The Cat's Out ~ Kitchen Updates

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

There is never a dull moment around here these days.

The guys have been working hard to get things done while still leaving some of our kitchen intact, which I really appreciate.
It's one thing to have no counter tops to prep on,
but it's entirely another to have no sink, stove, or fridge.
I'm thankful the work is being done around these so I have some sort of kitchen as long as possible, even if the appliances are sitting in the middle of the floor.

It was explained to us that once the wall came down and the header was installed soon to follow would be the footers.

So several large holes were cut in the floor for easier access underneath the house,

and the old bypassed plumbing pipes from the previous owners kitchen reno were removed,

and they began digging the new footers...

Bucket by bucket, 

more and more dirt is dug out and removed...

So are you wondering what these kitchen updates have to do with the cat being out?

It's kind of funny.

My cats are inside cats.
They don't always try to run outside when someone opens door,
when they guys come to work on the kitchen,
they leave the house door propped open all day long.
Too much trouble to open and close a door as they come in and out I guess...go figure.
when the guys are here I always put our three kitties in the back room for the day so they won't sneak outside.

On this occasion,
the plumber said I didn't need to put the kitties up because the door would be kept closed,
they wouldn't be going in and out much
so the door wouldn't be propped open.

So I didn't put them up.

Later that evening, about 10:00pm, I am working on my computer and what do I see walking briskly across the front porch?

Our black cat Jet.

I run out the door and look to that end of the porch, but don't see her.
I head back around and down the front steps to the side of the house while calling for her.

it is pitch black outside,
and I am looking for a pitch black cat.

I continue continue calling for her as I walk along the side of the house,
and around to the back of the house,
but nothing.

It is so dark out, I really need a flash light,
so I quickly head back around to the front of the house,
up the steps,
and open the front door,
at the same time Mr. Heart is heading out the door to come looking for me.
He's heard me run out the house and loudly calling for something,
so he's come to see what's going on.

I explain,
while rushing past him to get the flashlight, 
how Jet was on the front porch,
and I've called but can't find her,
so with flashlight in hand we both head out.

We look,
we call,
and we listen,
but she's no where to be found.

And then,
Mr. Heart says he hears something.
So we stop,
and hear the faintest meow.

We call a little more.
The meows seem to coming from underneath the house,
in the crawl space.

But the crawl space is closed up,
the doors are kept secured.
And I just saw her on the front porch,
so how would she have gotten underneath the house in the crawl space?

We open the crawl space door,
and shining the flash light inside,
we continue calling, "Jet, here kitty-kitty!"

Still very faint,
we hear meows.
Mr. Heart goes in a little further,
we keep calling,
he aims the flashlight into the deepest dark of the crawl space,
we keep calling,
the meow gets closer,
and then she appears.

How did she get out of the house when the plumber kept the door closed?
I think we understand this one...

Earlier in the day,
when the plumbers weren't looking or possibly went to the truck for supplies,
Jet must have used the hole in the floor to jump down into the crawl space.
When the plumbers left for the day they covered the holes in the floor with plywood and then laid the carpet remnant back on top.  Jet was under the house and we didn't have a clue.

how is it that I saw her on the front porch,
to only a short while later find her underneath the house when the crawl space doors are closed and secured?

And there is no way where we live,
that there could have been another
sleek and slim,
jet black cat on our front porch.

This is the million dollar question.
How was she on the porch and then in a closed crawl space with no unsecured entry or exit?

Mr. Heart keeps telling me that I didn't actually "see" her on the front porch,
I must have just "heard" her and my subconscious mind thinks I saw her.

Is he serious?
I only imagined that I saw her
and that's why I went running out of the house after a cat that I didn't "really" see?  Ha!

I know that I saw our black cat Jet on the porch,
that's my story,
and I'm sticking to it!

There must be another way to get in and out of the crawl space and Jet found it,
guess Mr. Heart has a project for this coming weekend.  He'll be searching for openings that lead underneath our house because who knows what other critters could be getting in and spending time under there!
For now, it's a mystery.

Hope you are having a GREAT week!

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Amaze Me Monday #69

Monday, July 28, 2014


I am so excited!

We have a small pond,

emphasis on s-m-a-l-l,

and my three goldfish have had babies!

There have to be more than 30 little fishes swimming around.

It's hard to count fish, especially when they are born black and the pond liner is black, but some are already turning gold.

It's the simple things that can make us happy...right!

I am excited to see what you've been up to also, so let's get to it!

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Guest Room Reveal

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Happy Sunday!

Recently I shared a sneak peek of the updated guest room,
and today I am sharing the reveal.

Most rooms in our home evolve over time, and I'm sure this one will be tweaked here and there, but for now it's finished and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.

Only a few things were purchased, most of the furnishings were already on hand...

The oil painting is of my fathers early childhood home.
It was painted by a friend of his who used an old black and white photo as reference.
Its new home is nestled on this chest with an old ironstone pitcher full of cotton...

The new smocked window treatments add a soft and airy feel to the room...

The paint color was chosen to work with the loveseat.
It's old,
but in good condition,
so no reupholstering now when there are so many other things on the to-do-list...


I love the new bedding, matelasse and ruffles...


An old vanity top missing its mirror is a frame for a few antique silhouettes...

My Granny's antique White sewing machine...

Occupied Japan figurine and some flowers from the garden...

Cane back chairs with crewel upholstery...

A teapot filled with a bridesmaid's bouquet from our daughters wedding...

It feels so good to have this guest room finished and I love the way everything worked together.

What project are you working on or have you finished lately?

A little info on the new items in the room...

Sherwin Williams (30% off)
Beher Light French Gray

Horchow (30% off and free shipping)
Pine Cone Hill Louisa Comforter & Shams
Pine Cone Hill Rosary Quilt & Shams

Bed skirt ~ Dillard's

Window treatments:
World Market Smocked Top Curtains

Hope to see you back here this afternoon

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