Farmhouse Style Kitchen with a Twist ~ Table is Painted

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's kind of like Christmas around here.

I've been  unpacking our furnishings and settling in again at home and I can't wait to show you our new kitchen with everything in place!

When my sister built her new home and no longer had a place for this table, I quickly snapped it up hoping and praying that it would fit in my old didn't!  It was way too big.

So it went in storage for a while,
then to the shop where I used it to display items for sale,
then it came back home with no good place to use it.

Our family gathers often and there is always a need for extra seating so the table found a temporary spot in the great room which is just off the old kitchen.

I kept this table in mind as we made plans for our farmhouse style kitchen. 
Here's an old picture from last fall with the Joss & Main chairs I purchased way in advance for our new kitchen...

The glass top has been removed so I can paint her and man is it heavy!  Mr. Heart has to call in reinforcements, usually taking two strong men to carry with two ladies to help balance the is heavy!

She has such pretty lines and is made of pine with a white wash finish.  The finish isn't the look I have in mind for my farmhouse style kitchen...

Knotty pine...

Here's a better view of the white-wash finish...

While the sheetrock was going up in the construction area, I got busy in the dining room.
Out came the Zinsser Bulls Eye for a clear coat.  Sealing pine pieces prior to painting them will keep the knots and sap in the pine from coming through the paint, not something you want to happen after all that work!

Here she is after one coat of sealer, it really brought out the yellow in the pine...

I've painted a cupboard in Country Grey and loved the color so I chose AS Country Grey with a Pure White wash for the table...

One coat of Country Grey...

Once dry, I came back with a light dry brush of Pure White, working in small sections at a time...

After brushing the wash on an old t-shirt was used to do a light drag motion wiping off the white color while leaving a soft line effect...

Like this...

Choosing not to use much dark wax, just a bit was mixed in with AS clear wax...

Working in small sections the wax mix is applied...

With an old t-shirt I buffed off the wax.

Running out of AS clear wax in the middle of this project I finished with Min-Wax.  This is a much dryer wax and not as creamy or easy to use as AS clear wax but it did the job...

Because the Minwax is VERY dry I chose to apply the wax and the last white washing at the same time.  Using my wax brush I dabbed on dots of Pure White and then with my wax brush loaded with Min-Wax I began dragging my wax brush through the white paint leaving fine lines while working in the wax...

My goal was a bright finish with just a hint of dark wax and white settling in to highlight the details...

I used a terry cloth towel to gently buff the wax while leaving lines of white...

The paint colors turned out just as I had hoped...

and the shine is beautiful!

You've never seen a glass top farmhouse style kitchen table?  I know, I know! (BIG smile)

She will be the table in our new farmhouse kitchen with a twist and I can't wait to show her to you once in place!

Right now I'm almost finished painting the laundry room so I can get the washer and dryer back in off the porch.  Hopefully we'll have things settled in the kitchen real soon...

You can see the new kitchen reveal HERE.


  1. I love how your table came out, just beautiful!

  2. Cindy, I love how your table turned out. It's subtle but still has some layering. When I use the Minwax Paste Wax I find it easier to spoon a few scoops of the Minwax Paste Wax onto a piece of old t-shirt, wrap it up and slide the wax on. Much easier than trying to brush it on. Have a good day.
    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  3. Oh this table is going to be fabulous in your new kitchen. Love the style.

  4. Hi Cindy! So glad you were able to use the beautiful table now! It looks gorgeous! Purdy purdy purdy!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. It's so beautiful Cindy!!...I love that you chose the gray...and the glass makes it so "farmhouse elegant"!!...can't wait to see your new kitchen....just finished a table for a friend...come see...xo, Mariaelena

  6. This is such a unique and gorgeous blend of styles! Good job with the paint!

  7. You got some pretty legs there, baby girl!!!! I am anxious to see it all done and in place. I love the finish and color. Okay- I have a really STUPID question to ask you. The brush that you show don't use that for PAINT, do you? Just for the wax, right?

    Have a great afternoon- xo Diana

  8. What a beauty! I don't blame you one bit for snapping that table up. It looks like you have a lot of patience painting and getting the desired finish just right. :)

  9. I'm getting ready to paint my pine table white, and was worried about the knots bleeding through. This post came at the perfect I know how to do it. Yours is beautiful and will look great in the new room! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Very nice finish - very smooth. I like how you described you steps and supplies.

  11. What a beautiful finish! Thanks so much for the step-by-step tutorial!

  12. ooooh, this turned out so pretty! love the color and that you dry brushed a little white over it all. I'm always interested in different techniques for ASCP. your new kitchen is A. Mazing!!


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