The Old Maple ~ A Sad Day!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

One of the reasons I fell in love with this property was due to the trees.  I love trees and this property had plenty!

A number of different oaks; Willow, Pin, White, and Southern Red.
Several different Magnolias; Southern, Star and Purple Tulip.
There are also Bradford Pear, River Birch, Crepe Myrtle, Fringe, Pussy Willow, Purple Plum, Dogwood, and the list goes on.

There were lots of maples too, one of my favorite trees!
Maples offer great shade on hot summer days and their fall colors of red, yellow, and orange are spectacular!

This beauty is huge and is in the courtyard just off the back of the house.  It's been rainy here lately (I'm ready for some sun!) and the maples are just beginning to get their leaves.  
She is a haven for the birds, three feeders hang from her branches.  She also provides shade for the screened porch during the summer months, her leaves allowing dappled sunlight to shine in on the porch from early morning until the noon of day when it disappears over the roof top.

So it was a very sad day
cut her down.

I enjoy sitting in the courtyard under the shade of the old maple.
Rocking back and forth on the glider,
watching the birds visit the feeders and the goldfish swimming in the pond.

old maple

So big with such a beautiful shape.
Here's a better view of her size, taken while out in the back of the property.

maple tree

Sadly though,
this maple is in decline.

maple tree

This is the backside.
Years before we purchased the property she was hit by lightening
there has been more and more decay.

It wasn't safe to keep her any longer.

maple tree decay

It may sound a little hokey, but it was so hard watching her coming down.
I had to go back inside and stop watching.

maple tree being cut down

The view has definitely changed.

the maple tree cut down


back view without the maple tree

miss the old maple tree

I really miss the maple tree!

Here lately we've noticed so many old trees in our area just falling over.
Huge trees, their roots coming right out of the ground.
I don't know if it is due to too much rain after a dry summer or what, but thankfully the ones we've seen didn't land on houses.  That could be scary!

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  1. Oh wow, Cindy, that would make me sad too. Your landscape gardening will certainly change in that area now with full sun. We have several very old trees on our riverbank, one of which we actually had cabled (twice) to strengthen its stature over years of wind and storm damage. I dread the day when they are gone. The trees in our previously barren landscape are young by comparison, 11 years (plus the years in the nursery before), and they still don't provide the shade of those older trees on the riverbank (and probably won't ever in our lifetime).

  2. Yes, I would be so sad too. My husband and I both have a love affair with trees and in our new house there aren't any native trees. You have many other beautiful trees too. I'm jealous!

  3. I too have gone through something similar, Cindy. A huge Oak tree at my grandmothers house was THE tree I used to climb in, and lay on the huge low hanging branches and spend hours and hours as a kid. A couple of years ago, I found out that the telephone company cut the tree down to make room for a new telephone line. I was completely crushed. That tree WAS my childhood. It's so sad to have to let go of something so beautiful, something that means so much.

  4. Cindy, as someone who has planted no less than 60 trees on our lil plot, I totally get you on this. A grand ole dame like this one would have been hard to watch, brought down. She's a corker. Mimi xxx

  5. You should've made something with the wood, so you could keep a piece of her around!

  6. Ah, so sorry for your loss. I know just how sad it is. We have had the same think happen around here, too. But, how fortunate we are that nature is constantly renewing and offering us wonderful gifts.

  7. Sad when a tree has to come down. Your safety though is important, and perhaps in the long run, maybe another tree will grow bigger because that one is gone.
    I hate it when trees have to come down, I would have to leave for the day.....

  8. So sorry! Funny how we get so attached to trees and flowers etc! They offer such beauty! The. Old girl had run her course ! Hang in there! Cindy

  9. We had a home such as that several years ago and I miss it more than anything for the trees ♥ So sorry for your loss :)

  10. What a gorgeous garden you have Cindy -
    It's too bad about the tree - they're irreplaceable ( at least in our lifetimes ) but luckily you have many others!
    I could sit out there all day with a glass of wine and my favorite magazines - tree or no tree

  11. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! I'd be so sad too!

  12. It's so sad to lose a large tree. I know you'll miss this old beauty.

  13. Sad to see the old Maple tree go but better safe than sorry. :/

    I have to say your garden looks stunning even without the tree.


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