Caring for Cutting Boards

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

We really enjoy watching cooking shows
and have often seen cutting boards by Boos Blocks used by chefs when chopping veggies, cutting and seasoning meats.  The cutting board we've been using in our kitchen has been a small plastic one, our wood one got worn out long ago and I just haven't gotten around to replacing it.
With just completing our kitchen renovation, there were a couple of folks who knew just what we needed for Christmas!

Our cabinet maker handmade a beautiful maple cutting board for us, it is long, narrow, and fits perfectly across the prep sink in the island and my mother gave Mr. Heart a cherry Boos Blocks cutting board, so we got two!  My mom is so sweet, she he loves to cook and is always giving her girls (and SIL) useful kitchen wares and utensils.

sealing boos blocks cutting board

Butcher block counter tops or cutting boards, whatever the wood surface, if it's used in the kitchen it needs to be properly sealed.
Our cabinet maker had already applied one coat of mineral oil to the one he gave us
and the Boos Block came with a bottle of Boos Mystery Oil.
Since I had on hand a soapstone and wood sealer by The Real Milkpaint Company that I plan on using to seal the soapstone countertops in the kitchen, and both are great products, I chose to use them both to seal the cutting boards.

I decided to use Boos on the cherry cutting board and the other sealer on the maple one.

mystery oil the real milkpaint company

The Mystery Oil suggested placing the bottle in warm water prior to applying.

boos mystery oil

I wanted to keep the cutting boards off of the counters while sealing them, so I used trivets underneath.

brass trivet

boos blocks cutting board

With a clean, dry cloth, I applied the first coat on all sides of the cutting board.

sealing with boos mystery oil

boos mystery oil

About 30 minutes later, allowing plenty of time for the wood to absorb the oil, I rubbed the surface down with another clean, dry cloth to remove any excess.

boos oil

Next I did the maple cutting board.

the real milkpaint company sealer

Using a clean, dry cloth, I applied the sealer to all sides and waited about 30 minutes to remove any excess.

the real milkpaint company

I repeated the sealing on both cutting boards several times and will reseal again in a month or so,
maybe earlier depending on use.

Here they are all sealed and ready to go!

boos block cherry cutting board

Now it's about time I got the soapstone sealed.  It's next!

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  1. Great info. And good tip with the trivets. It's probably about time I refreshed mine again.

  2. I don't use my wooden cutting blocks anymore, I use plastic, or maybe it's acrylic, I'm not sure, but it's easy to clean.

  3. I love all of your information today. Have you used the Soapstone and Wood Wax on your soapstone counters? I have a new kitchen and have soapstone counters and I know you can use mineral oil on them, but that tends to transfer oil to everything... just wondering if this product does the same???

    1. Yes I have and will be sharing about it real soon. The soapstone and wood sealer by The Real Milkpaint Company works beautifully, very happy with the results.


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