Kitchen Lighting ~ The WOW Factor

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One of the biggest impacts in a kitchen comes from the lighting.

Good task lighting is a must.
I mean, who wants to work in a dark kitchen?
Task lighting comes mostly from ceiling recessed lights and under cabinet lighting,
so it's good to get this right.

If  recessed lights are not positioned correctly you'll find yourself working in the shadows.
Shadows from the recessed light hitting the upper cabinets causing shadows on the counter below
shadows due to the recessed light being located too far back
and you will be casting the shadow on the counter as light hits you from behind.

Under-the-counter lighting is a wonderful thing and is even better when it can be dimmed.
Sometimes you need bright light to work by
and other times you may prefer a soft glow of light.

These are some of the things we are having to consider as we move forward with our kitchen reno.
But let's face it, as important as task lighting is,
the biggest impact...the WOW factor...comes from the hanging light fixtures,
and the options are limitless!

What's your style?  The fancy chandelier...

a nod to history...

a nod to the school house...

how about the carriage style...

or a fixture with several lights in one...

 And then there's this light fixture in Alison's kitchen, one of my favorites...


So many lighting options aren't you have a favorite?
Hop on over for a tour of Alison's kitchenit is amazing!

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  1. Oh my goodness Cindy... How could a person decide on just one... I love the bling and the more industrial too.. Maybe the two combined.. so many nice ones! Makes me want to hand a chandelier in my Have agreat day and thanks for the lighting tour.. Blessings!

  2. I must admit I am a chandelier girl whether it is fancy or just simple. I love them!!!


  3. Cindy they're all so pretty! My favorites are the lanterns and I absolutely LOVE the one that's 4th from the bottom!

  4. Some of these are way to fancy for me... or maybe it's the kitchens that are too fancy. My preference of these would be the fourth photo. Much more simple and more my style.

  5. They are all beautiful! My favorite is 4th from the bottom, it's just fabulous! Great lighting tour!

  6. The carriage style is my favorite, but bell jars are my favorites lately:)

  7. These are all such beautiful options, but for some reason, I've always been drawn to the retro schoolhouse type lights. Maybe that's why I really became a teacher!

  8. Decisions, decisions! We have so many choices for everything these days. I do like the crystal chandeliers.
    Mary Alice

  9. These kitchens and their lighting are all so beautiful...I can't pick a favorite. I love chandeliers in unexpected places! We have recessed lighting in our kitchen and not much we can do about it..except dream! :)


  10. What a great display of the many choices out there. I wouldn't mind changing mine out but haven't found the perfect alternative.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  11. Great selection to choose from; each has its own beauty. I have to ask though, where you found the kitchen under "A Nod to History." I love it

  12. So many GREAT choices. Makes me want to do a kitchen makeover. Thanks for the inspiration. Headed to see Alison.

  13. I went with a nod of history for my pendant light... And I'm still trying to make the right decisions as far as under cabinets/over the cooking range lighting is concerned, so I know how you feel!

  14. Beautiful lighting choices. I love them all.

  15. Hi Cindy, yes, you are so right. Good lighting is very important and also make a big impact in a kitchen. We just finished our new kitchen. I added a very cool chandelier with crystals in the small barrel ceiling. Love all of the choices you are displaying. I am working away on a design.

  16. Cindy, you are right about lots of options in selecting items for your kitchen reno. I know you will choose the perfect one for your home. I know y'all are over the top with excitement to be getting it completed. Thanks for sharing and for hosting the party.

  17. I like the inspiration pics you shared. I have a school house light hanging in my kitchen but it does require additional task lighting to be added for adequate lighting throughout. Today, there are so many options. I do think lighting is important in a kitchen though. Both function and style are important.

  18. Such great lighting would be hard to choose! I'm always drawn to chandeliers...but the others look great, too! :)

  19. All your choices are so pretty Cindy and I understand your dilemma perfectly, hence the solution would be to mix up the style of your lighting! Why not? Just make sure there are still some similarities in the fixture as to finish or color, etc. Styles can be mixed. Good luck!

  20. Love the second photo! I'm a fancy chandelier girl! ;) xoxo Jen


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