It Finally Arrived!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Yes, we got some S-N-O-W!

Thankfully, just enough to be pretty and it should be gone within a couple of days.
Even our kitty Coco found a cozy place to enjoy watching those fully white flakes fall by perching just in front of the kitchen window.

 Coco kitty is watching the snow falling through the kitchen window.

The snow is so beautiful!  Here are some views from the front porch.

Snowy views from the front porch.

Snowy views from the front porch.

Here is Coco's view of the back deck as she perches on the red chair in the kitchen.
There are feeders in the courtyard just beyond the deck and a few more feeders way out back in the far part of the yard.

Snowy views from the back deck.

Birds take a rest by perching in the loropetalum.  They fly to the feeders for a little nibble and then fly back to perch again.

See the cardinal?

Cardinals perch in the loropetalum.

This is a white throated sparrow, also perching in the loropetalum.

White throated sparrows perching in the loropetalum.

White throated sparrows perching in the loropetalum.

A sweet little Carolina Wren is feeding at the courtyard feeder.

Carolina Wren

Carolina Wren feeding on a snowy day.

This cardinal flew away as quickly as it landed.

This cardinal flew away as quickly as he landed.

Just past the courtyard is a swing with a wooden frame covered in trumpet vine where a cardinal has landed to take a rest.

Cardinal resting on a trumpet vine.

Cardinal resting on a trumpet vine.

There is also a bird feeder just outside the kitchen window and this little fella is resting on the dogwood just about ready to jump.  He will hang upside down on the feeder and stay there until his belly is full!

This squirrel is getting ready to jump on the bird feeder for a little nibble.

We don't get snow often so it's such a treat when we do!

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Cindy! Stay warm and safe as you enjoy the snow. :-) As for me, I'm elated that it is 50 degrees in Nebraska today, and the snow that we've had on the ground for a MONTH is finally melting away. What can I say? One woman's curse is another woman's treasure. Ha! Enjoy your day!

  2. Your photos are beautiful as is Coco. Deb

  3. Fabulous pictures and the birds and squirrel are amazing.

  4. Love the bird photos! And the snow looks so pretty.

  5. Cindy, I felt like I was watching a wildlife channel or some other professional photography event! Your photos are amazing, you must have an awesome camera. :)

  6. I look forward to joining in on Amaze Me Monday again, after a long absence.
    Things certainly are pretty over your way, with that coat of snow. The cardinals are very pretty - I miss them on the west coast. Such a lovely flash of colour against the snow!

  7. What a beautiful winter wonderland post my friend. I love all the birdies around your yard and the squirrel too. The red Cardinal is simple regal! I feel sorry for them, they must be cold too.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Aww, so pretty. I love that you take care of the birds and creatures. :)

  9. Beautiful photos. Love the kitty one and the birds. xoox Su

  10. Lovely blog, and beautiful pictures.

  11. Such pretty pics, here on Long Island we are actually buried alive over 2 feet of snow and still falling....eek...I just enter your wonderful giveaway....


  12. I so enjoyed your snow as we haven't gotten any here in North Texas yet this year. The picture of the red cardinal is my favorite and love the pictures of your porch too.

  13. Lovely images! I like the lovely aspect, but I'm glad I'm not dealing with the actual snow.

  14. Doesn't the snow make ordinary things look beautiful? Enjoy the snow and stay safe.

  15. These are some beautiful shots of the snow and your feathered friends! I'm glad you didn't get hit hard...I like it when its simply pretty like this.

    Stay warm!


  16. Hi Cindy! Isn't it amazing how snow changes everything? There's more contrast, shadows are more dramatic and of, course, our bird friends are backlit in striking light. I love the cardinals since I'm originally from Ohio. Here in Colorado, we miss their red beauty. Stay safe and warm.

  17. Gorgeous pictures, Cindy! They would make such lovely notecards. Thanks for sharing, Cynthia

  18. Cindy,
    Thank you for sharing your lovely SNOW, dear friend!!!
    That appears to be the "only" kind I will have this year!!!
    Your photos of the cat perched on the chair and the ones
    of the birds in your yard are magnificent!!!

  19. Wonderful pictures! Stay warm and cozy love the birds and squirrel! It's terrific that you are feeding them! Take care!


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