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Sunday, May 15, 2011

I just had a birthday and my sister gave me a
very special gift!  A true gift of love!

She raises Friesian horses, aren't they beautiful... 

Well, you may not believe what a special thing she did for me for my birthday.  As you can imagine, where there are horses, there is horse c*#p!  Lots of it...

Warned you there was graphic material. J

One thing my sister and I have in common, we love our gardens and we don't mind getting DIRTY!
Especially for special occasions like birthdays!

So my sweet, loving and kind sister headed out into the pasture and began collecting horse c*#p for me!
Lots and lots and lots of c*#p...

She then lovingly spread this c*#p out on several tarps so it could dry.  For days and days it lay out in the bright sunshine to dry.

But then, oh c*#p, it began to rain!
So she hurriedly gathered the ends of the tarps to cover the c*#p so it would not get wet!  Once the sun shone again, she lovingly and gingerly re-opened the tarps and spread out the c*#p so it could continue to dry under the rays of the bright warm sun.

Once the c*#p was completely dry, with her kind and loving hands and the help of a screen, she lovingly and gingerly broke up and sifted the c*#p in to a large trash can.  She then adorned the trash can lid with a beautiful green bow...

and on my birthday, she surprised me with a trash can full of freshly dried and sifted horse c*#p...YIPPEE!

She did this because she loves me...
She did this because both my sister and I LOVE our gardens and horse c*#p is good for the soil!

So, if you happen to wonder where I will be on Monday...
If the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise...
I'll be out back adding some of this black gold horse c*#p to the soil around my flowers.

Like these...

and these...

You gotta love somebody to do this.
Thanks sista', I LOVE YOU too...and that ain't no c*#p!

So enjoy your sweet comments, they make my day! 



  1. Goodness, and I was feeling bad because I didn't have a sister LOL! Happy birthday.......and leave your shoes outside!


  2. lol Oh My Word!!!!! I have never heard of such 'love' in all my born days!!! lol lol I wonder if that would work on my sister! lol lol You two ain't right girl! lol If that's a birthday present I can't wait to hear what she gets you for Christmas! lol Oh my word.I am about to pee my pants I am laughing so hard! lol Have a great Sunday sweetie...Picket

  3. Definitely a good sister for doing all that, Cindy! I would have a field day with the jokes, though. I'm sure it would make for a great conversation ~ "what did you get for your birthday? Oh, my sister gave me a can of cr*p!". LOL! : )

  4. You and your sister just made me smile.

  5. On my gosh I didn't know what to expect when I clicked on your blog! have a good time spreading that poo girl! ~Ann

  6. Too funny, great title post, and what a wonderful sister! Love the shot of the horses. Gorgeous.
    Your gardens are going to grow like crazy.


  7. Such wonderful and lovely gift ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

  8. That is truly a gift of love but a gift that will keep on giving.

  9. What an unusual and practical gift! That took lots of work and thought. Nancy H

  10. Ha ha! I love that your sister gave you crap!

  11. Oh Cindy ~ this is so funny and yet to a gardner what a lovely gift ~ oh cr@p, I gave it away.. I'm a gardner too. Have fun spreading the gold around your garden ;-)

  12. Wow! That made me laugh soooo hard! What a wonderful sister! Great way to share some love! haha!


  13. Funny post Cindy! At first i thought she might have given you a horse!!!

  14. This was too cute and too funny..right down to the last photo of the horse!!!
    What a loving sister to do that for you!!
    Bless her and bless you my dear friend xoo
    Your blooms are just lovely!
    Have a great week dear xo

    Deborah xooxoxoox

  15. Definitely a gift from the heart from someone who truly knows you well, Cindy! lol! Seriously, that IS a great gift idea! We spread a load of that c*#p on our veggie garden every year and it DOES make a world of difference! :)

    xoxo laurie

  16. I love that gift! Your sister obviously loves you very much!

    Enjoy spreading it. I'm sure the flower beds will be thriving in no time.

    Have a great week!

  17. Oh my goodness. You had me going for a while. Happy Birthday, what a wonderful gift to help you grow those beautiful flowers.
    hugs ~lynne~

  18. Oh yes, I'd rather receive a bucket full of cr**p like that any day then an unpersonal bunch of flowers. There was a lot of work involved in this gift and it is a gift that will continue to keep giving, with all the beautiful blooms it will bring.
    And yes I love Friesian horses! They are Dutch like me.

  19. What a load of c#*p your sister dumped on you! What a funny post, just the perfect start to my Monday. Gotta love a sister who will shovel a little c#*p for you. I just can't stop saying c#*p. I feel 10 years old again...:)

  20. Your title is a real attention getter. Oh yes, that is definately a gift of love. And, from the looks of your flowers, that load of c**p is really working. I've never wished anyone a c**py day before, but have fun!

  21. What a gift!!! I wish I had a sister like her!


  22. I am still laughing at your funny post! I had to share this with my husband. Your sister must have a real sense of humor, too!


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