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Wordless Wednesday ~ Spring Garden

Birds Gone Bald

Spring and songbirds go hand in hand.  Choosing a mate, gathering nesting materials and laying eggs, they are all a pleasure to see and hear, and Cardinals are especially beautiful.

I believe it was last fall when I first saw one.  A bird that looked like a scary, prehistoric creature, sitting on my bird feeder.

Amaze Me Monday #206

Monday, March 20, 2017

Welcome To AMAZE ME MONDAY #206!

Spring is officially here!  I do love this time of year as the air is filled with sweet smells, the sounds of birds chirping and watching as they collect materials for making their nests, tulips and daffodils in bloom, and I especially enjoy open windows ushering in the soft breeze of spring.

I'm so glad you are here!  Enjoy this week's features...

The Navage Patch ~ Tea Cart Makeover

Thursday Home Tour ~ It Could Be Yours!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Be prepared to drool because the estate we are touring today is a southern charm spectacular seeped in history!  Secessionville Manor was built in 1820 and is one of the greatest historical estates in Charleston, SC.  The Manor House was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers during the Civil War.  The grounds are gorgeous and the views incredible as you can see the Morris Island Lighthouse from the east porch which overlooks the marsh.  

Amaze Me Monday #205

Monday, March 13, 2017

Welcome to AMAZE ME MONDAY #205!

We headed to the mountains for the weekend, me and my mister, and guess what?  It snowed!  Winter finally decided to show up and my-oh-my was it beautiful.  Of course that meant we had to stay a little later to let our drive clear...sad huh?  I'll take any reason to stay in the mountains a little longer!

Enjoy this week's features...

Coastal Charm ~ Our Urban Farmhouse

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