A Different Fall Morning...

Saturday, October 4, 2014

It was early and the day was hazy.

To begin breakfast during this stage of the kitchen renovation we have to exit the front of the house,
walk around to the back of the house,
enter the screened porch,
enter the laundry room,
and that's where I can put on the coffee and begin breakfast.

On this hazy morning things looked different,

they were everywhere

and I couldn't help but notice.

So intricate,

both large and small,

it is fall so I shouldn't be surprised to see them, right?

But there were so many!

On this hazy morning the dew had had fallen and caught hold,

somehow the haze made them shine,

and I found myself admiring the spinning of webs...

They were blowing in the gentle breeze
they were beautiful!

Please know ... I DO NOT care for spiders ... but on this morning their webs were amazing!

One thing I learned on this hazy morning...it is difficult getting pictures of webs!

I couldn't get my camera to cooperate with me,

to focus on the web rather than the objects behind the webs!

Not long ago my daughter and I stood in amazement watching a spider.
Sounds silly right, amazed by a spider!  But it's true.

It was around noontime and as we rounded the back corner of the screened porch we noticed a large spider in it's web, a little odd for the middle of the day.

Even more odd and why we were so captivated by this spider
is because it was taking down it's web...literally rolling it up right in front of our eyes!

We watched this large web being removed by the very spider that had spun it...it was fascinating!

How intricate the web she spins.

Each has it's own distinctive pattern,

some leave the webs up and some take them down.

Even though I don't particularly care for spiders,
I know the creator created them for a reason,
and it is He who fashioned them,
to weave their webs...amazing creatures!

"How many are your works, Lord!
In wisdom you made them all;
the earth is full of your creatures."
Psalm 104:24

It really is fascinating to watch a spider take down their web,
here's a video you can watch...it truly is amazing!

(I can't imagine how difficult it must have been to capture this when it's hard enough capturing a web!)

Are you totally grossed out by spiders?  Ever seen one remove their web?

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  1. Beautiful post and you did a great job taking the pictures. I know, from experience, how difficult it is to capture a web!

  2. Oh- NOT a spider fan at all. We have them in hoards by the water here...and, sadly, treat so that we don't have them in the house. You got some great pictures though...and I have never seen one take its web down.

    However, LAST NIGHT I saw our 2 year old grandson pick a spider up and EAT IT!!! Honest! Talk about being grossed out!!! I thought he was kidding. I said- What did you do with that spider. He said- I eated it, Nana. He still had a couple legs in his fingers to prove it xo Diana

  3. You did a GREAT job with the photos!!! I've never managed to capture one worth a poop.

  4. I dislike spiders, but I dislike black widow's the most. The webs you so beautifully captured are not black widows so I could actually look at them and appreciate their splendor. Black widow webs are messy, not uniform, not pretty, not tolerable at all and we have many of them :( What you have shared here are beautiful, even if they raise the hair on the back of my neck :) Blessings, Cindy

  5. These photos are terrific, Cindy. I've never seen a spider take down a web. This time of year I have a lot of webs on my front porch each morning...it's as thought they work all night, every night, in the glow of landscape lighting, and every morning, I walk right into their masterpieces as I exit the door.

  6. Your pictures are amazing, Cindy! I never knew spiders took their webs down. And though I worry about spider bites, especially here at the lake, I only remove spiders and webs that are near doorways or where people can walk into them. Sadly, I have to say goodbye to the spider first. If you tear down it's web it will keep coming back to the same place...at least for most spiders. Still, they are creatures of wonder. I know most are harmless although many people can have bad reactions like with any insect. Brown Recluse Spiders are deadly and they are in the Midwest primarily. I definitely get alarmed over anything that's not black!!

    Thanks again for the great pictures...you did good! Hope the rehab is over soon so you can get that coffee easier! :)

    Jane xxx

  7. I, too, thought the pictures were amazing and I have never seen a spider rolling up their web. I have seen them spinning their webs and it is amazing. Their work is so intricate and delicate and almost like artwork. Interesting post!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Great photo's! I think spider webs are just beautiful.. The video was amazing... my question is.. Why does a spider take down a web? Does this happen daily? I love to have insect spiders in my garden..not only are the webs beautiful...so are they.. Thanks for sharing... Have a great weekend. Blessings!

  9. Hi Cindy,
    You crack me up, cause you and I are such kindred spirits when it comes to fascination with God's creature and creativity. That was a very cool video and you really got some great shots of the webs, they really are a work of art,
    and take a lot of work on the part of the spider for sure.
    I remember coming home one night from a neighbors house and seeing this enormous spider web and the front
    of our house and the next day I came out with the broom intent on taking it down, but it was gone already, so
    called hubby at work and said thanks for taking that web down and he said what? and I said the spider web and
    he said I didn't take it down, and I said oh I bet Mr. Smith did it, we had a very sweet and helpful neighbor across
    the street, so later asked him if he did it and he said No too, but said he must have been one of those spiders
    that take their web down in the morning, and I laughed thinking he was pulling my leg, cause that would be
    typical of him, but he said No, I am serious..............so I call them Tent Spiders.........they put up the tent at night
    and take it down in the morning...............quite a lot of work for them, but thankful that they are good overnight campers
    and don't leave the campsite a mess..............lol No complaints here!!

    Also not a fan of spiders, but do think their webs are amazing............have you ever seen a banana spider....we had
    one of those recently and they are huge and make a big interesting web too. Think he must have been dinner for
    a bird or something cause he all the sudden disappeared and had been camped out int he same place for awhile,
    course, maybe she laid her babies then died. Just thought of that......never knew that till my kids were reading or
    seeing the movie Charlotte's web.......poor thing!!

    Thanks for sharing this cool post. and also thanks for always hosting Amaze me Monday. Been busy so haven't
    left a comment lately...........your are the hostess with the mostest!! lol

    Blessings Sweetie,

  10. I have a thing for spider webs, perhaps because I am a weaver and spiders were the first weavers. Their webs are so intricacy done, again showing a miracle in nature.


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