Late Summer and a Little Surprise

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Are you like me and have mixed emotions about the summer season coming to an end?

In the South the autumn season puts on quite a show as cooling temperatures usher in a turning of leaves that is absolutely beautiful; I just wish winter didn't follow so close behind.

We've been getting a little more rain here lately with a few quick shower here and there, but I'm still having to water every other day or so.  I do believe the azalea bushes are suffering the most; they have such a shallow root system and the leaves begin to droop if I'm not consistent in giving them a drink.

Though it's late summer and much in the garden has faded there is still beauty to enjoy, like the sweet autumn clematis growing on a trellis at the back of the garage.

Sweet Autumn Clematis

The trellis is covered with dainty white flowers.
Clematis continually grows and sends out tendril like leaves in search of a structure to grow on.  The Mister and I talk about adding a trellis structure that would allow the clematis to grow up both sides and over the top of the double doors on the back of the garage, but that's way down on our to-do list.

Sweet Autumn Clematis

Sweet Autumn Clematis

This is Clematis Henryi; a white beauty a with deep purplish red center growing on the side of the garage.  When it first opens there is a hint of pink and green on the petals.

White clematis Henryi

Purple clematis is growing on the fence leading out of the courtyard.
Due to the hot, dry and long days of full sun, this clematis is struggling.

Courtyard fence with purple clematis.

Purple clematis

You may remember me sharing about THE BULLY?
I've added eight hummingbird feeders on the back deck and it's working like a charm.
We have so many hummingbirds now!


I had to get creative when looking to add more hummingbird feeders on the deck.  Short shepherd hooks were placed in flower pots and urns on the deck so the feeders would have a place to hang, like this one in a pot filled with yellow lantana.  

This red geranium was in one of the urns on the front porch but it wasn't getting enough sun so I moved one here and another one in a container at the side of the house where they now get plenty of sun.

Red geranium and yellow lantana.

The rising sun glows.

Red geranium and yellow lantana as the early morning sun glows.

At the back of the courtyard is a small pond with a rocking wrought iron chair and a glider just at the edge; a peaceful place to relax and listen to the sound of the water fountain while feeding and watching the fish.

Gold fish pond with fountain.

Gold fish pond with fountain.

Gold fish pond with fountain.

In the courtyard at the stairs leading to the screened porch is a filigree door mat with moss and volunteer impatiens growing up through it.

I love surprise free flowers; volunteers are the best!

Volunteer impatiens coming up through the filigree mat.

Knock Out roses are beautiful at every stage, from bud to full bloom.

Pink Knock Out roses

Pink Knock Out roses

Pink Knock Out roses

Pink Knock Out roses

Summer dazzlers, the rudbeckia are troopers!

Yellow Rudbeckia

I love surprises!
It's late summer and surprisingly the spring blooming purple lily magnolia has a few new flowers.

Purple Lily Magnolia

Purple Lily Magnolia

So how is your garden faring during these late days of summer?

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  1. Wow, your gardens are beautiful! I've never seen a clematis that large... gorgeous! And I love the fish pond! Great idea for handling the "bully." Hummingbirds are so fascinating to watch! ~Rhonda

  2. Love all of these late bloomers of yours! Great idea about putting the hummingbird feeder on the shepherd's hook in the pots! Will have to think about that next year...our hummers seem to be slacking off a bit...I guess they know it will soon be turning cooler. What smart little birdies they are! Love the new header too! Blessings :)

  3. Love your Clematis! Both colors. Is there anything more fasinating to atch than a hummingbird? Still hot up here and dry; our flowers are looking sad.

  4. Your gardens are doing a heck of a lot better than mine. The clematis pooped out early. So did the one pot of roses. Yours are just gorgeous though!

  5. Cindy - Those white clematis are just gorgeous! I planted some just a few weeks ago and have been "babying" them. Hope they really bloom next summer. Your flowers all look great. Ours are really fading fast.


  6. Cindy,
    Not as spectacular as yours, dear friend!!!
    A "Master Gardener" friend of mine told me that if you care for the bird's,
    they will in turn share the seeds of flowers through their droppings with "surprise" blooms!!!
    She also, refers to them as "God Winks"!!!
    Like you, I had to return some of my planters to the "sunny side" of the house.
    Some transplanted bushes are looking "expired", but we'll wait until Spring to make a determination.
    Every morning as I gaze through the patio doors, I ^sigh^ that it is September on the Prairie
    and we are still experiencing lush green lawns, blooming flowers and trees filled with green leaves!!!
    I've had some late blooming hibiscus on the East side of the house, also!!!
    Thank you for sharing and the gentle reminder to enjoy Late Summer to its fullest!!!

  7. How beautiful Cindy! Blooms, hummers, a fountain, AND fish pond, wow! Everything that I love. Thanks for sharing such beauty with us. Have a great day,

  8. Such beautiful blooms, Cindy! My garden is finally getting started after a long, dry summer. Of course, it'll be fading pretty quickly now that fall is almost here. I'm enjoying the color while I can.


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