Function and Frilly in the Guest Bath

Sunday, December 6, 2015

It was a great day when the guest bath was finished, but most fun was adding all the fluff.
The train rack for holding the new white towels and wash cloths,
a ruffle edged shower curtain,
little glass decanters for holding Q-Tips and cotton balls,
and white fluffy rugs to keep the floor dry and toes warm.

But, there was one thing missing...a vanity stool.

There are so many styles to choose from and they are gorgeous, like these from Ballard Designs:
The Ava vanity stool ranges from $299-$524 and the Louis Stool ranges from $279-$377.

 Ava vanity Stool from Ballard DesignsLouis Stool from Ballard Designs

Are you gasping?
They are so pretty, but the prices...yikes!

So I headed out to do a little thrifting.
I searched and searched but kept coming up empty handed until I came across this $3 find...

At a price of $3 for this dark brown chair I didn't have anything to lose.
So I touched her up with a bit of off-white paint that I had on hand.  Not a perfect match but I wasn't willing to buy another can of paint for this temporary solution.
What can I say, I'm cheap frugal. :-)

Guest bath vanity chair is being replaced with a new vanity stool

At least there was a place to sit while doing those girlie things we do to prepare for our day; meanwhile I continued searching for a vanity stool that I really liked.

Can you guess how long this temporary solution has lasted?
TWO years!

It's taken that long for me to find a vanity stool with the right style and a reasonable price

Red leather top vanity stool is getting a makeover!

This is my $10 find!

I splurged a whole $7 more for this one than the last but she's just the size I was looking for.

Dark brown with red leather top; perfect for my all white guest bath...ha!

Red leather stool is getting a makeover!

I already had a can of Louis Blue paint so she got a good washing, two coats of paint and a little clear wax to finish her off.

Vanity stool painted with Louis Blue chalk paint

She's not quite finished though.
There is still

Battenburg lace.

Battenburg lace table topper

This guest bath vanity stool fits the style and was easy on my pocketbook.

Louis Blue chalk painted vanity stool topped with Battenburg lace

Vanity stool painted with Louis Blue chalk painted and topped with Battenburg lace.

Battenburg Lace

Battenburg Lace

Stool $10
Battenburg lace $20

I'm all in for $30 and a little paint; sure beats $279!

Battenburg Lace    

Vanity stool for marble bath ~ Painted with Louis Blue chalk paint and topped with Battenburg Lace

Oh, did I mention that the top lifts off the vanity stool for a bit of storage?
A little function and frilly in the guest bath!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

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  1. How impressive!!! A little creativity, and a little patience and you've got it! Happy weeekend!

  2. Very feminine and looks a whole lot more comfy!

  3. Cindy,
    Great choice!!!
    LOVE the paint hue and the Battenburg Lace!!!
    Sometimes, it pays to wait!!!

  4. Your guest bathroom is just lovely, Cindy! Thanks for sharing!


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