Changing Up the Kitchen Island

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A while back I shared about the bunny garden pot holder I got for my birthday, Bunnies in the Farmhouse Kitchen.  They are super cute and it's been fun alternating plants, now they are holding one of my favorites, rabbit's foot fern.

The bunnies are still on the island, I just slid them over to the other side to make way for some beauties I brought in from the garden.


The gardenia flower is beautiful to behold, the fragrance delightful, and a must in southern gardens.

While out in the garden I knew they were in bloom before I even saw them.
The fragrance drew me, while also taking me back to my childhood...
memories of granny's garden, memories of days gone by.

The flower is a bit like a rose, with shiny dark leaves; dainty and delicate.

These were picked to enjoy in the kitchen.


Placing a mirrored pedestal on one end of the island,
I rinsed off the gardenia and placed them in a three flower hand-blown glass vase;
a gift to me on the day of our daughter's wedding from her matron of honor.





and with the sparkle of mirror and lovely!



It's hard to find the right words to describe how the kitchen smells; sweet, soft, strong, bold...amazing!

The gardenia has a fragrance like no other.  Have any growing in your garden?

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  1. Beautiful, Cindy! I love the reflection in your marble countertop! Years ago when Hal and I were first married, I used to wear "Lauren" perfume by Ralph Lauren, and it smelled so much like gardenias. I got a lot of compliments on that fragrance and wish I still had some today. I don't have gardenias in our yard, but I wish I did. Yours look lovely. :)

    Have a great week!



  2. It's amazing how often just a little grace note can make a whole room look refreshed, and beautiful! I love your kitchen, and the three gardenias on your mirrored tray look divine.

  3. I like it for the pure simple beauty of it. It does not have to compete with anything for attention. Just loe it. xo Diana

  4. That was just LOVE It -- not just loe it! lol

  5. Brings back memories of my childhood! Attic fans and that smell being pulled in my bedroom window.

  6. I enjoy seeing your beautiful kitchen. Simply elegant


  7. Love the blooms on the mirrored stand, simple and beautiful.


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