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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Are you a camper?

We are and love it!

With cooler weather, hiking, and amazing views, our favorite place to go is the North Carolina Mountains.  So we have packed the car and the camper, settled Ellie-Mae in the suburban, and hit the road!


This is our home away from home. 

There are two entries into the camper.
The door to the left leads into the living and kitchen area and the door to the right is the entrance to the bedroom.

Keystone Cougar 30' camper

There is an awning that comes out to shade the main entry door area and under the awning we place weather proof carpet, table and chairs, and other things for an outdoor lounging area.

A rack goes on the back bumper for our bicycles.  Ellie-Mae loves riding in the handlebar doggie basket.  She's the cutest thing and folks sure get a kick out of seeing a pup riding by.

Now for the inside...
To the left, as you enter the door to the living area, there are two swivel rockers with a center console table and storage above.  The mound of pink is Ellie-Mae’s bed and some of her toys.

To the right, as you enter the door, begins the kitchen counters with upper and lower cabinets.

Keystone Cougar Camper

Straight ahead, as you enter, is a couch and just to the right is the dining area.  With storage above and below they both also open for additional sleeping areas.

The end wall offers more storage and an area for the television.

The couch and dining areas are part of the camper's slide-out which makes the camper more spacious.  If the slide-out was closed, the couch and dining area would move inside the camper completely covering the television area.  That whole section slides inside the camper for traveling.

Keystone Cougar living area

Straight across from the couch and eating area is the kitchen.  The sink is set diagonally on the main counter area.  To the right of the coffee pot, as you enter the camper, there are lower cabinets and drawers on the right.  The upper cabinets, above the coffee maker and to the right of the sink, are accessible as you enter the camper and also from above the sink.

Keystone Cougar kitchen

The fridge and freezer are to the left of the microwave, stove and oven.  To the left of the fridge is a pantry with slide out shelves, two drawers and a lower cabinet.  For a camper, this kitchen has a lot of storage.

Keystone Cougar kitchen 

Just past the living area and kitchen is the bathroom.
For privacy there are pocket doors; one just behind the pantry and the other is just past the shower as you enter the bedroom.

Keystone Cougar

In the bathroom to the right is an upper mirrored cabinet for hanging clothes, two drawers and a lower cabinet.  The shower is in the corner.

Keystone Cougar shower and storage

Across from the shower is a sink with storage beneath, a medicine cabinet above and the commode area.

Keystone Cougar bathroom area

Through the bathroom is the master bedroom with a queen size bed and an area for Ellie-Mae’s crate.   On both sides of the bed are mirrored cabinets for hanging clothes.
Keystone Cougar bedroom

Just above the bed is a shelf, cabinets for more clothes storage and the bed lifts up for additional storage.  The second entry/exit door is to the far right.  We enjoy leaving it open at night, with the screen door closed, to enjoy the cool mountain air. 

Keystone Cougar bedroom

This camping site is private and lush.  This is the view from the back window in the camper.  There are trees, pink rhododendrons and a stream that sounds amazing.

Mountain Stream

The campsite provides the fire pit and picnic table.  The mister's outdoor gas cooker is covered up since it's been raining.  You can see a bit of the blue and white outdoor carpet that is underneath the awning.

camping site

our camp site

Ellie’s favorite spot.

Ellie's favorite spot

On Sunday's, when we camp in this area, we attend the little church down the lane.

little church down the lane
little church down the lane

Here's another view of the stream behind the camper.

NC mountain stream

Hope you’ve enjoyed the tour of our home away from home!

Are you a camper?

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  1. What fun Cindy!!!! I've always dreamed of doing a road trip to California on a camper!! Lucky you! It is truly a home away from home - love the tour dear, thank you!

  2. If I had a camper like yours, I would definitely jump in the camper for quick get aways.

  3. I'd like to try a trip like that at least once. The mountains of North Carolina sound wonderful to me!! Ellie Mae looks right at home. :)

  4. Your camper is lovely, this isn't something that ever had an appeal to me before, but lately I am kind of liking the idea. We went to Galveston not to long ago and I really wanted to take my multi-poo, Priscilla, and if we had a camper she could go everywhere with us. You Ellie-Mae is adorable.
    Thanks for the tour.

  5. We use to have a motorhome and loved it. yours looks so comfortable and inviting. Enjoy. Hugs, Marty

  6. Thanks for the tour. I have never been in a camper before. Roomier than I imagined.Looks very comfy.
    Hugs, Gee

  7. I'm definitely not a camper, but I think that stems from my horrible camping trips as a kid. LOL! In Texas, camping is just too hot and sticky. There are bugs and it's not enjoyable at all. My husband loves to camp and he's always trying to get me to go. I told him maybe if he gets me a yurt I'll go. Ha! Now your camper looks very comfortable (much better than the one we had when I was a kid) I can see why you like it so much. Your little pup seems right at home too!

  8. Oh you lucky gal you! I have always dreamed of a camper, and someday may have one. What a great way to travel and see so much. Your pooch looks just like my sisters Sophie girl. They were just here visiting from Buffalo and I fell in love with her.

  9. Hi Cindy! Oh, what a nice camper! Now this would be the way I would want to rough it! :)
    Little Ellie Mae looks like she's in her favorite spot.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. I think I could camp in a camper like that!! You have a very wonderful and pretty camper. We've been debating getting one because we don't go anywhere without our dog Bella. That way we could just take her with us where ever we went. You've inspired me to think about this a little more seriously.


  11. I'm not for "roughing it", but I could definitely camp with all these amenities! Western NC would be the first place I'd choose. Heck, I could camp on my own property that I never get to see!

  12. We are campers-but for now we use tents. Would love to have a camper some day. Yours looks really nice. And your campsite looks wonderful rain and all. Love the picture of the church!! -Susie

  13. Cindy,
    Oh this home away from home is so cute and cozy. I am not a camper but this could change my mind. You have it fixed up so cute. I bet it is so wonderful with that night air in the mountains for sleeping. Have fun.

  14. What a lovely place to visit and get away! And the little church is so picturesque!
    Thanks for the tour of your camper. All the charm and coziness of home.
    I can almost smell that mountain air in the night. Mmmmm.

  15. You have a wonderful hone away from home! It's huge and comfy and full of nice things... especially Ellie-Mae! I hope you have sweet and happy trails!

  16. Cindy, it looks like loads of fun; however, as one of my neighbors once said her idea of camping was the penthouse of the Hilton! Then they did rent one for a long, long trip and loved it. Your photos always are so wonderful and scenic! Thanks for sharing beautiful North Carolina!

  17. What a fun tour Cindy! And how fun that you have a travelling home!
    I have to tell you when I read about the pink mound - and that it was Ellie-Mae's bed - I was looking for your daughters bed LMHO..............too cute ( our " soda " keeps her toys close to her too!

  18. We are campers, too, and have been for quite a few years now! I think the best thing that was ever created for a camper was a slide out! To be able to double your living area is just pure genious! As always, Ellie-Mae is just too cute!

  19. Cindy,

    What a fantastic time you must be having! I, too, love to camp but it has been years since we have gone. We used to tent camp and cooked everything on the open camp stove for us! Like I said, that was many years ago when our adult sons were little boys! At this stage in my life, your accommodations look a little more inviting than the tent we used to sleep in but I do think I might be able to sleep out in a least for one night!
    Have a blast!

  20. I admit that my idea of roughing it is a regular hotel room instead of a suite.

    But, I do love your camper, and I would love camping if I had such comforts. My son and grandson are great campers.

  21. We said goodbye to our Rolling Romantic Home as I called it, but boy oh boy do I miss it! I always found that after I was in it I would come home and be overwhelmed with stuff. When you live with just what you need life is really easy and I loved that about the RV.
    I love the style of your home. Did you mention what kind it is. Layout is everything and your plan looks wonderful!

  22. Hi Cindy,
    Oh wow, that looks like fun.........we love the N.C. mountains too. We are not campers but we loved hiking around and stopping and putting our feet in the creek water when our kids were small......
    we did go camping once with friends and we slept in tents for the weekend and I did really enjoy it, but it was rather hot as we were in Florida.......but my hips hurt for days after and I was only 26 then, so can't imagine that now.......ouch! but if I camped like your camping we would be in hog heaven! lol That would surely bemy choice.
    I have always wanted to rent an RV and take a trip, so maybe one of these days..........course, I always figure if we don't get to do it here, maybe we will get to do it in heaven, and if they don't have it there,
    then the Lord has something even more fun! lol So NO need for a bucket list!! lol

    Hope yall have a very lovely and enjoyable time of rest and relaxation. That setting is the best there is...
    love hearing the sound of the creek............and the birds and crickets and all that good stuff. Have you
    seen any lightening bugs? We saw those last year when we stayed in a cabin in Tenn. and it was thrilling to
    me cause I hadn't seen them since I was a a fun treat!

    Blessings hon, Nellie
    Oh and your camper is awesome...................Have fun now!!

  23. Just lost my whole comment- grrrrr....Anyway- checking in from vacation. Love your camper-enjoy your time away- xo Diana

  24. Great camper. I love to travel and a camper makes it so easy, not so much packing.

  25. Your post caught my eye because my SuperDave and I are talking about and researching full time RVing. We can retire in about 7 years and we plan to full time RV travel for 2-3 years because during all our working/child raising years we didn't get to see everywhere in the USA we really wanted to see. Your doggie is PRECIOUS! And that church is just lovely. Picture perfect! I shared a little recently on my post Wanderlust

  26. LOVE your home away from home! It is so spacious and well appointed. It truly is a home!
    Love it!

  27. Wow Cindy! This looks like so much fun and I love your home away from home. It's gorgeous .. and your pup is just adorable and I bet she travels well:) xxleslie

  28. I would live to have a camper but my wife isn't to found of it ! I love it my grandfather used to have a camper and kept one for at least 40 years or so ! Have a wonderful day

  29. Cindy, Your post brought tears to my eyes. We purchased a camper several years ago and we had a lot for that we put it on at our District Church Camp sight. We spent many enjoyable days there, I don't think I have ever known happiness and peace of mind like I knew out there. But, then we felt we needed to move to the city we are in today, so we sold our camper. I still miss it, I don't miss the house we lived in, I miss my camper. I still feel very emotional when I think about it.
    I love your camper, it looks very cozy and comfortable.
    Have a beautiful day, my friend,

  30. I love your RV and, if you've kept up with me at all, you know The Man and I have been RV/camping enthusiasts for 30 years. Nothing like the feeling.

    Your doggie is adorable!

    Happy trails!

  31. What a beautiful camper! It's so big and luxurious and you've put your own special touches in it to make it comfy. We had a motor home for a few years and loved camping in the mts of NC! It can get downright chilly, can't it? We loved Mt. Pisgah campground. HAVE FUN!

  32. Ellie-Mae is very elegant with her bow, even when she's going camping! Your camper looks like a real house. The vview you have from the window is so calming. Enjoy your time and I'd send you some sun... If we had any here!

  33. Oh how fun, Cindy...such a lovely home away from home! The camp site looks so peaceful too. I love the sweet old fashioned just don't see many like that. So glad you had a great time! Happy 4th of July!


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