Cozy by the Fire ~ New Hearth Table for the Keeping Room

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall is such a beautiful season.
Here in the south the leaves are turning and it is a glorious sight to see.
These cooler temperatures make the perfect setting for a hot cup of cocoa and getting cozy by the fire.

I've been searching the house for a hearth table to use in the keeping room.
A table with enough room for a little something pretty and also for placing a couple cups of coffee and dessert plates.

From last Christmas to early spring, I used this three legged table.

It's pretty, but not the right choice.
It's too tall and obstructs the view when there is a fire in the fireplace,
too narrow for drinks or plates,
and a bit wobbly with only three legs.

The second table I used was one made from sewing drawers.
It didn't obstruct the view of the fireplace but it wasn't large enough for something decorative and also to rest a drink or two.  It was too small.

A few years ago we purchased several end tables at auction.
This table was painted to sell, so when I closed my shop it found a new home on the screened porch.

One morning while having breakfast on the porch it dawned on me that this table might just do the trick! 

The width and height are perfect, but being out on the porch she's gotten a little stained and dirty.
AS Paris Gray to the rescue!

After a couple coats of paint,
a coat of clear wax,
and a final coat of clear and dark wax mixed together...she's done!

Did I tell you I love the fall season?  Well, I do!
It's cold today,
the perfect temperature to cozy by the fire.

This little table does the trick!

It's just the right size for something decorative,
room for drinks
and doesn't obstruct the view when there is a fire in the fireplace.

Hope you're having a great week and staying warm!

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  1. Hi Cindy! Oh, this is just perfect! I love your pretty room and the fireplace surround is so lovely! Cozy and wonderful. I love that little table and I think little Ellie Mae likes it too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. It is absolutely perfect there, Cindy. I love how the style of the legs echo the legs on your chairs. It looks like it is just the right size,too. Happy Fall! xo Diana

  3. Hi Cindy, all look so nice and cozy around your home I love your dog so cute!!!
    happy Fall

  4. Wow...what a difference a little table can make! I love it! I have always admired these red chairs of yours and they look just fabulous in your new keeping room. Have a blessed weekend, Cindy!

  5. Hi Cindy, great idea, have to love chalk paint. It's perfect here in NJ. This time of year makes me happy


  6. That table looks perfect..isn't it funny how the the right thing can be right under our nose! have you ever tried it perpendicular to the fireplace with the pretty wing chairs facing in towards the table? It seems as if it might make the fireplace more of a focal point and open it up a little. Just a looks gorgeous as is.

  7. That table is perfect!! I love the color you chose as well. Such a cozy spot in your lovely home. Stay warm!

  8. Well done. That table really fits beautifully. Love the little squirrel sitting on top. :D

  9. The first fire of the season is always so cozy! We just had a nice trip through the south and to our place in Asheville...there's nothing like it!

    Happy Weekend!

    Jane x

  10. Cindy,
    Your table is a "perfect" fit, dear friend!!!
    I did light the candles in our fireplace last night to finish up a blog post. . .
    but we're still running the AC with 80+ degree days!!!
    Hoping for more Seasonal weather, soon!!!
    Your "fur babies" seem to enjoy the cozy fire, so I see!!!
    May your home always be filled with warmth and laughter!!!

  11. Well, you found the perfect table for sure! It looks so nice and it's such an inviting place. Lovely

  12. Cindy,
    Yes, this is the perfect table for the keeping room and the paint brought it back to life. Looks like it was bought just for this spot... Don't you love it when you find the one piece that fits your plan perfectly?


  13. What a pretty place to sit and have coffee! The table looks great there. Enjoy your fall weather!


  14. It's the perfect piece the way it looks in it's new spot!

  15. Cindy, Love the table but those chairs in that gorgeous color have taken my breath away!!


  16. You found the perfect spot for that little table...and I love the color, it brings out the neutral elements in your fireplace...perfect setting for vignettes and all seasons. Love it! Sandi

  17. Oh Cindy, your house is so pretty and charming and your Fall décor really suits her. The little white table is perfect where it is. Your fireplace sitting spot is so cozy and warm by the fire.

  18. That is perfect, Cindy! The size seems just right for how you want to use it, and it looks so charming in the new paint color.

  19. The tale of three tables...I had to smile halfway through because I was being reminded of the three bears! :)

  20. Just beautiful Cindy! I do like that corner of your home best of all! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!


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