Thursday's Musings ~ Our Furry Family

Thursday, April 16, 2015

We are pet lovers, yes we are!

I can't imagine life without them.

Since a little girl we've had horses, cats, dogs, gerbils, hamsters, flying squirrels, hermit crabs, a ferret, fish, and the list goes on.

These days our pets include three cats and a dog.
They truly are a part of the family so I thought I would introduce them to you!

There's Bella, our blue point Himalayan.

She is shy when company is over and usually hides.
She's very sweet and a little feisty too!

Such a beautiful girl,
she loves to be brushed and likes her face to be rubbed, but she isn't a lap cat.
She likes to love you and then leave you.

She gives kisses, the only cat I've ever owned that actually knows when you ask for one and gives it.

She will also initiate kisses, especially first thing in the morning.
She's such a sweetie.


She can be playful and fun but often gives us "that" look,
the kind that makes me wonder what in the world she is thinking?

This is Coco.

She is very sweet, but she can turn the sweet off pretty quick.

She's happy, then fussy, then happy.

She doesn't bite or scratch,
she just meows in a "don't bother me tone" and will up and leave just as quickly as she came.

Who knows why?

 She will snuggle and purr and then decides to be stingy with her love.

She can be playful too.
She plays with the cat toys more than the rest.

She really is a pretty kitty, just look at those eyes!

This is Jet.

Yes, she is jet black.
There isn't a bit of color on her other than her eyes.

You'll never guess where her favorite napping spot is when she isn't on my lap?
In the guest room, the one with the all-white bedding.

She really sheds, so I keep a white towel across the bed in the spot she likes to sleep.

Jet is my lap cat.
She loves to snuggle and couldn't be any sweeter.
She also likes to talk and always has something to say, I just don't know what it is!

She doesn't hold her head up high to look straight at us,
she is a bit mysterious and keeps her head tilted down a bit as she peers up at us.

This is as bright-eyed as she gets, and I had to work a bit to get these shots.

Such a sweet and loving cat.  
She has amazing eyes too, I think she's beautiful!

Last but certainly not least is Ellie-Mae!

Our malti-pom that has totally captured our hearts...I mean totally!
She is like a little person.
Absolutely adorable, so much fun, sweet as pie, and so communicative!

She loves to play and especially likes to find the squeak in her toys.
This Christmas bear has SIX squeaks in it and is one of her favorites.

We love her to pieces!

That's our furry family!
Do you have pets that you love to pieces?
I'd love for you to share!

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  1. Such beautiful shots of your four fur babies! All are so precious. You know I love my pupsters.

  2. Cindy! What beautiful fur babies you have! We have four cats and one giant German Shepherd as of right now. But we are looking to get her a boyfriend soon :) Don't know what life would be like without them! Thank you for sharing :)

  3. Oh my goodness! Your fur babies are gorgeous! Wow, so so beautiful.

    I have a very loving friendly lap kitty named Romeo who is really sick right now. He isn't eating and is sneezing terribly - never has like this before. He goes to the vet in the morning. We had to wait for our favorite vet who wasn't in till tomorrow. Saying prayers he is ok - this isn't a fun time for him,. poor sweet lover-boy kitty Romeo.

    In case you'd like to "meet" him - you can find him on my posts here. I love my fine funny furry feline friend!

  4. Your cats are beautiful and the dog is darling. Isn't amazing how they get into your heart, just like children. I have two dogs - Waldo the Border Collie who is the boss of everyone in this house, but he is a love and follows me everywhere.
    I also have Lili a Lab/Dalmatian mix. She is so sweet and is always so kind and gentle. Both dogs are rescued dogs and it's just the dogs and me so you can guess how much i love them.
    Your fur babies are all so very pretty
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    PS if you go to me blog you can see them

  5. Your fur babies are beautiful Cindy!! We've always had dogs...we adopted our Neena two years ago we love her to pieces...she is definitely a mama's girl!!

  6. I loved to see the pictures of your furry babies. They are so sweet and beautiful. I can't imagine a life without cats anymore. They are such a great joy and make me smile or laugh every single day.

  7. Cindy,
    Three cats... plus my sister's five cats = 8 cats. M E O W!!!! All different personalities and looks. The mother cat of two of the others is totally fearless little bundle of spunk who chased a full size fox out of our yard when her kittens were still young. Your photos of your furry ones are stunning! You captured all of their personalities and their startling eyes.


  8. They are all beautiful. I miss having a companion, but hubby fears if we got another one it might outlive us and become the responsibility of someone else. *sigh

  9. Your furry family is beautiful...from Bella to Ellie Mae...just darling each and every one of them. We always had an all black cat when I was growing up and his/her (we had different ones) was always named Midnight. I LOVE those Himalayans-They are just so beautifully marked...and oh...that face! Your Coco looks like our Spicecat. She looks like she has a cute disposition, too.

    Hope you have a wonderful day without too much cat hair to Diana.

  10. Cindy, these are gorgeous photos of your precious fur babies...I don't know when I have seen more beautiful cats. I have shared about my sweet babies several times too. We only have one now since we lost Hunter, our Jack Russell mix not even a month ago...Oscar is our ornery dachshund and we love him to pieces. We aren't sure yet but more tile will be needed before we decide to get another dog. When they leave us, they leave a big hole in our hearts! :(

  11. What a beautiful "family" you have...I had to "pin' Miss Coco!

  12. I enjoyed seeing your furry family. They really change your life. Stop by. I have a page and photo album of our loves


  13. Oh Cindy, your furry family is just precious and those photos are amazing! Love the close up of the black cat and the blue eyes on the other cat.
    After having our only pet for 9 years, last month we had to put down our precious little Yorkie. How I miss her little precious self.


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