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Amaze Me Monday #211

Monday, April 24, 2017

Welcome to AMAZE ME MONDAY #211

I'm so glad you are here for the party; enjoy this week's features...

One More Time Events ~ Farmhouse Kitchen on a Budget

Antique Horse Weathervane in the Kitchen

Friday, April 21, 2017

As I turned the corner my eyes landed on that amazing antique weathervane and it was love at first sight.  I've always had a thing for them, old copper weathervanes.  My preference would be one with a horse or rooster, but truth is, I like them all.  For years I've wanted one but they've always been out of my reach, cost wise, and this one?  Located on top of a cupboard, I had to ask one of the sales people to get it down so we could find the price and I had my fingers, toes and maybe even my eyeballs crossed in hopes that this one would be in my price range.  It took two people, one to steady the ladder and one to handle the weathervane.  It was large, the stand was at least 40" tall, and one of the feet on the base was broken, but wow...what a beauty.  Once down where I could reach, I quickly leaned over to turn the tag and sure heart sank.  There was no way I could pay that.

Thursday Home Tour ~ It Could Be Yours

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Oh my goodness do I have a great cottage to share with you!  Today's home tour is a charming fixer-upper with a price can't be beat!

This little cottage was built in the early 1900's and is located in the historic district of town.  It needs a lot of TLC but the bones are amazing.  Just look at the adorable exterior, the trim work is amazing.

Our Creekside Mountain Cabin Fixer Upper

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

So much has happened and I finally get to share it with you!

The mister and I have always enjoyed our RV; you may remember me sharing it with you here.   A nice sized 30' pull behind with a master bedroom, several pull out beds and a very comfortable kitchen and living area.  We love the mountains so that's where we usually head for our vacation and long weekend getaways.  Though we love a mountain view, to us there is nothing more wonderful than relaxing by a rushing creek or stream, so we would always choose a spot with water.  We loved getting away, but began to miss not being able to more comfortably host family and friends, so while sitting around the campfire one evening we began talking about how nice it would be to own a place in the mountains.  Time passed and the more we considered it, the more we felt that should our dream become a reality, we are to use this blessing as a place to bless others; specifically those in ministries, as a place to get away for some rest and relaxation.  We set out on faith and both agreed that if it didn't work out we were fine with that and would continue to enjoy our RV.

With a limited budget and high hopes we began the search for our mountain log cabin.  There were a few things we were hoping for:
-a rustic log cabin
-a rushing creek or stream
-a mountain view
-in the Boone or Asheville area
We love a mountain view, but knew early on that it may be unrealistic to find both views and rushing water, especially within our budget.  Everywhere you go in the mountains there are amazing views, so we kept a rustic log cabin with rushing water as our priority.  Along the way, my mister began to feel a true log cabin was a bit too "dark" for him.  Most have small windows which allows for very little natural light, they are wood from top to bottom and he wasn't sure he would find that enjoyable, so we broadened our search to other types of homes but the main criteria of rushing water remained which did limit the possibilities.  We went under contract a couple of times during our search, but for one reason or another each fell through and we believe that was God directing us right where we were meant to be, and finally after two l-o-n-g years, we closed on our creek side mountain cabin.
It's an interesting story, how we ended up with this cabin...
We looked at it early on in our two year search.  It had been on the market for a long time prior to our looking at it and had been listed with a number of different agencies.  When we drove up I was pretty much sold.  The drive in and water on the property was absolutely beautiful, with not just ONE rushing creek but is bordered by TWO rushing creeks!  However, once inside and seeing the condition of the cabin we knew there was NO way we could come close to paying what they were asking.  The cabin needed just shy of a total gut job, it was filthy dirty and the smell...oh was AWFUL!  Even so, it had so much character and we could see potential, but at that price we had to walk away.  I kept checking back to see if by chance the price had dropped, but it never did and then the cabin was taken off the market.  I was kind of sad, wishing we had taken a chance with a low ball offer way back when, but we didn't and now the chance was gone.  Every now and again I would still check to see if by chance it became available again and about a year later, in God's perfect timing, it did!  It was back on the market at a price much less than before, we made an offer and they accepted!

I am happy to finally be sharing our creekside mountain cabin with you!

Amaze Me Monday #210

Monday, April 17, 2017

Welcome to AMAZE ME MONDAY #210

Happy Easter!
I hope you've had a wonderful Easter celebration...HE IS RISEN!

Enjoy this week's features...

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