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Saturday, January 5, 2013

So it is written
the hairdryer was invented back in 1890 by Alexander Godefroy.  He actually got the idea from the vaccum cleaner.  Supposedly back in the day, folks used the vaccum cleaner to dry their hair.
Alexander invented it for usage in his hair salon in France. It wasn't portable or handheld, but instead could only be used by having the woman sit underneath it, a hair hood dryer.  

They came in many shapes and sizes...

(Images via Google)

a few months ago my mom-in-law and I went antiquing and on our jaunt we stumbled upon this...

Finding this dryer definately brought back memories for me.
Back in the day my mother had one and my sisters and I used to use it.
We would wash our hair and then roll it with sponge clip curlers

and put the hair dryer cap on...let the drying begin!
Talk about a tight curl!

I'm telling on myself aren't I?  No really, I'm only 29!!!

Does this bring back memories for you?

Hope you have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!

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  1. LOL...your so cute! Those dryers are hilarious. Happy New Year Cindy.

  2. Hi Cindy,
    good to see you post hon. Yes, those dryers definitely bring back memories in fact, I think we had the one
    that your daughter was trying on..............we have come a long way baby!! Thank the Lord!! lol
    Now do you remember the old exercise machines where the strap when around your tush and it shook you to help
    you lose weight, my step sister used to have one of those, so funny............

    Hope you have a wonderful New year, and that you get back to blogging more!! lol
    Blessings, Nellie
    Have missed you!!

  3. OMGosh.. this is hilarious. Unfortunately I either remember, or have used some of these strange looking things (back in the day) Ha!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. LOVE it - we had one of those and I have a pic of me in Jr High wearing it... how did a 13 yr old girl NOT tear that photo up???? Love the ads and the dryers and your blog on the Pink Sat.

  5. Oh, yes, I remember those. I grew up with three other sisters, so between us and my mother, there were more than one of those old hair dryers around. Before those comfy sponge rollers, we used those picky/bristly metal rollers that you stuck the sharp pink pick through to hold them on. Those just about tore your scalp off, but the torture was worth it for gorgeous hair, ha ha!

    I found you through Beverly's Pink Saturday, and this is my first visit to your blog.

  6. Been back in those times and used most all the dryers you featured. Just never used the vacuum cleaner tho.

  7. Oh, Lord... my mom had a couple of those. Thanks for jarring my memory and thank goodness times have changed and it's a little simpler now!

  8. Sponge curlers oh my! I remember how excited I was to get a set in 9th grade for xmas... thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  9. Oh, my! Does it ever bring back memories! The dryer, the cap, the pink sponge rollers...and don't forget the Dippity Do! Thanks for the memories!

  10. Great post. So many memories of my mom drying her perm and reading while sitting under her dryer back in the day! Can't believe you found one while antiquing. Thanks so much for stopping by Quirky Vistas earlier and leaving me your sweet comment. I so appreciate it.

  11. I remember those!!! I don't think we had one of the hair dryers, though, so I used the blowing end of the vacuum cleaner when I was a young teen, to dry my hair if I was in a hurry.
    Great post!
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. I still have my PINK hairdryer you showed! Just could not part with it!

  13. Does it ever! I grew up with rollers and hair dryers. Such a fun walk down Memory Lane. Thanks'1

  14. Guilty, guilty! I definitely owned one or more of those ( I was just a baby, of course - lol!). Thanks for sharing! This has given me more than a couple of laughs!!

  15. I love this not only because it has me smiling but because I owned several of those styles. Sitting under was the worst! My but life has gotten easier and faster!

  16. I remember those dryers too well lol - they were such a luxury to have -
    Do you remember some of them had a place that blew air OUT to dry your nails?
    LOL -

  17. Those dryers would burn the tips of my ears off! Ouch!

  18. Oh, yes, I remember these!! Thanks for the reminder of these contraptions!!

  19. LOL I think most of us had one. Mine was before the foam rollers too. What a blessing they were!

  20. lol brings back memories! super cute! HPS!

  21. Woweeeee what a blast from the past....heehee
    Would you believe me if I tell you I still owe the pink sponge curlers ;) yeap sure do.....


  22. Yes, I owned one of those dryers back in the day. I am waaaaay older than 29. HA! I love your adorable photo and this cute post.
    xo Jeanne

  23. Very unique dryers.

    Catching up with PINK Saturday entries.

    My PINK
    Have a great week ahead.

  24. Yeppers, I remember those and have wished a number of times that I still had one!!!!!! If I ever see one that works well, it will go home with me! My granddaughters would L*O*V*E a "salon afternoon". I had one that was like the pink and white one you showed us. Later, I had a white one in a RED hatbox carrying THAT was the cat's meow!!
    Thanks for a Monday smile :^)

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