Antique Oil Lamp for the Cabin Guest Room

Saturday, September 7, 2019

I've been in the mountains during this latest phase of the cabin renovation and since there is so much of the cabin I haven't shared with you, I wanted to start with this antique lamp.  In the cabin there are two bedrooms; one with three twin beds and one with a queen bed.  When this phase of the renovation is complete there will also be a master bedroom.

While searching for cabin furnishings I wanted to find things that were rustic and with character, so I was happy to find this antique kerosene oil tank turned into a lamp.

Normally I would have gone straight for the brass cleaner to give this lamp some shine, but I decided to leave her as is.  I washed the hurricane, shade and base...but left the aged brass.

What spoke to me most about this old kerosene tank were all the original details, like the on and off switch. 

The cap.
I wonder how many times this cap has been removed to add more fuel.

I especially like the fuel gauge ... how neat is that!

The turn handle for the wick.

And last of all the handle.  Prior to this being turned in to a lamp, this handle would have cleared the top of the tank for carrying.

It's the perfect lamp for the bedside table in the queen bedroom. 

It would be wonderful to know the history.
How many folks owned this old kerosene oil tank?  Who turned her into a lamp?  What kind of homes did she give light.  The circumstance of how she became available to me.  That's part of the joy of collecting the old and well-worn and sometimes we are lucky enough to have the history of a piece shared with us.  Though I don't know her past, her new history has begun.


  1. This is so unique! What a great find.

  2. We had 3 or 4 of those when I was a kid in PA. Not electrified though-set for oil. We often lost power during ice storms in the winter and I can remember pulling one closer on the desk so I could see to read for homework. Good memories. I love the unpolished brass look. Ours were all silver. xo Diana

  3. Such a lovely addition to a serene room in your cabin. We are downsizing and my husband would like me to just throw things away but I am trying to "find new homes for" things I have treasured so maybe other people down the line can enjoy them your oil lamp !

  4. Love it and the antiqued brass! It would not look right all shined up. I too always think about the history of things I get at yard sales, antique shops etc. That is part of the fun.


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