Staffordshire Pup Pitcher ~ Changes in the Great Room

Friday, February 13, 2015

I've been straightening up some cupboards, early spring cleaning I guess you could say.
That's when I realized a number of pups that I have collected over time,
so I decided to change things up in the great room.

One of the pups I came across was this Staffordshire pitcher
and that's when all the changes started.

I placed him on the side table by the couch and then gathered a few items from the room to complete the vignette, like this set of antique keys.

I moved some items from other places in the room,
like the hymnal and popcorn plant tied with raffia.

A couple of books under the preserved boxwood,
a shed antler at the base,
and the "Country Life" Staffordshire plate is the finishing touch.

Did I mention the pup is a pitcher?
You can't see from this angle but there is a handle on his back.

The other pups are being added to the marble top table across the room,
I'll show you those next time!

Hope you are having a GREAT Thursday!

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  1. Love the little dog pitcher! So cute. Beautiful vignette.


  2. Looks great- everything looks so good together like that on your pretty side table. Love it.

  3. Hi Cindy and what a sweet vignette! I love your Staffy pitcher. I have quite a few Staffys but no pitcher! I'll arm wrestle you for it! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Such a treasure, I have a few Staffys, but this one is priceless.

  5. Heck, Cindy, I'd just settle for a dust free table! I can't imagine having all the nice collectibles and keepsakes to dust, too. I'd be afraid they'd get broken.

  6. Oh, I have that exact same table and I love, love it. I found it at an antique shop in Arkansas several years ago. I just recently had it refinished and it looks brand new. Love the way you have decorated it.

  7. This is a nice arrangement you have made. I like your art pieces as well. It just complements the entire table arrangement so nicely.

  8. Cindy...this is so pretty! So simple but very elegant. The pup pitcher adds a touch of whimsy! I love your decorating style. :)

    I've often wondered where you live. You might know we have a home in North Carolina. Maybe we are neighbors?!!

    Jane xxx

  9. He's adorable!!! Great find. Happy V day Cindy!

  10. What a beautiful pup pitcher!...and the vignette that he is in is absolutely beautiful Cindy!

  11. He's cute! Thank you for linking with Home Sweet Home!

  12. Cindy, Your table top vignette is lovely. The pup is a relative of two I have. Found them at different times, one at Goodwill and the other at an estate sale. Aren't they adorable?


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