Spring on the Vent Hood ~ Before and Afters

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I knew one of the things I would enjoy about the new kitchen was being able to decorate the vent hood.  I was a little surprised when I noticed that since Thanksgiving, when we actually moved back in, it has already been decorated three different times.

It's been fun adding spring touches to the kitchen and I have just added some to the vent hood, so I thought I'd share some before and afters.

As a kitchen warming present, our daughter gave us this rooster clock, the first thing used to decorate the vent hood.

rooster clock vent hood

Next came the Poppytrail platter.
I wanted to use the clock somewhere else so I put this up there for the time being.

Metlox Poppytrail platter

For a bit of spring I knew exactly what I wanted to use, Granny's dishes.

Birds, birdhouse and blooms, these dishes are all about spring!

granny's dishes

Using a platter, two plates, salt and pepper shakers and the sugar dish, it was complete.

granny's dishes

I love the shimmer of the gold on the dishes, the sunlight just bounces off of them adding a bright and cheerful touch.

granny's dishes

So simple.
Spring touches that didn't cost a dime!

Granny's vintage dishes

So far my no cost spring touches include the keeping room fireplace mantel, shared here, and now the vent hood.  I hope I can keep the no cost thing going!

How about you, trying to decorate for spring with what's on hand?

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  1. Your range hood looks about the same size as mine,,except maybe your shelf is a little deeper. I too enjoy decorating it for the different seasons. Working on some spring decor over here as well! You have a beautiful kitchen!! Enjoy!

  2. I have never seen that dish pattern before - so pretty! Isn't it fun to have a special spot to change out the decor? Your range hood is fabulous no matter what the season. Jane

  3. Cindy,
    I absolutely adore the platter, dishes, salt and pepper shakers and the lidded sugar bowl on your vent hood, dear friend!!!
    Spring has arrived with a refreshing appeal!!!
    I, too, am trying to decorate with 'what I already have', but when making purchases, I'm being quite selective.
    Now that I've purged and donated many recently purchased items, I'm making more sound judgement choices.
    Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!

  4. BEAUTIFUL Cindy...your grandmothers dishes are so pretty!

  5. I love your range hood, Cindy, and it looks beautiful with your Granny's dishes! I love the Rooster platter too! Oh, how I'd love to have a range hood - it's gorgeous! I'm a bit jealous.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. My circa 70s vent hood is decorated with dust... the kind that doesn't wipe off easily. *sigh

  7. Cindy, What I really like about that is the connection to your grandmother. How wonderful is that? I have very little from my maternal grandmother. Their house burned to the ground and there wasn't much to be rescued. You are blessed to have those pieces. Your kitchen is so pretty- I just love it! xo Diana

  8. Morning Cindy,
    I love all 3 ways, love those lemon trees so cute, but your grandmothers dishes really look perfect there too., and
    such a nice rememberance of her. Your stove hood is really neat and so nice you can decorate it like that.......
    Hope you are doing well, and thanks for hosting Amaze me Monday too.............
    Blessings, Nellie

  9. so beautiful, Cindy, love all the looks, but the china really does say "Spring"!!

  10. I think this arrangement is my favorite! I love how fresh and pretty it looks plus the fact that they have such meaning to you makes it even more special.

  11. I do love those pretty spring dishes of Granny's too! What a great place to show them off :)

  12. My vent hood in our new house has a mantel with corbels and I can hardly wait to decorate it. Yours looks lovely in each of the ways you have done them. Always fun to stop by!

  13. I love those spring dishes: the birdhouse is so cute!

  14. Happy spring! Your dishes are lovely!

  15. I totally adore your kitchen. That clock is amazing. So fun.

  16. I love this. You have a gorgeous kitchen.


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