Two Treasures ~ An Outing with Mom

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Mom and I try to spend at least one day a week with each other.  We'll go to lunch, then shopping or to the grocery store, or whatever we feel like doing on any given day.  We usually come up with our plan while eating our lunch.  

On this day after lunch, we found ourselves at a resale shop and this is how the story goes...

This resale shop is always fun to visit.  It is in an old house and you'll find everything from antiques, dishes, furniture, artwork, rugs, silver, cupboards, lighting, and the list goes on.  The wonderful thing is that the items for resale in this shop are upscale so you aren't searching through a bunch of junk to find that one rare treasure...most of it is nice and unique.

There are several prices listed on the sales tag, the original price and three later dates with a lower marked price by each later date.  Should you find an item that is 30 days past the last mark down it is then half off the original price.

Just inside the shop is an alcove, I believe it used to be a closet and they removed the door.  This is always the first place I look...I have a system for shops I frequent often...there is a certain way to weave through the shop to make sure nothing is missed!  Very important, right?!

Anyway...I had just peeked into this alcove and there she was.  An old oil lamp inside a metal lantern with delicate etched glass.  It was so pretty and had reached the date with the lowest price on the ticket, so I went ahead and placed her on the checkout counter and let the lady know I would be getting this but wanted to continue looking.  She showed me where it would be once I finished looking, so I kept moving.

Mom was looking over there and I am looking over here. (strictly following my system!)  Sometimes we wound wind up back in the same area looking at things together.  I didn't find anything else and mom didn't find anything either, so we headed back up to the counter so I could pay for the lantern and it's gone!  It's no longer on the counter where the lady said she would save it for me.

So, I patiently wait as the lady finishes ringing up the person in front of us and bagging their items, all the while I am beginning to panic wondering if maybe that's my lantern in their bag?!?!  Where is it?  Mom is beside me, not saying a word.

The sales lady then looks at me and asks if I want my lantern?  Yes!  Where is it?  With a big smile on her face she reaches under the counter and lifts a box filled with tissue paper wrapped around the lantern.  All taken care of she says...thanks to your mom!  Yes, my sweet and sneaky mother had made her way to the register and paid for the lantern while I wasn't looking.  How sweet!!!

Mom is on a fixed income and watches her pennies but somehow always finds ways to give to us.  She is always finding that perfect something to do and give to us, like this oil lamp lantern.  She cooks for the sick and always makes extra to share with us, none of us lack for anything in our kitchens as she has stocked ours to the brim with every needful thing for cooking.  She is the most giving person I know, with both her time and resources.  Often when out for dinner she won't let us pay as she says, "why should you always cover it?  Please, let me."  She doesn't have a selfish bone in her body.

Not only is she sweet, mom is a breast cancer survivor...she is strong!  This picture was taken in July at her 80th surprise birthday ladies tea party, a wonderful day I was so thankful she was here to celebrate!

It's a cloudy and cool day today so I've gone about the house to share some of my lighting with you.

Isn't she beautiful.  A gift I will always cherish!

A primitive candle lamp on the hutch.

The hallway oil lamp with its soft warm glow.

The shadows this punched tin lantern casts on the great room wall is so pretty and it adds such a warm glow to the great room.  You can read more about how I found it here.

Just across the room is one of my favorite lamps made from an antique crock.

In the guest room, a swing arm wall lantern casts the perfect soft light while getting ready for bed and is just enough light for nighttime reading.  You can read more about how this guest room came together here.

With as much warmth as soft light gives a room on a chilly and rainy day, I am reminded this day and every day to cherish every single moment and take time to enjoy the sweet, and often tiny things in life.  These are the things that add joy and warmth to our lives.

I love you momma!  Thank you for all the ways you bless my life.

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  1. I loved your post, even though it made me a bit melancholy. My Mom is 96 1/2 years old and suffering from Alzheimer's. How I miss the days that she and I would do just as you and your Mom did, search shops for that special treasure. She loved it, and could spend hours rummaging through the shelves and boxes.

    Your lantern is beautiful, and I am sure you will treasure it for always. Thank you for sharing.


  2. How blessed you are to not only have your sweet mom in your life, but she is generous and loving and taking care of 'her girl' as well! I think it's so great you do things together once a week. I really miss my mother. And I have to say, I can see where you get your good looks... pretty ladies.

    I love the lamp---good choice. It's beautiful in any room.

    Jane x

  3. Cindy, what a sweet story! I know that you treasure you mom. That was exactly the way my precious Mom served...10 years later I miss her every day! The etched lantern is a real beauty...loved seeing your pretty lighting in your home! Blessings~

  4. Aww! I love that your sweet mom was sneaky and bought this for you!

  5. What a sweet lady! You have her smile.

  6. The warm glow of your lights really show off your lovely house. It all goes together so lovely.

  7. Lucky you and lucky mom. What a sweet little treasure! Absolutely adorable.
    Happy days and all my best

  8. I got teared up reading your post . . I lost my Mom at age 67. It's been 27 years without her and I miss her every single day. So I SO enjoyed your 'Mom' post! Your Mom looks so sweet! Give her a hug for me (and yes, your lamp is beautiful!) My Mom would have done the exact same thing - sneak back and pay for the lamp. My Mom was my best friend . . .


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