Colonial Farmhouse Style in the Great Room

Saturday, April 11, 2015

We are just home from touring southern plantations and I am appreciating simplicity.

The historic homes on the tour had so much character and charm.

They were not museums, people still live in most of them.
Many are descendants of the original owners.

The homes were full of antiques and pieces that make a statement, some of great value and some not.
Each piece as though it was carefully chosen and thoughtfully placed, having a purpose.

Simplicity, stately but restrained.
Nice furnishings but not cluttered.
Useful pieces with a purpose.
Utilitarian pieces made by local craftsman.

Each home, though different, captured a bit of my heart.
I found myself wishing the walls could talk.  How I would love to know more of the "life" lived there and the history of the furnishings, who crafted it and how did it came to be in this home?

These homes were inspiring, and the good news is...
you don't have to live on a southern plantation,
in France,
or on a farm,
to add any style you like to your home!

As we renovate our southern colonial, more historic touches and farmhouse style are added,  it takes a while but we keep plugging along.

I've been doing some spring cleaning and made some simple changes in the great room.

primitive cupboard

For a lighter spring look,
I removed the shutters that were being used as a backdrop on the primitive cupboard.

The ironstone pitcher with cotton was moved over from the fireplace mantel.

I have quite a few swans and this one made by a folk artist is my favorite, so country!

Folk Art Clock

The clock has a folk art bird as the pendulum and I love the sound it makes.  When I was a little girl there was a clock in the hallway at my Granny's house and the ticktock was such a peaceful sound to listen to as I was falling asleep.  My clock sounds just like Granny's clock, a sound that brings back so many memories.

Spring in the Great Room

The fireplace mantel got a lighter look too.

I took down the equestrian artwork and added two mirrors, one in front of the other.

Just in front of the smaller mirror I added an ironstone pitcher full of hydrangea.

Farmhouse Style Mantel

Colonial Farmhouse Style

Little white flowers in a milk glass vase and a tarnished silver creamer.

Spring Mantel

A couple brass candlesticks and an ironstone platter.

farmhouse style

spring mantel

So simple.
And no cost, I shopped the house.

Hope you're having a great day!

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  1. I haven't changed anything in my tired, old house in forever. I just wish I had the energy to get it cleaned. I'll get there eventually!

  2. I prefer a simpler, less cluttered look also, Cindy (for my own home), and yours is done very nicely.

  3. Just beautiful, Cindy! Love what you've done. The doily on the sofa reminds me of my grandma's house. Beautifully done!!

  4. Beautiful Cindy - your room is Endearing indeed!

  5. So timely this post. I am seeking the same kind of simplicity as I redo following the Easter decor that was out for our gran luvs. Pamela

    1. Lovely changes, Cindy. There's always something special about simplicity in decor, every piece has importance. Jane

  6. Love the changes Cindy...but your home always looks beautiful!!

  7. Your subtle changes are simple and elegant. Beautifully done.

  8. Your home is so beautiful, Cindy, and filled with a "cozy welcome" that you can just feel through the computer screen!

  9. Everything looks beautiful Cindy! I love your chair to pieces. Thank you for partying at my place.


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