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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It is true.
We decorate our homes with pieces that speak to us.

It was a bit of a surprise, discovering a collection of pups while straightening up some cupboards.
A fun surprise while doing early spring cleaning,
finding one here and another there,
to realize I had a collection of pups of many different types and styles.

Pieces found over time,
not intentional,
they had spoken to me and is how this collection came to be.

With my new found collection, I decided to use some of them.
The Staffordshire pitcher was added to the table by the couch here.

One thing always leads to another.
I brought this pothos plant in from the kitchen, moving it to the marble top table in the great room.
I love the vivid green in this blue and white transferware pitcher,
something bright and cheerful on these dreary days of winter.

I like using trivets under plants for a little extra protection and to add some height.

I found a few of these at an antique shop a while back.
Solid brass trivets,
Thomas Jefferson Cipher Monticello,
made by the Virginia Metalcrafters in 1951.

Wanting to know a little more about them I found this...

Virginia Metalcrafters traces its roots to the Waynesboro Stove Company, founded in 1890 by William Loth.  By 1938, it was selling, among other things, small metal gifts under the name of Virginia Metalcrafters.  The gift line endured.

When it was operating at a fast clip in 1999, Virginia Metalcrafters employed 170 people, and more than that in prior years.  The firm was sold in 2003 and began importing items, then assembling and finishing them at the Waynesboro facility on East Main Street.

It always makes me sad when American companies no longer manufacture products, but import instead.

Here are a few of the pups,
this one is from a pair of book ends.

The larger pup is also one from a pair of bookends,
the small one was found at an antique shop years ago...I just thought he was cute!

While I was moving things around, Bella settled in to keep an eye on what was happening.

I've had this early 1800's wooden salt box for many, many years.
The top lifts up and there is a drawer with brass pull on the bottom.
I love the inlaid wood in the drawer.

When using nice pieces as containers for plants that require watering I take a little extra care.
You can see the steps I take here, A Breath of Fresh Air.

Hope you are having a Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Everything looks so nice! I think we are long lost sisters....Our taste is so similar.

    It is a shame that VA Metalcrafters closed. The building is empty now and every time my mom and I pass it, we comment that it would make a great antique mall. I with that I had purchased more pieces from them when I had the opportunity,.

  2. Hi Cindy, your room looks so charming! I'm loving your walnut jelly cupboard and your marble top parlor table. Your wall grouping and vignettes are wonderful too! AND that cat, what gorgeous blue eyes!!
    Have a great week,

  3. So pretty, Cindy. I really like the idea of the trivet under your (incredibly gorgeous) transferware pitcher. Now I will be searching for one! The brass is especially charming. Loved this post! Jane

  4. I love the dogs, Cindy! They have so much personality, and your vignette looks great!

  5. The pups are as cute as can be! Somehow I found myself collecting all sizes of squirrels! Lol!

  6. Everything looks so lovely, Cindy. Your collections of little dogs is just precious and your vignettes are so lovely. Great idea too about those trivets! Blessings :)

  7. Cindy I love whole vignette...I would love using all those pieces in my home too!

  8. The kitty is so beautiful! So is the dog collection. I want to find another variegated white and green pothos, but haven't found one yet.

  9. Cindy, i used to work in a store that carried Williamsburg merchandise. the merchandise had to have Colonial Williamsburg certification. my store would stock these all the time. Virginia Metalcrafters were very much first quality merchandise. nothing was in pieces, then assembled. all solid pieces. enjoy your piece, back in the mid '80's it probably sold for $75ish. you do have a GREAT piece. enjoy!

  10. Your vignette is stunning, you have such an eye for decorating. Your kitty is absolutely gorgeous!

  11. Love your collections and I am loving that gorgeous blue and white pitcher....I know I have some Virginia metal crafters things...will have to look in the attic!...

  12. Bella's eyes are mesmerizing. She's so beautiful.

  13. Morning Cindy,
    Your pothos in the statfordshire pitcher really looks pretty, and love your lil dog collection, they really do look nice all
    grouped together. Bella is such a pretty kitty too, she makes a nice decoration as

    Our kitty is hanging out inside more than ever and think it is because for some strange reason we have a lot of cats
    coming around here lately, cause typically she loves being outside when it is warmer. She has a beautiful almost all white young male suitor but she was fixed before we ever got her, he really seems to want to be her friend, but she wants No part of it. lol

    Hope you have a great day hon, and also thanks for hosting amaze me Monday. Always nice to be a part of it.
    Blessings, Nellie

  14. What fun pieces to have. Love the old salt box. I had one that was my moms and cannot find it. I think it got lost in one of our moves. Your Bella is just beautiful...and photogenic. lol
    When I was a kid I collected dogs. I must have well over 100 packed away for someone someday. xo Diana

  15. Cindy, love seeing more of your little pups, and the salt box is fabulous. It has wonderful patina.

  16. Your collection/vignette has all the elements I figures, alabaster lamp, and blue and white pitcher. The Jefferson cipher trivet is so classic. I've seen them in the past, and would love to find one now. It is sad that they're no longer making the metal products in the US.


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