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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Those of you who follow me regularly know my home is decorated with pieces collected over time.
Family heirlooms are my favorite, I'm drawn to the old and well worn, and most pieces have tugged at my heart in some way...speaking to me.

I love nice things, but they must be practical, comfortable, and keeping the budget in mind I've found that searching and patience go hand in hand.   Above all, I do hope our home is a warm and cozy place for all who enter.

I enjoy the hunt and it's especially fun finding pieces that help complete a set, like this Blue Onion sweets canister.

Blue Onion sweets canister with pink Knock Out roses, yellow lantana and hosta leaves.

This collection started a while back when I stumbled upon the flour and tea canisters at a local antique shop, you can read about it here.  I got them for a song and have been keeping my eye out for other pieces ever since.

Blue onion Sweets Canister

These vintage Blue Onion canisters were imported from Japan by the Arnart Company in the 1950's.

The largest pieces are the flour and cookie canisters.
Other pieces, like the sugar, tea, coffee, start tapering down in size and there are many other pieces in this dish collection in addition to the canisters. 

I've found other canister pieces here and there but have kept on walking due to the price.

But then...I spied this "Sweets" piece...the price was right...and here she is!

Blue onion Sweets Canister

The blue and white looks so pretty with this vase of flowers I picked from the garden filled with pink Knock Out roses, yellow lantana and hosta leaves.

Blue onion Sweets Canister

These are the three pieces in my Blue Onion collection so far.

Blue Onion Canisters

Blue Onion Canisters

I do think blue and white dishes are so pretty.
There is Wedgwood Romantic England blue and white china in this glass front cabinet, Granny's teapot just below and my Blue Onion collection is slowly growing.

Blue Onion Canisters

Have your eye out for adding pieces to your collections?

Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comments, they make my day!

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  1. I love those. My mom had those when we were youngsters. She had the whole set. I am certain that they were given away to Goodwill many moons ago. I LOVE that double pan scale. Have a great 4th weekend:)

  2. I have the full set to these, and I love them. They look so pretty on your counter top

  3. Cindy I love your newest canister! It looks great On display in in your kitchen.

  4. Do my eyes deceive me or does that say SMEETS instead of sweets? Is that a German variation of the word. I know nothing of the pottery, but love the collection you have.

    1. All of the other in the set are English, I believe it is just the font. :)

  5. Those are beautiful canisters. I collect blue and white and have never seen those but would love some!

  6. Those are so pretty! Are you actually going to use them? I'd be so afraid a lid would get broken. I've thought of collecting antique or olden canisters before but will admit that I'm not patient enough to find the pieces.

    Your kitchen is my absolute favorite.

  7. Love the canisters! Adorable" very vintage and a bit European! Looks great!

  8. Cindy,
    S W E E T, indeed!!!
    This is a nice addition to your collection, dear friend!!!
    Your blue and white dishes look amazing in the glass front cabinet of your kitchen!!!
    Just this past weekend,
    I found a unique piece to enhance one of my favorite collections at our local Antique Mall!!!
    Thank you for sharing your collection!!!

  9. These are absolutely beautiful. I have a blue and white thing too, and anything different looking is a great addition to the collection!

  10. Love your blue and white pieces! My newest thing to collect are Beatriz Ball serving pieces. They have a beautiful silver shine, but because they are easy care aluminum they can be used casually. They are a bit pricey...but little by little I add a piece from time to time. Sheila

  11. Love, love the blue and white and always have but just can't use blue and white in my present kitchen or my new kitchen. I collect Portmeiron Pomona dishes and have quite a collection and I've gotten most of it off of Ebay. It's hard to find the prettiest pieces here in the US. Lovely post!

  12. Oh, how pretty! It pays to be selective and search out the right makes everything more special! Your home is classic and I love that about you!

    Jane x

  13. I love those and they look great in your fabulous kitchen. Love that scale, too.

  14. Oh I had those so many years ago...I have no idea what happened to them. It was when I had a blue kitchen about 40 years ago. probably sold them at an auction...Very pretty. I love your kitchen

  15. This is beautiful, Cindy - loosk marvelous in your kitchen - I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,

  16. Be still my heart.. What an amazing kitchen. It must be such a pleasure to cook in it. Love your pretty finds.


  17. Hi Cindy, I am new to your site and just love it. Your canister collection is beautiful as is the rest of your kitchen! Your home is lovely and your photos are stunning. I especially like the chicken photo from a previous post. WOW. Amazing image!


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