Oh So Southern

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The antique marble table sat bare and as I began dressing it






It's no surprise,
I'm a southern girl through and through.

I live in the south,

in the Bible belt and we really do love us some sweet tea and Jesus!

Farmland is all around us, our home was built on it.

Our neighbors raise horses, goats, and chickens.

We are fortunate to have country all around us,

while the conveniences of town are right around the corner.

On the table I added this "Country Life" Staffordshire plate which adds to the equestrian and farmhouse style in the great room.

The Popcorn plant is oh so Southern
and is actually the seed from the Chinese Tallow Tree which grows primarily along beds of water in the southern states.  Mazie Brown, a South Carolina native, harvests these seeds to make bouquets and wreaths, as well as making Sweetgrass baskets in many different shapes and sizes.  All of which are often displayed in the historic homes of Georgetown and Charleston, SC.

Some old keys.

The Hymnal published in 1889.
I love this tiny book, the binding all loose and broken.

More farmhouse touches were added to the primitive cupboard here 
you can check out my Sweetgrass baskets from Mazie here.

Hope you are having a great week!

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  1. All so lovely! I lived in South Carolina for a few years as a child and now live in my home state of Mississippi so I appreciate your post and its lovely southern roots!

  2. A very pretty vignette! I love seagrass baskets. I have had a couple of small ones from Charleston....but after packing and moving I don't know where they are. Ha!

  3. You post made me happy, thank you.

  4. What beautiful vignette and such a cool plant to have access too. Love the pillow on the chair too.


  5. The table looks great. I never knew what that popcorn plant was called or even where it grew. I love the old hymnal and keys beside it. In one of the pictures when I glanced at it the keys looked like a cross. xo Diana

  6. Such a beautiful post with lovely photos of those precious keepsakes. I have a marble topped table very much like that one too :)

  7. Cindy, I have never heard of the Chinese Tallow or harvesting those beautiful seeds, but they remind me of the antiqued, wax florals that milliners used for hats and veils. What a nice vignette. I linked back to your post on the baskets too - those are gorgeous the way you made them for your doors. I had admired those before, but didn't realize you put them together. I have a couple sweetgrass baskets that I bought while on business in Charleston almost 20 yrs ago, and I love their organic shapes, but more importantly the experience of watching the women at the market make them and sell them.

  8. Hello Cindy, lover of sweet tea and Jesus! Cute, I like that. I like what all you grouped together and the stories and Bible verses to go along with it. Your sitting area looks inviting, I like your walnut jelly cupboard too!
    Have a great rest of your week!

  9. Your post made me smile Cindy! I never knew what that plant was called, thanks for letting me know, I should've guessed popcorn! Lovely vignette!

  10. My favorite part... the keys!

  11. Just got to love living in the South and are charming ways! Love your display with the hymnal,Popcorn Plant and plate. I can hardly wait to get moved into our new home so that I can begin adding these Southern touches. :o))

  12. Such an inviting sitting area. I love how you have decorated it and photographed it. Such beautiful details and I will be on the lookout for Chinese Tallow or Popcorn Plant. I am a Canadian transplant who loves living in the South! So much charm and politeness and love for the Lord. Blessings!

  13. You just can't beat old skeleton keys and old books for any vignette. I would love to have a wad of that popcorn plant for a vignette, it looks just like old waxed pieces for ladies millinery hats back in the day

  14. Cindy,
    Beautiful accessories for your antique marble table, dear friend!!!
    I adore your Southern touches.
    The Hymnal stole my heart. I, too, have a collection of Hymnals!

  15. What a beautiful space you've created. Your photos are such an inspiration!

  16. Love you blog, Cindy.

    Living in Arizona now after being born in the South (GRITS), I look forward to all of your wonderful southern accents and especially the Hymnal and old keys.

    Carol (homeiswheretherootsleadblog.blogspot)


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