A Beautiful Blanket of Snow

Friday, February 27, 2015

I've been hoping for snow.
At least one covering of fluffy white snow before winter is over would be wonderful!

The forecast has called for it a number of times and we've gotten a light dusting here and there, but not a pretty blanket of snow.

Well last night was the night, we got two inches of snow and it is beautiful!

colonial home

On the back deck you can see the light covering on the top of the table.

snowy deck

Just outside the courtyard is a swing and birdhouse hanging from the tree.

snow covered swing

The daffodils are standing tall through the cold winter weather and will hopefully bloom soon.


It doesn't look like the birds will be drinking from the birdbath today.

snowy birdbath

Speaking of birds, they are hungry!
Here's a chickadee looking down on a tufted titmouse that is coming in for a landing.


This one is leaving with a mealworm in its beak.

tufted titmouse

The cardinals look especially bright red with the white snow all around.


The bluebirds are hungry too!

I shared how we are attracting bluebirds to our property and I am so glad these steps are working.  I am hoping for lots of babies in our houses this spring and summer.

snowy bluebird

snowy bluebird


bluebird eating mealworms

bluebird up close

bluebirds eating mealworms

I knew there were a number of birds on the feeder but I am about 40 feet away taking pictures with my zoom lens, so I don't get to actually see what's going on until I download the pictures on my computer.  This was so interesting, it seems there is one too many birds at this party!

These two bluebirds arrived ...

bluebirds gather to eat

Then in comes the cardinal...

cardinal and bluebirds

It looks like the bluebird is letting the cardinal know he wasn't invited to the party!

bluebirds and cardinal

This is what I see as I head back inside, Ellie-Mae watching me from the window.
Notice her little tongue!
Oh my goodnes, she's the sweetest little pup!

malti-pom puppy

Our southern colonial home covered in snow...finally!

colonial home

He's out of here, I guess I am too for now!

he's out of here

Hope you enjoyed the snowy pictures and all the birds, see you later!
Have a great day!

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  1. Hi Cindy! Oh, your snow looks pretty! We're under about 2 feet of it! It's pretty, I'm cold and am ready for spring! :) Love seeing your pretty birds. I don't know what happened but we don't have any birds! The folks before us must have not wanted them because they are not visiting. When it warms up a bit I'm going to get some feeders like you and try to coax them! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. You know that I, like you, have been waiting for a pretty snow. We got about 7 inches here in Mebane! It was SO beautiful! Your bird shots are amazing...you really caught some great action going down on that feeder!

  3. Loved your beautiful pictures - wow! You captured everything so perfectly! I love your gorgeous bluebirds, and that tiny sweet little pup's tongue is just adorable!

    As for your snow......God love ya, I just can't join in your excitement, we've just had too much and I want winter to be over soon! : - ) But I respect your don't see it much and so it is a novelty. Come visit, you will soon be over it, haha.

  4. I think just about the whole country has experienced snow this week. We got 3 inches on Wed. and have had wintry mix all week. Your photos are beautiful and I thought the birds were the best until your little dog's pic appeared. How adorable!

  5. Now those are GREAT pictures...and all you're missing is a big dump of snow? Well, my dear, give me a credit card number-just to cover the truck and gas- and I will immediately dispatch 3 big refrigerated semis of snow to your house (oh-yeah- I need your address, too). I will have them dump one right in front of your garage door- (that's always fun) one midway down your drive and one at the very end...even more fun. Make sure you pre-order for a REALLY COLD day so that it lasts a LONG time...meanwhile....could you send me a little heat and sunshine?
    Have a good night- xo Diana

    1. Too funny sweet friend! No big dumps hoped for here, so glad to get what I was hoping for, a nice covering of a couple of inches that's pretty and doesn't hang around too long.
      Tell you what, I'll send a cab to your house that's covered in snow to pick you up, put you on a plane headed here to our 40 degree temps to stay with me until all your snow has melted. Now that would be a fun, fun time! Love you Diana!!!

  6. Everything looks so pretty..........my daughter was happy too, they got 5 in. of snow last night and she said her and
    hubby and her lil chijuajua were out playing in it at 10p.m.
    I am hoping they get some more this weekend cause Scott, Megan and the baby are going up there, and they so want
    to see snow.........
    Always love all your bird shots, they are so neat..........and all the snow pics are beautiful too.
    Enjoy it...............

    blessings Hon, Nellie

  7. Oh, Cindy... the images are BEAUTIFUL! I sure have enjoyed seeing the photos everyone has posted, but I don't want any of the snow. I'm a wimp and the cold bothers me. Winter used to be my favorite time of year, not so much in my old age.

  8. Cindy, the photos are amazing! It sure makes you know that God is near. Thank you, Jo

  9. Love the pictures of your birds! You have the most beautiful birds! Wow! Spring will soon come!

  10. Hi Cindy, glad you got some snow. Isn't is just beautiful? Your bird photos are beautiful too! Love the ones of the bluebird and the cardinal, amazing! And your little doggie is so sweet too!
    Have a great day,

  11. Great pictures!! I hope the snow didn't hurt the flowers popping up.

  12. Been snowing here for hours. Fantastic bird pics! I wish I could have brought my Eastern bluebirds from TX. Hope to see some in my yard one of these days. Isn't it fun to download and not know what you've got till you've cropped? To me it's like a box of cracker jacks.

  13. What beautiful photos, Cindy! You really captured some amazing shots! I wish we had bluebirds around here, but we do get cardinals :) Your dog is so cute!

  14. Cindy,
    Beautiful photos of the blessings of snow! Your home is picture perfect and oh my your sweet puppy...

  15. SO pretty! Darling puppy too! I love to see family dogs.


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