Wall Cupboard, Ironstone and Nature

Thursday, September 5, 2019

There is a lot of wood here in the mountain cabin.  The walls are original heart pine, old worn wood floors, there are wood beams on the living area ceilings and many of the bedrooms and hallways have wood ceilings.  Someone once asked if I was going to paint the wood . . . umm No!  I love it and it's actually one of the things that drew me to this cabin more than any other.  I didn't want our place in the mountains to look like it could belong in the city or at the beach or in France...but to look and feel like a mountain cabin.

When planning the kitchen, knotty river birch was chosen for the cabinetry and purchased at a local saw mill.  The goal was texture and character, but I wanted to break things up a bit since there is already so much wood in the cabin.  How to do this?  I wasn't quite sure, but one day while antiquing with a friend I saw this wall cupboard and thought it would add just the right touch.   

 The size of the cupboard, worn white paint, glass doors, paneled back with side and front details...well, it worked just as I had hoped.

You may remember that I started collecting the furnishings for the cabin long before we began the renovations.  I didn't want to wait until the work was complete because I've learned that it takes time to find just the right piece, and especially at a price that will fit the budget.  This really worked out well, and as each phase of the reno has been completed, I've had most everything we've needed for each space. 

I enjoy collecting ironstone china, but it can be pricey.  Quite often I walk on by, but when I find a pretty piece at a good price, it comes home with me.  Some pieces have a home here in the cabin.

We love taking walks here in the mountains where the temperatures are much cooler than back in the city.  Here recently, I've found some pretty pinecones, acorns and nuts.  I've been placing my finds in an ironstone gravy boat on the counter in the kitchen.  Free fall decor, compliments of nature!

This morning I put on my apron and walked up the creek bank to see what I could find.  Buckeyes are my favorites and there were quite a few to be gathered.

Hope you are having a great week.


  1. Your cabin kitchen looks so warm and cozy, Cindy! I love the overhead cabinet! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Love seeing how your cabin has developed!

  3. The overhead cabinet could not be more perfect in your warm and inviting cabin, Cindy. I also have collected ironstone pieces through the years and love using them, but I hadn't thought of displaying pretty fall items in one of my gravy boats. Love the idea, thanks.


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