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Amaze Me Monday #168

Monday, June 20, 2016

Welcome to Amaze Me Monday!

We arrived back home from the mountains and are already missing the cooler temperatures and low humidity.  Hope you are staying cool in your neck of the woods!

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Chateau Chic ~ Summertime Entertaining

Amaze Me Monday #167

Monday, June 13, 2016

Welcome to Amaze Me Monday!

The mister and I have been camping in Boone, NC and are really enjoying the cooler mountain temperatures.
We love it in the mountains; the views, meandering streams and's been amazing!

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Amaze Me Monday #166

Monday, June 6, 2016

Welcome to Amaze Me Monday!

Isn't it still spring?

I was hoping the humidity wouldn't settle in until at least the end of June when it is officially summer time, but no luck.  It has arrived in full swing and is surely hot and humid here in North Carolina!

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Lincluden Cottage Life ~ Old House - New Paint

Amaze Me Monday #165

Monday, May 30, 2016

Welcome to Amaze Me Monday!

Praying you and yours have a very special
Memorial Day
as we remember those who gave their all
for our freedom!

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Rattlebridge Farm ~ Memorial Day on the Porch

Amaze Me Monday #164

Monday, May 23, 2016

Welcome to Amaze Me Monday!

Hi Sweet Friends, hope you are having a great weekend.
We've been getting a lot of rain here in North Carolina and the spring garden is so green, lush and full of flowers.  I'm really enjoying this time of year and all the rain, as the dry months of July and August will be here all too soon.

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Girly Pretties ~ Enchanted Fairy Party

Amaze Me Monday #163

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hi Sweet Friends, I'm so glad you are here for AMAZE ME MONDAY!

A Heartfelt Note...

We were having a great time at our annual girls mother's day beach week with our moms, aunts, siblings, cousins, and daughters.  One of my sisters had had to leave early Wednesday morning to be home for her husband to head out early Thursday morning for a hunting trip; they have a farm and she had to be there to tend to the animals.

After arriving home, she spent the afternoon helping her hubby around the farm and noticed he kept belching.  She asked him if anything was wrong and was told it had been going on for a few days.  He didn't think it was anything serious (he's a doctor) and even though it was frequent and causing her concern, he didn't want to go get it checked out.  He told my sister that he did a search on "Google" for belching and found it related to excess gas, heartburn and acid reflux; but nothing serious.  Little did they know a few hours later he would have a heart attack and he is now no longer with us.

I hear this so often;
an odd pain or feeling is left unchecked,
not deemed serious enough to go to the doctor and now that person is gone.
Please, please...if you ever experience something out of the ordinary that causes you the slightest bit of concern or your loved one asks you to get something checked out by a doctor...please do.
It would be much better to be sent back home with a doctor saying there is nothing wrong than to let it go; it's not worth losing your life.

Love to all!

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Hyacinths For the Soul ~ Inspirations from Mother