to a delightful aroma.
    Thank you for your visit - lovely to meet you!

  18. Hi Cindy; Nice to meet you. Yes, I have several empty candle containers that I use over and over again; especially during the Christmas holidays. Visiting from the Thursday Favourite Things Blog Hop. Cheers!

  19. Following from Thursday Favorite Things hop.

    Excellent way to re-use those candle jars! And they all look so sparkly!

  20. I do keep some myself. I put mine in the freezer for a few hours and the wax comes out that way.

  21. Yep, I'm a keeper -- actually, I keep most jars that have an interesting shape and ones I can clean up really well. I usually do the same trick that Debbie mentioned -- putting them in the freezer first. I also often use those candle warmers to get the last remaining great smells even after the wick is all burned out. I've never had one that had the color etched into it -- it looks pretty & perfect for Valentine's Day.

  22. I've always tossed them, but you're right, there's a bazillion uses I could get out of them. I'll be keeping them next time.

    I'm your latest follower from Thursday's Favorite THings.

  23. How very neat! And that red candle? What an incidental charmer!
    Did you see Liz's TTT Link #43 - she embosses glass w/stamping emboss stuff. You both have some great ideas. I'm bookmarking this to remind me how to get the wax out. That's always been a problem for me and candle jars. I love jars and glass. There is just so much to love about so many things, huh?
    Thanks- enjoyed my visit, Jenn

  24. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. I linked too.
    Come by and see me. I am doing a Valentines Day series. I enjoyed my visit. I'll hang around awhile.
    Have a wonderful Friday,

  25. I love that you re purpose your candle holders. The red one is perfect for valentines day. Jut a little note though please don't put anything edible in them.Some of the glass candle holders have lead in them. Smooches and thank you for sharing at the hop!

  26. I keep them, too, Cindy. Depending on the jar, I either use them for new votive I get {that don't come in a jar} or if they have a lid I use them in my craft/sewing room to hold little things like buttons, game pieces or charms.

  27. It's so neat to reuse! Sometimes the shapes are so great, I can't wait for the candle to burn down.

    Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  28. How clever and so smart of you. Great containers, and I never thought of saving them. Thanks for the tip. Thanks also for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty


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