Spring Mantel in the Keeping Room

Friday, March 13, 2015

There is something to be said for all the seasons,
each beautiful in its own way,
but there is something extra special about SPRING!

new life,
bright and beautiful,
sweet smells,
beauty for the eyes to behold,

Not only do I love this season, but it's the first spring for decorating in the keeping room!

keeping room mantel

I've been itching to add a little something to the mantel
and these recent warm, sunshine filled days, got me digging through my stash.

keeping room mantel

The first thing added was a little pedestal and a birds nest
placed on the side table in front of the fireplace.

birds nest

birds nest in the keeping room

For the mantel I gathered a few Ball mason jars.

mason jars

Extra flowers from making wreaths for the front doors in years past.
I don't spend much on flowers that will be used outdoors so these didn't cost much back when I bought them.

spring flowers

Some filler.
I wasn't sure at first if I would use the crackle paper or moss.

crackle paper and moss

A birds nest and bird.

birds nest with eggs


keeping room spring mantel

I ended up using the crackle paper.

First I filled the bottom of each mason jar.

Then I cut a few sprigs of flowers for each vase.

Holding a few of the flower sprigs together, I bunched the crackle paper around the stem just before inserting into the jar.

After adjusting the flower placement, I added more crackle paper inside the mason jar filling to the top with a little spilling over the edge.

spring mantel keeping room

I used another small white pedestal for this bird to sit on.

keeping room mantel

spring mantel in the keeping room

I'm hoping to keep my spring decorating to little or no cost
and adding these touches to the mantle in the keeping room didn't cost any moola!

Are you as excited as I am that spring is finally here?!

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  1. Very pretty Cindy! I love how you filled the mason jars!

  2. Beautiful springy mantel, Cindy! Love the blue jars...they are a favorite of mine. Ooh...and the dogwoods too :)

  3. Pretty spring additions, Cindy. I know you are having fun decorating your new space.

  4. Hi Cindy, your spring mantle is so pretty and what fun fixing up the new keeping room. I love how you stuffed the mason jars, ummm, I might have to pilfer that idea!..Happy Thursday..Judy

  5. Yes, I am! I hear more birds chirping. I went out and saw little nubs of tulips coming up. And I can't wait for your gorgeous photos of birds.

  6. Very pretty mantle. The mason jars look great and I like the nest on the side table


  7. Hi Cindy, Love your spring touches! I have several bird nests and ceramic birds, plus a white pedestal dish, so may copy your idea. I also love blue mason jars-have a case of them and will have to dig them out. You've got the perfect mantle for all your items. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  8. Lovely, as always! Yes, I'm ready for Spring!

  9. Super pretty spring look to your mantel - which always looks beautiful, no matter the season. So many cute ideas. Jane

  10. That is just beautiful, Cindy. I love everything you did. I REALLY like the mason jars filled with crackle paper. Such a small thing but so cute. It all looks really, really nice! xo Diana ps. I am BEYOND ready for spring although it is more than a month away for us...more likely two months off....

  11. This is lovely, Cindy! The mason jars were inspired. The mantel looks fresh and ready for spring! I can't believe it is so close!

  12. I love this, Cindy! A very original idea for jars, flowers!! And the options are endless. I love your pretty mantel and hearth. I have fun with my hearth in the spring and summer as I don't have to move things to make a fire!! :)

    Thanks for the ideas!

    Jane xxxx

  13. Just stunning! I love the floral arrangements!

  14. Cindy your mantle is so Springy. I would never have thought to add the paper to the bottles, cute idea! Have a beautiful day! Jo

  15. Great idea to use the crinkle paper in the jars...it looks so much like nesting material a bird might use! Thanks for sharing your great Spring mantle with us!

  16. Such a pretty mantel Cindy! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  17. This is so ethereal and pretty but I had to laugh since I am reading it on the day before Official Spring and our forecast for later on is snow :) Some snow that will change over to rain and hopefully move on quickly! :)


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