Bunnies in the Farmhouse Kitchen

Thursday, May 7, 2015

We had a little time before our dinner reservations
so we strolled through a few shops.

My mister knows me well.
He spied this bunny garden pot holder and asked if I wanted it for my birthday.
Well, yes...I think it's adorable!

Once home, I had the perfect spot for it in my farmhouse style kitchen, on the island.

The spring flowers have been gorgeous this year
and I've really enjoyed bringing them indoors to use in centerpieces for the keeping room.

bunny garden pot holder

This bunny garden pot holder is iron, so it's got some weight to it.
There are three separate pieces, the basket can be removed.

Granny's dish full of ivy was placed inside.

bunny garden pot holder

I gathered some pink azaleas, hosta leaves and an ironstone pitcher.

centerpiece with azaleas, hosta and ironstone

pink azaleas

A wide mouth Ball jar is used to hold the flowers.
The small glass jar used to hold a candle and is being used to add a little extra height in the pitcher.

wide mouth Ball jar

The Ball jar opening comes just to the top of the ironstone pitcher when the small jar is used underneath it.

ironstone pitcher

If you've never used hosta leaves in arrangements, you should give them a try.  They last such a long time when cut and placed in a vase of water.

farmhouse kitchen and ironstone pitcher

I always wash my flowers before using them in arrangements.

I fill a wash tub full of cold water and dip the flowers in and out of the water to loosen anything that may be on them.  Afterwards, I give them a little shake to remove the excess water.

ironstone and azaleas

I brought in some red azaleas also,
to use in the keeping room alongside a bunny in a basket.

red azaleas

This bunny was a birthday gift too, given to me several years ago from a friend.

red azaleas and bunny basket

The azaleas sure add a bright touch of spring, don't you think?

azalea centerpieces in the keeping room

red and pink azaleas

We have really enjoyed having an island in our new kitchen.
There is so much extra storage, seating, and the prep sink has really come in handy.

It's been fun decorating it too!

Spring touches to the farmhouse kitchen

Bunny garden pot holder and ironstone

Spring in the Farmhouse style kitchen

I love this time of year, just wish spring lasted longer!

Are you bringing spring indoors?

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  1. How beautiful! So springy and I love seeing some more angles from that gorgeous kitchen of yours!

  2. Well, that is about the cutest little bunny pot holder I have ever seen, Cindy! In fact, I don't know when I have ever seen one at all...lol! Seriously, it is the perfect addition to your lovely vignette with the azaleas. I have never cut them to bring inside for an arrrangement...I will have to remember that for next year since mine just about spent. And your photos are absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy the rest of your week :)

  3. So pretty, Cindy!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. The pretty vibrant pink of those azaleas sure are eye-catching!

  5. Cindy the bunny planter is a stunner


  6. Oh so pretty! Are you still just in awe of your new space? I am. :)

  7. Absolutely beautiful! Fresh flowers and spring 💗. Never thought of using hosts leaves! Thanks!

  8. I just LOVE that new bunny pot holder! It is adorable. Love your azaleas too, I hope ours bllom soon. We had over 60 azaleas at the old house so it is hARD waiting for new gardens to get established. Happy Spring!

  9. Sweet hubby to spot something you might like for your birthday and I really like what you've done with the bunny pot holder. Your flower arrangements are lovely - I use hosta leaves on their own or mixed with other flowers - they are so pretty and do last a long time.

  10. Love your straight-standing bunnies! And of course the pretty azaleas. We had lots of them in TX.

  11. How cute are those bunnies! I'll bet if I asked my hubby what he would buy me as a gift (that I would like) he probably couldn't come up with anything. He used to be pretty good at it.

  12. Your hubby has a good eye, Cindy! Your bunny planter is super cute and perfect in your kitchen. Jane

  13. Your kitchen is beautiful!!! Nothing says spring like fresh flowers and some cute bunnies..
    Hope you had a great b-day!

  14. Your rabbits are adorable. I can just see them now fighting over a bowl of carrots!

  15. Very sweet, Cindy...it is always a treat to visit your home!

  16. Love your bunnies. I can think of so many ways to use it, especially at Christmas...or pumpkins during Fall.

  17. Everything looks os pretty!! Your new kitchen is stunning!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  18. Your kitchen is so beautiful Cindy!

  19. Your bunnies look great and I love that ironstone pitcher. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  20. More beautiful pics! I love your photography. Your kitchen is just gorgeous. I also like the chandelier over your dining table. I always forget about clipping flowers from my yard to bring indoors. I should do that more. Yours look beautiful.


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