The Cabin Queen

Monday, October 14, 2019

Names.  Names are good.  We would live in chaos if we didn't have names for things.  When I reference my friends and family, I call them by name.  When we go on trips, we name the places we are going.  Before going to the grocery store, I write the names of each item on a list.  When folks are coming to the cabin to stay with us...I find myself searching...searching for a name.  You see, there are three bedrooms in all (I’ll be sharing the others soon), each one has a view of the creek and since this bedroom has a queen bed, I’ve been calling it the “Cabin Queen”.  Besides not really liking the name "Cabin Queen" and that it would be fun hearing what you come up with ... what guy wants to sleep in the “Queen” room?!

I've shared bits and pieces of this queen bedroom with you and today I wanted to share the whole room; before and after.  Well, things are always changing, so for now this is the Cabin Queen.  (Help me name her please!)

 The Before...
~The walls were originally covered in "tear and paste" wallpaper that was green, gold, white and v-e-r-y dirty.
~The ceilings were the old acoustical ceiling tiles
~There were french doors that opened into the room
~The ceiling fan belonged in a room 3x this size
~The entry doors were hollow core
~The pine floors were scratched and stained
~ "if" there was "smell a picture" you would be choking right now!
This place had the most awful odor.

We've always dreamed of our cabin having a rustic feel, but not too dark or cave like.  We knew we wanted to add pine boards on a focal wall and ceiling, so we opted for painted sheet rock on the others.  We measured, purchase the pine boards and once they were unloaded, I sanded, stained and varnished them.  There was white paint beneath the wallpaper we removed, so we hung landscape paper before nailing the pine boards so that no color would shine through the spaces between the boards.   

I couldn't wait to get rid of the acoustical ceiling tiles.  After prepping pine tongue and grove boards, the tiles were removed, and the new ceiling was installed.  New entry doors, closet doors, ceiling trim and base board were prepped and installed as well as new sliding glass doors.

Years ago, I found a charming old telephone niche on the side of the road but never had a good place for it until we got the cabin.  Its new home is on the wall to the right of the closet and it is so cute there.

The After...
Originally, we were going to put the pine boards and bed on the far wall in this room, but that changed.  We often slept here on a blow-up mattress during the renovations and the first morning we woke up and were able to lay there enjoying the amazing creek view, we realized the bed had to go on this wall instead.

I am happy with how things have turned out.  This room is rustic, warm and cozy with some soft touches added in.  I adore this antique oil lamp that I shared with you earlier, she has so much character.


Most everything in the cabin is a thrift find or has been given to us by family or friends.  There is a story or memory with it; a collected cabin and I love that!

All that sanding, staining and varnishing paid off.
I love the warmth of the wood tones.

I shared earlier about the window treatments, using lace table cloths and gifts from mom.

Not only are the creek views amazing from this room but the sounds are too!  Most of the year we leave the sliding doors open, close the screen and let the breeze and sounds fill the room.  It's perfect for sleeping and oh so pretty when the breezes catch the draperies and they dance.

Here is the creek view and my pictures don't do it justice.  No matter how I try, my photos never capture it fully...we are so thankful.

In the niche is a small basket filled with lavender and cotton.  I am especially fond of this framed bookmark that reads:

Morn amid the mountains,
Lovely solitude,
Gushing streams and fountains,
Murmur God is Good,
Hymns of praise are ringing,
Through the leafy wood,
Songsters sweetly singing,
Warble, "God is Good."

We have named the cabin "Creekside Dwellings" and every room in the cabin has a view of the creek.  So, thanks so much for coming to see the Cabin Queen bedroom and please help me find a better name.  I would love to hear any ideas you may have.

Hope you have a blessed week my friends!


  1. Hmmmm...I see lots of comfort there. Cozy Comfort? Don't get me started. Cabin Coquette? Cabin Consort? lol Cabin kinda like Cabin Queen--but that might have a hidden meaning, too.

    I love how the bedroom turned out. You did a great job of pulling everything together. What a fun project for us to watch happen. xo Diana

    1. Hidden meaning...I know!!! And what man wants to sleep in the “Queen Room”!

  2. God indeed is good. wonderful room and so cozy.

  3. Creekside View...unless all the rooms have a creek view!

  4. If this is the only bedroom that has a view of the creek maybe you could use that to name the room.

    The room turned out so lovely.

    1. Thankfully, every room in the cabin has a view of the creek. Thanks so much!!!

    2. Well, maybe you can use that lovely bookmark as inspiration for naming the room: Lovely Solitude, etc.

    3. Wonderful idea!!! Thanks so much for coming back with another suggestion...thanks so much!!!

  5. Name it the Pine Room. Name each bedroom after a tree, plant, herb that grows on your property. Cozy, beautiful room.

  6. Such a wonderful space Cindy! I know you must find such peace there.


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