Another Thrifty Find for the Guest Room

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Yesterday, I shared about my new find for the guest room.

While we were at the antique shop getting this...

There was a little something else that caught my eye,
another thrifty find for the guest room.

This old brass chamberstick with candle push up...

Some folks say brass is out of fashion, but not me.

Love brass and especially fond of the push up...

How about you, found any good finds lately and do you like brass?

You can see more here...New Find for the Guest Room.  

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  1. I'm a huge fan of brass Cindy and I have managed to score a pair of pretty nice candle stick holders too for a whim! Will share it next week! Love your find dear, BRASS RULES!

  2. That's so funny you mention brass. I was just thinking how I've seen more and more of it lately. So pretty.

  3. Sweet finds. Yes, I luv brass :),I am not a follower of fads. They will always come and go, I just buy and decorate my home with what I luv. That makes me home uniquely me.
    Hugs, Gee

  4. I love brass, too; especially the very old brass. However, I must admit that I hate to clean it :-)

  5. Oh I love your brass candlestick too. I have one in my stash and I just adore it. Yours is a fabulous find.

  6. I love that and I hear that brass is back!!! ...

  7. I love brass, Cindy; it never goes out of style for me. :) Your candlestick and new lamp are lovely; your guests are lucky to have such a nice room to sleep in. Have a wonderful weekend, Cindy!



  8. Yes- I love brass---not the ultra bright/ultra shiny brass but I love the older, duller brass. That push up candlestick is wonderful. I haven't seen one of those in a long time. Great finds-both of them- xo Diana

  9. Beautiful, Cindy!! Brass and gold are making their comeback and that's fantastic!! :)


  10. I love brass too. I don't think it's ever out of fashion. It's just one of those timeless things. We have lots of brass knobs and whatnots here. In fact, you've inspired me to feature a brass cherub candelabra on my blog sometime soon. Such prettiness in your guest room!

  11. I like that you go with what you like and not with what others say is "in style".

    I am hunting thrift shops for teacups and teapots for an Alice in Wonderland themed baby shower. I found black and white polka dot plates for myself that are so fun.

  12. Great finds! I really like brass too.
    Have a great day.

  13. The lamp is just darling, Cindy, and looks perfect in your cute guest room. I really like the brass candle holder -- looks like a perfect addition to the room.

  14. Your brass candlestick is beautiful, Cindy. I use brass and gold items whether they're in style or not. I've been reading lately that golds are coming I guess we're in style now. :-)
    Mary Alice

  15. Hello Cindy - I just love this time of the year! Gorgeous weather! Wonderful features this week, I do appreciate you hosting,

  16. That is such a pretty brass candlestick! It looks colonial. I hear that brass is making a comeback too.


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