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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hi Sweet Friends!
I sure have missed you!  I have been stopping by from time to time for quick visits with you.  I must say that in comparison I feel so "out of it" with regards to blogging.  It's almost like I need to learn to walk again!

I am really looking forward to seeing more of you, there is so much catching up to do!
I want to know everything you have been up to and I have so much to share with you too! 

First, my thoughts and prayers are with all affected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.
I hope and pray that you and your families are safe and well!

 Most of what's been happening here has been our daughters wedding.
Yes, Stephanie & Justin got hitched...yipeeeee!
Some has been a bit our guest bath remodel!
Whew, what an experience!
And last but certainly not PRECIOUS mother's battle with breast cancer.
Mom is an amazing lady and such an inspiration...I love her so!

So, thank you for sticking with me and for your patience while I'm getting back to it!
Here are a few pictures of the new Mr. & Mrs. on their BIG DAY.
Of course there will be more to come real soon...

It was a beautiful day and they are soooo happy!
As always, it's WONDERFUL to hear from YOU, so please leave a comment!

I'll be seein' you soon...




  1. Hello dearie, it is so good to see you again! Congratulations my dear, on your daughter's wedding!!! :D I am praying for your Mom, such a strong woman she is! Also,you're invited to my Christmas giveaway!


  2. It's so good to see you back here Cindy! Your daughter is gorgeous! Prayers for your Mom.

    Take care,

  3. Hi Cindy! I've missed your beautiful posts...can't wait to hear and see all that you've been up to. I will keep your mom in my prayers!

  4. It's great to see you posting again, Cindy! Your daughter was an absolutely gorgeous bride! Hope you'll post more on their happy day! Prayers are with your mom!

  5. Oh my goodness what a gorgeous couple Cindy!
    These photos are just so lovley!
    Its so good to hear from you...and you'll be back into the swing of blogging in no time :)
    Can't wait to hear all your news!
    Love & hugs to you and your family xo

    Deborah xoxo

  6. Cindy, so glad you are back. My oh my what beautiful photos of the new couple.

  7. Cindy,
    They make such a beautiful couple...great pics!!



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