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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Home Tour
While in Virginia visiting family my cousins and I went on a Homearama Home Tour.
It was just before Thanksgiving,
then came Christmas,
and then vacation,
so I have just now had the time share this with you.

This is house #1, come on in and take a peek.

The front of the home had a Craftsman flair but once inside, the great room and office had contemporary decor which is not what I was expecting, but it got better as we went along.

This room was a little busy and you could get a little dizzy looking at this wallpaper.

I really liked the kitchen with its white shaker cabinets and gas stainless steel range top.  There were a few glass front upper cabinets, great for displaying a favorite dish collection.  The center island was a greenish gray color, very nice but the pictures were too blury to share.

Love this Family Rules sign.

The master suite was light and airy with pale blue walls, wish I knew the name of it.
The bedding was simple and very soft.

A unique copper framed mirror over the dresser.

A quaint sitting area with comfy oversized chairs.

Simple and neutral bedding with a rustic headboard and end table.
The closet doors were so nice, finally a bit of craftsman style like on the homes exterior.

If you are a fan of Moroccan decor, this room is for YOU!

The room was full of bright colors and just off the back was a porch!

I fell in love with the bench and all those pillows!

Sure hope you enjoyed the tour, more coming soon!


  1. I always love home tours! Thanx for taking us along! I have to say the outside of the house is what i liked the best!

  2. Thanks for taking us along on the tour. I like the Craftsman touches in this home.

  3. What a gorgeous home, Cindy! I love that kitchen...the stove is fantastic! Love the sitting areas in the bedrooms, too. I wish I had room for one!

    Thanks so much for the tour!


  4. I love it Cindy. Loved the moroccan decor. THat head board was stunning. Have a great weekend.

  5. I agree, the furnishings seemed a little contemporary for the outside of the house. However, I loved the baby grand piano (drool), the globe on the desk, the sign!!, and the master bedroom was especially pretty. Thanks for the tour. Linda

  6. Wow, that house had a variety of styles. Loved the rustic headboard.

  7. I love going on home tours with you Cindy! That home was beautiful inside and out! LOVED that sign in the kitchen. Can't wait to see more!

  8. The outdoor grill is to die for! Thanks for sharing...have a happy weekend.

  9. Oh my...the outside of this home is my dream home, but I would do a bigger porch front and back. Love the kitchen and that rustic headboard. Thanks so much for sharing it with me:)


  10. I really like the kitchen and outdoor bbq area. I wonder about the mirror on the wild wall and even the placement of the copper mirror. They both seem small and low...

    I love that you take so many pictures on your home tours!

    Have a great day.

  11. O love the house but Im in love with the Moroccan theme!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing!


  12. This is a post I MUST show my husband. So many GREAT ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  13. The master bedroom is lovely.

  14. A very beautiful home on the outside. Alot of variety in the decorating theme. I didn't care for that room (I'm assuming the living room?) with that wild looking wallpaper! You're right, it would make one dizzy!!! I also didn't care for the back splash in the kitchen...too busy for me.
    BUT..I did love the master bedroom. It was definitely cozy and inviting. It's always interesting to see how others decorate. Thank you for sharing a bit of your home tour!

  15. Gorgeous home ... fabulous tour! Love all of the stonework and the backsplash in the kitchen is beautiful!

  16. I love house tours, thank you for the chance to see this.
    Hugs, Cindy

  17. Those bedrooms are very pretty Cindy, especially the master. That crazy wallpaper in the family room or whatever that was....YIKES! That's another in the "what were they thinking?" category, but I think every designer home has something like that. Guess that's what makes you remember them. Thank you for being a great friend and joining my party.

    I really liked the outdoor space though, especially since I have a thing for turtles.

  18. I'm in love with this home. It's amazing in so many ways.


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