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Sunday, September 7, 2014

I've learned a few things.

When remodeling there are times when things are moving forward,
times when things are at a stand still,
and when nearing the end everything comes at once!

My head is spinning there is so much going on,
time to share some updates with you and also our kitchen design!

First I want to show you this kitchen I recently found. . . isn't it charming!

Beadboard walls,
an old style stove,
buffalo check curtains,
roosters, silver, ironstone, blue and white plates hanging on the cute!


Our Dining Room is on the left as you enter our home and the kitchen is next to it.

Our old kitchen has FOUR doorways,
one opens to the den, great room, dining room and another to a guestroom hallway.

When making plans for the remodel we thought about widening the dining room doorway and not replacing the door so there would be a large opening between it and the kitchen area.

When we have folks staying with us I like to get up early to make coffee and something for breakfast, so it is nice being able to close both the dining room and hallway doors so guests don't hear noise coming from the kitchen.  So we decided to leave it as is...

Looking through the dining room doorway,
through the old kitchen area and down to the great room,
you can see the hardwood flooring that was delivered weeks ago.

This is the room we try to relax in at the end of the day
and after stepping over materials we can find a little space to sit.

There is literally no where in our house that hasn't been touched by this's a mess!

Looking from the great room back to the dining room you see our old kitchen and den areas
which we are combining for our kitchen and keeping room.

Completed when this picture was taken:

~the old cabinetry, sink, microwave and fridge had been removed...everything except the stove.

~ wall between the old kitchen and den had been removed and the Support Beam installed.

~ the New Bay Window had been put in

~ and the plumbing had been completed.

Ellie -Mae is napping...

The new bay window...

The yellow X is what's left of the wall that used to separate the kitchen and den.

The other arrows indicate where the sinks and fridge will be.

The wood platform in the middle is the base for the island cabinetry...

There will also be counter height seating at the island...

This next view is from the far side of the den looking back into the old kitchen area.

There is a fireplace to the left and you can see where the table and chairs, cupboard, and
fireside seating will be...

Taken from the front window you can see the fireplace and a cupboard will go on the left wall by the back door.

The door beside the cupboard leads to the laundry room, workout room, and screened porch...

The electrical is next to be completed so all the remaining demo and sheetrock removal was done...

Once all the debris was cleared away the room now looks like this, bare to the bone!

This view is looking in from the great room toward the dining room...

From the old kitchen area looking into the old den area...

From the back door beside the fireplace looking toward the new window...

 From the front window looking back toward the fireplace...

Here are a few drawings of our kitchen design.
Some things have changed since this was drawn but not too much.

As you come in from the old kitchen area (to the left where the blue arrow is) the oven wall will be on your left as you round the corner...

Oven wall...

This is the front window view.

There will be glass upper cabinets but the design has changed since this drawing,
and the dishwasher is to the right of the Apron Front Sink...

On the far wall is the rangetop and fridge.

The hood vent cover has changed also...

The island:

This is the rangetop side of the island.

There is an apron front sink and the trash/recycle bins are in the far right cabinet so they will be easily accessible from the island sink as well as the sink at the front window...

 This is the oven wall side of the island.

Both sets of double cabinets on the right are shallow so two counter stools will slide in front of them for seating and also at the end of the island there will be an overhang for two more counter stools...

Still to do...

Gas lines
decide on ceiling pot lights, pantry doors, and door trim,
Paint colors,
finalize choice of backsplash,
pick out countertop materials,
sheetrock needs to be installed,
wood floors need to be installed and finished and the list goes on...

Well, that's it for now.
We sure hope that when all the dust settles it turns out well.

~~The kitchen and den areas, where it all began:  A Kitchen Remodel ~ Come On Along!

~~ About the Farmhouse Kitchen...

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  1. We are just entering the renovation of our bathrooms amd walk in closets so now I see what we are in for. I think your kitchen will look fabulous. Hopefully we can do our kitchen in the spring.

  2. Holy cow! I absolutely can't imagine going through all of this, or the expense. Yikes!

  3. It's going to be beautiful, and I knew it would be. I hope you survive. This is the stuff that breaks down autoimmune systems.

  4. I am so exited for you, Cindy! I know it is hard to live sans kitchen, but when that dream kitchen goes in, all of this will be worth the hassle. It will be WONDERFUL, and you deserve it, my friend!


    Sheila :-)

  5. wonderful to be able to recreate what you want instead of living with what doesn't work for you. I can't wait to see the finished kitchen, as I'm sure that goes double for you!

  6. Cindy it's going to look AMAZING!!! Can't wait to see it complete!

  7. I am so excited to see your kitchen progress. It's looking great and these months of inconvenience will be well worth it when you have a brand new kitchen to enjoy!

  8. How doubt it will be beautiful! Have a blessed Sunday!

  9. That kitchen photo is one of my faves, too. I love your new design and I know you can't wait for the end!

  10. Wow, Cindy, it's going to be amazing! I know it can be so exasperating and feel like it will never be finished, but it will all get done and you WILL survive!

  11. WOW, what a huge undertaking. So exciting though Cindy. I can't wait to see it finished. The during is the hard part lol. Happy Sunday! XO

  12. Cindy, this is going to be beautiful when you are finished! I love how open everything is! You're almost at the finish line!

  13. (I remodeled a kitchen from floor up once in my life and I said I'd never do it again--lol! I do love this country kitchen that you've shown. It's so warm and cozy.

  14. I am looking forward to seeing the end result. I know it will be gorgeous and functional.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  15. Wow! I'm sure impressed, what a lovely, lovely country kitchen. We lived through a kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel a few years back and I didn't know if I would survive. But, I did and it was nice. I can't wait to see the end result. We're in the midst of having our cabinets designed for our new house and there is a whole lot to think about. Happy week!

  16. Oh, Cindy. It's going to be so beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished project, but I bet not more than you can!..Happy Sunday..Judy

  17. This renovation is going to be simply amazing!!!...I love seeing the plans...looks so beautiful and I love the island...can't wait to see it completed! Have a wonderful week!

  18. I feel for you as I know seeing your own house bare to the bone is very difficult... But the project is so exciting. Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous. I love all the views you showed of it!

  19. There's been so much careful and meticulous thought put into your remodel, Cindy, and this post is only a snippet of all the planning and work so far, I'm sure. The photos of inspiration are beautiful and your combination of the best from each to design your own is something to look forward to. took us 8 years to build our home, and the kitchen, (my favourite part of my home), was the last room to go up! Compared to me, you're laughing!

    Have a wonderful week!


  20. Wow your kitchen is going to be fabulous! Love that big bay window- you are going to love that so much! We remodeled in 1996 and I know exactly what you mean about how it goes. At times I had so many people here I felt like I should have a hard hat on and carry a clip board! I loved it though and it didn't stress me out, but I was younger! It's really going to be a wonderful kitchen when you are done!

  21. Oh, wow!!! I love every bitsy detail.........what fun and what a delight to bake and cook in there!! You are one lucky lady for the fireplace, nice to sit and have a cup of tea there!!! My kitchen remodel in the big house took 2 months....I was cooking meals in an electric fry pan in the laundry room!!! Hang in there!!

  22. Your kitchen is going to be so fabulous - and I am so glad that you are sharing this exciting journey with all of us!!! When I remodeled my kitchen, I replaced all of the solid doors (which led to other spaces - dining room, laundry,pantry,mudroom) with french doors - it made a world of difference - just another something to think about :)

  23. Cindy, your kitchen is going to be so amazing! I can't wait to see the progress as it continues. I have always loved the keeping room concept with a fireplace!

  24. The kitchen is amazing. I'll bet you smile every time you walk in :)

  25. It's going to be amazing. I can't wait to see it once it's done! I'm trying to talk mu hubby into a kitchen demo.

  26. OH, my! Your kitchen is going to be amazing - so excited for you! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  27. Could you please tell me the,color you painted your cabinets and bead board?


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