Unconditional Surrender

Sunday, February 2, 2014

We were enjoying the sights as we drove through Sarasota Florida,
we rounded a corner and there it was...
the Unconditional Surrender statue.

Standing 25' tall and sculpted to commemorate the Japanese surrender ending World War II on August 14, 1945.
This statue is a replica of joy expressed in Time Square New York as a Unites States sailor and a nurse embrace in celebration to the end of the war.

A celebration for better times to come.
This picture was the inspiration for the sculpture...

"The merriment expressed pride and relief of the military and the home front to have been part of this great victory-despite the eleven years of unemployment and hardships of the Great Depression; four horrific years of war; the losing of loved ones; the rationing of food and gasoline and the war production duties endured by the home front, this group is called the "Greatest Generation," which is a title they well deserve."

See this picture, look very close...

Notice anything different?

Yes, that's Mr. Heart, looks tiny doesn't he!

A wasp nest in the cuff...

Hope you have a GREAT Saturday...
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  1. What a cool statue! It must be huge! Love that you posted the inspiration picture for it too. Have a great day!

  2. Love that statue. The size of it is amazing. Have you seen the one in San Diego? It sits right on the harbor with an aircraft carrier in the background.

  3. Hi Cindy,
    Mr. Heart did look tiny! That was perfect to really show how big the statue is!

    And the wasp nest in the cuff - eek!

  4. Hi, Cindy! I have always loved this photo and the statue is amazing! Thanks for including the pic with Mr Heart! :) That really helps us see just how large it is!

  5. Another HUGE difference. In the photo....her arm looks as if she is trying to push him away...hand is almost in a fist...the statue shows her arm dangling loose....as if she is in a swoon!

  6. I bet that couple never dreamed that embrace would be so well known and part of history.

  7. Oh how beautiful Cindy. I have never seen this statue in such detail, very cool!!

  8. What wonderful close up photographs! Amazing statue!

  9. I just love the statue that depicts the famous kiss photograph, how cool!

  10. Cindy, thanks for sharing that historic statue. Makes me want to go see it next time we are in Florida.

  11. I been the one in San Diego California
    So beautiful an romantic
    Thank you

  12. Never seen this before, what a great way to commemorate that time! Thanks for sharing Cindy!


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