Soft Touches in a Rustic Cabin

Friday, September 13, 2019

There are so many memories, stories and special people that come to mind as I look around the cabin.  For me, that's what makes a collected home so special.  Over these past few years while renovating the cabin, our friends, family and so many others have shared items and deals with us that have made this place extra special.  Here in the queen bedroom (I need to come up with a better name) I often think of my friend Judy as I cover the bed with Martha Washington bedding or a quilted comforter with floral stitching.  I think of Carolyn, antique shop owner turned friend, who just happened to be having hugely discounted sales during my cabin gathering days.  There are others, but mostly, I think of my mother.

My mom is the most generous person I know.  She has three daughters and two granddaughters and over the years she has stocked each of our kitchens with everything from salt and pepper shakers to Dutch ovens to transportable crock pots to Instant Pots.  For friends, neighbors and family, if she sees a need or comes across anything useful, she will fill the need and give the gift.  While in the kitchen preparing her meals for one, the pots and casseroles are sure to grow with enough food to share with family, friends and those she calls, "the sick and afflicted."  And believe me, that's a yummy blessing because my momma can cook!  And in this room, as in so many others in the comes to mind.

For many years these sheer ruffled curtains were hanging in mom's living room.  She's not one for throwing useful things away, because as she says, "you never know when this may be useful again".  These many years later she has gathered them from her upstairs closet for us to use here in the cabin.  

It is a good 8 degrees or so cooler here at the cabin compared to in town.  As we leave town and head to the cabin, a 10-minute ride or so, it is fun watching the outdoor temperature displayed on the rear-view mirror, as it drops lower and lower.  The drop-in temperature is partly due to the higher elevation as well as being located between two creeks.  We take advantage of the cool breeze and sounds of the rushing creeks by leaving the sliding glass doors in the bedrooms open and the screens pulled to.  It sure makes for some restful sleep.

Mom's curtains are so pretty as the incoming breeze catches them, sometimes it is as though they are dancing.

The ruffled sheers are thin, so for a bit of privacy, I've used some sheer window panels with an antique lace tablecloth on top that can be pulled closed.  The tablecloth has such pretty details and stitching.  It was a bit long, so I folded the top over which turned out to be quite pretty.

On the side window I used mom's ruffled curtains with voile sheers.  I went all out for the tiebacks, by using twine looped around old-time square nails.  The twine I already had on hand as I use it to secure plants on stakes in the garden and the nails were salvaged from the wood walls here in the cabin.  

Dawn to dusk, it is such a pretty sight as the light comes in through the lace.

Trying to be as thrifty as possible, these gifts from family and friends as well as being a little creative by using things already on hand have been great on the budget.
Special memories and soft touches in a rustic cabin.
Do you live in a collected home?

Hope you are having a great week!!!


  1. I love those old Priscilla curtains. I had them in my daughter's nursery when they were little and then in their 'big girl' room. I also had them in a 'front room' in one of my homes. They make me smile and they are perfect for your home! xo Diana

  2. Cindy,
    Such a serene and tranquil setting!
    Ah~h~h. . .I can almost smell the fresh air drifting in through the open window!
    Simplistic styling at its finest!


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